Fire Emblem: Eckesachs - FE6, but you play as the bad guys! [Complete story rewrite]

Hey would it be ok if I let’s played this?


What are you going to make a play through series of this rom hack on YouTube?

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Either that or stream it. Started a channel recently and this seems interesting so wanted to see if they’d be cool with that’d

Fine by me! Go right ahead. Just send me a link. I can’t guarantee I’d be there for streams, but I’d love to check out some videos of someone playing this.

Alrighty cool! I’ll try to put something out on the 11 or 12 as my schedule is pretty busy until then. Would you say that this hack is pretty iron man friendly? I’m considering trying that first go around. Or if not then if zeph dies I’ll just continue from there.

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I’d say it is pretty ironman-friendly. There are more units than in vanilla FE6 with less character-specific recruitments, most ambush reinforcements have been changed to nice reinforcements (with exceptions because FE6 is funny to hack) and Zephiel is better than Roy - or, at the very least, tankier. Whopping 7 HP and 2 defense lead on Roy at base.

That being said, keep in mind that Idunn is also a game over unit in the hack, and she’s a lot more brittle than Zephiel. Take care if you want to use her.

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I made a mistake when uploading the latest patch and didn’t include the standard version of the 1.1 patch. It’s fixed now!

Enjoying the hack so far, probably the best Fe6 hack I’ve played. Quick question though: How convoluted is the secret character recruitment? Is it something a normal player might do without knowing the method in advance, or do you have to be pretty deliberate with messing around on certain maps to get it?

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That’s some high praise, thank you very much!

As for the secret, it’s practically impossible to stumble into. I would advise solving the riddle in the guide.

Gotcha. The riddle is in the “seeeecret” tab, right? Is this password written somewhere and I’ve missed it, or is guessing the password step number 1?

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The password is also hidden in the guide. Look carefully.


v1.2 released!

  • There may have been an issue with global flags that made the secret unobtainable, among other potential issues. I think. I don’t know, I can never be sure with FE6.
    I could use some confirmation here - If the wrong unit appears in chapter 15, or you fulfill the secret requirements but don’t get it, please make sure to update to this patch. If the issue persists, let me know.

Finished the hack yesterday and have to say this is my favorite of all the Fe6 hacks I’ve played.



I didn’t really expect much in terms of plot, I did read there were plot changes but I assumed them to be rather minimal, just swapping bosses for characters in dialouge, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. A majority of the cast, both the bosses and the fe6 playables, were in character.


The only major issue I have with the hack is Roy. In the endgame where he’s fully lost himself is a bit entertaining, but the cutscenes in the middle of the game are just A bit painful to watch. They’re a bit repetitive if I’m being honest and usually comprise of Roy blowing up at someone genuinely trying help him, and then having to get dragged off.

On positive note, Jahn’s character arc really blew me away. At first I didn’t really want to use him, but as the game progressed on, I found myself using solely due to his cutscenes and talks with Mieu. It’s genuinely my favorite part of the hack.

Question: Is there a way to defeat Roy and get the Binding Blade? Idunn and Jahn did talk about that before and after the final on how it was destroyed. I tried defeating Roy in a number of different ways, but all seemed to lead to the same ending.

I did have a few minor nitpicks such as some of the extras feeling really out of place, but I understand why it’s done and you did spread it out to all the games so I can’t really complain.

Overall, even the with issue I mentioned I can tell a lot of heart was put into the writing of this hack and as an Fe6 fan, I appreciate it.


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Spoilerini replies

Those are some nice kills on Denning. He had a message for them: “Die.”
If you don’t mind, could you post their endgame stats? Always fun to see some numbers.

About Roy, I’ll defend that after losing his father, his home, having Lilina’s mangled corpse thrown before him and then having to leave it behind to escape, it’s only fair his demeanor would change for the worse. But there’s three scenes where he’s angry, and considering they’re… basically the same scene, I can understand your criticism. They mostly just serve as a bridge to make the moment he snaps less abrupt.

Really glad you enjoyed Jahn’s arc, though! I had no idea what to do with him at first. In vanilla he’s a completely nothing character that just shows up, drops some exposition and promptly dies, so I figured I’d take the piss out of him and make him comic relief. Then I wrote his first scene with Mieu and thought “hey there’s potential for something interesting here.”
It was one of my favorite parts to write as well. So much so, I even went back just a few days before release and added his chapter 21 talk with Mieu and his battle convos with Oswin and Bors. Just wanted to write more of Jahn - which is not something I expected I’d end up saying when I started.

