Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

hi, I was wondering if you’d be all right with me Let’s Playing your project? I’m aware you said there are some things you still wanted to address, so I thought to ask before doing anything.

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Go right on ahead.

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I see, I see. Personally, while I do appreciate him being tanky, I feel like certain enemies later on just absolutely murder him to where his defense means… actually, no, that’s Emma’s problem. Raimon generally survives shit. (Actually, I’ll talk more about this in the gameplay section of my review for it. You can find my reviews here for an idea of what my reviews are like.).

Also, hats off for this being the result of your first go at making a hack. It took you five years, but I’ll say- the quality certainly shows for it. (And I mean that in a positive way.).

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My review is done! (Or rather, the Spoiler Free Version: )

(You can see my other reviews here.).


Hey I appreciate that you played it and even did a review of it. And I totally dig the review, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for the spoiler version.

You’re welcome! It always makes me particularly happy to hear from the creators when I review a hack!

Sorry to bother you, Ty, but…


Are the reinforcements in the Kotan route chapter 21 that come from the houses supposed to be ambush spawns?

If they are, then are they supposed to be able to still spawn despite a unit standing on the house they would normally stand on?

Because that’s what’s happening to me, and when they do spawn, they displace the unit on it to the closest available space. This has resulted in casualties.

This has been a major source of frustration for me on the chapter, and I want to know if this is a bug or not.

I’m trying to play both routes to experience everything fully for this hack; and I want to warn players of this (even if it kills the ‘ambush’ part of it) since it doesn’t seem to be a widely-known phenomenon. (From what I could find anyways.).

TL;DR: Odd ambush spawn behavior found in Chapter 21, Kotan route. Why do they spawn and directly move units out of the way even though you’re standing on where they spawn?

On a side note, this is the only case of reinforcements I’ve found so far that I couldn’t stop by standing where they spawned, so this is especially odd to me.


It's intentional

I just didn’t want the normal “plug the hole” trick to work on that chapter.


I love and hate that idea at the same time.
(There is a way to ‘plug the hole’, but doing it means you don’t see the boss until the very last turn.).

SPOILERS Regarding a Certain Chapter...

Okay, I’m going to be blunt:
The Kotal Route Chapter 21 is hell. Like we’re talking ‘this is the worst level in the game; this is enough to make people quit for sure’ bad.

Let me explain why:

1.) The Map Design: The map is big, which is good in this case, but it lacks terrain for the player to use to their advantage that’s readily accesible. You start in the center of the map which has very few terrain to use, and staying there gets you killed for sure.

Having Fog of War on as well makes this even worse because this is one of those maps where if you stop moving in what isn’t a safe place, You will die.

Honestly, there needs to be more defensive terrain in the center, and, in general, the map that the player can use to their advantage, because of what happens next.

I get that this is the plains and all, but this is one of the reasons why the Sacae route in FE6 is so hated: because when you’re constantly being shot at by enemies with high might and accuracy, odds are you’re gonna be taking a lot of hits that pile up fast.

The story advises you not to rush in blind.

This is counter-intuitive advice as you need to run from where you started if you wanna have a prayer of getting through this nightmare of a chapter.

2.) The Enemies: From the very start, you’re in a bad situation where you have to either contend with a ballista user or a Bolting tome mage, neither of which you can really spare the time to handle if you don’t have a place to hide out in mind.

3.) The Ambush Spawns: While I understand you wanted to negate the whole ‘Plug the Hole’ strat, the way you handled it is, with all due respect, absolute Bullshit.

Ambush spawns are bad enough as it is, but making them move units that try to block them feels like an extra kick in the balls. This property also makes what would normally be some of the best places to seemingly set up a defense a bad idea to do so.

4.) Unlocking 21x: To unlock 21x in this version, you need to kill the boss.

Unfortunately, this is… well, it’s a lot harder than it needs to be.

Mainly because the boss himself doesn’t show up until Twelve out of the 15 turns you need to survive have passed.

Plus, where he starts pretty much guarantees that, if you picked what I feel like is the best place to set up camp, you don’t get to see him at all.
(Even the other places you can set up camp with relative safety only give you a shot at killing him on the very last turn.).
That’s just… no. Just… no.

Also, killing the boss doesn’t end the map early. Why?

Just… why? It feels like you’re just taunting the players at that point.

Defense chapters and the like end when the boss is killed Precisely because killing them tends to put you at a disadvantageous position to the other enemies.

At the very least, make the boss’s death end the chapter.

Overall, this chapter Needs to be changed, because right now, unlocking 21x looks to be a luck-based mission, and it’s in general a very un-fun level.


on the contrary, i’ve had people say 21 kotan is too easy so i’ll need more feedback on this one before i change anything tbh. the defeat boss alternate win condition is probably a legit upgrade though.

Rush point B
If my memories are correct
The enemies wont atk right after spawn
Or use orion and general? And spd units to fprm a wall
And u can just slaughtet them with a torch(yes)
Btw u can press R to view enemy and… Scroll to a certain enemy that isnt there and press B
Its freeze congrats

Point… B?
What’s Point B?
And the reinforcements are ambush spawns; they attack on the turn they spawn. (Or at least the ones that are there…)

Also, I did not know that; although I feel like using exploits is a bit… how to put this… unethical when playing for review purposes…

Too easy? How so?

Point B