Unlike vanilla with its special “spare Idunn” ending, there is no alternate conclusion in the hack. The two dragons’ idea to save the Binding Blade just ends in failure - though I guess it is pretty easy to interpret as a hint to something bigger.

As for the extra characters, I went over that topic a few replies back. Suffice to say, I understand why someone wouldn’t like them. Tried to make them easy to ignore for those who don’t care for the gimmick.


Sure thing!


Zephiel. 15~20?/4
I don’t quite remember what level he promoted him at mainly because I wasn’t expecting him to promote there. I didn’t use him that much as you see from his BWL data. I had a theory he’d be the final boss of the hack while I was playing it.

Brunnya. 20/20
As you see from username I may be a tad biased to certain classes of units. She was a solid unit for pretty much the entire hack.

Henning. 20/16
He was also a pretty solid unit for the majority of the game. Yes I did grind for S axes.

Idunn. 20/17
She did take a little babying at the strt but she did eventually become a rather competent unit on her own. You may want to telegraph that she is force deployed for the final maps.

Kel. 16/12
2 Energy rings.
I kind of expected him to be the rutger of the hack but I played normal mode. I either didn’t need him for kills or he would do to few damage even with crits.

Jahn. 20/15
He was really good even from the start but I benched him. As soon as his arc began to kick in, I decided to unbench him. The War Dragon sprites look like a degrade if I’m being honest.

Mieu. 20/20
1 Robe i think?
I did baby her a lot but it was worth it. Short bows being brave helped with that (though it was a bit annoying in Sacae). She helped me deal with the later game bosses like Guin and was the only unit who could double Roy.

I was liveblogging my playthrough in a discord server and people kept asking what Toxophilite was. I will admit it’s a bit of an odd change especially since every other class kept their class names unchanged.

Guerrero. 6
I’m not sure why I brought him. Funny man.

Lim. 19
1 Robe.
Mainly used her as a staffbot since I forgot to train staffers oops. As a side note that I forgot to mention in the main review, I like how the fe7 references were kept a minimum. For instance, there weren’t any reference the “Armads curse” from either Hector or Bartre and that is greatly appriciated. I really liked her convo with Denning as well. Is her hp suppsed to be that low? It was 27 i think when I got her.

Denning. 20
I’m not sure if you meant denning getting those kills. Units with IDs past a certain point don’t have BWL data recoded for them and are always this amount iirc?


Cool team!

More spoilerinis

I don’t want to telegraph that Idunn is force-deployed, because it only happens for two chapters in the game, one of which ends pretty fast, and… Honestly, Perez and company are already getting passed over enough just because Idunn is Idunn. If I implied Idunn is going to be forced in two chapters, people will feel they need to use her (which isn’t true, it’s very easy to just keep her out of the way, much like Fae) and it’ll be the final nail in their coffin!
I did give her dark breath late so that she could at least use it to improve her survivability if the player gets caught off guard by her late force-deployment.

Truth be told, short bows becoming brave was a very, very last minute change. Didn’t think the implications for Sacae through. Their might is low enough that at least I hope they didn’t give you too much trouble? Should I lower it further, make it a truly memetastic brave bow?

Lim is supposed to have low HP, yes. She’s meant to be anima Niime. It does kind of feel weird, what with her being immortal and all, but I guess immortal and invincible are two different things.

Denning’s ID is 7 so that can’t be the issue lol. Eh, I honestly don’t mind. It’s a minor problem anyway.

The toxophilite thing came about because the first two archers aren’t soldiers at all. On a whim, I decided to change their classline’s names to something that reflected this lack of professional training. The unpromoted name was easy enough, but then I had to do a bit of research to find an appropriate name for the promotion.

I eventually found the word toxophilite, which means “student or lover of archery.” Not only is this perfect, but I fell in love at first sight with the word. It’s such a beautifully strange word. So, I threw it in.


I have a question to ask. Are the support conversations are all the same in vanilla fe6? Or are they all brand new?

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Due to technical difficulties, it was impossible for me to write support convos. They are all blank.

To compensate, I wrote a number of optional conversations between characters you can read throughout the game. For the most part, they are only for characterization and don’t give any other rewards. I made sure that every character gets at least two.

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So characters will have something to say to each other in each certain chapters?

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Indeed. It starts on chapter 6. You will be notified which conversations are available in each chapter at the end of the chapter narration. You can also check the guide to see a list of all conversations, plus the battle convos available.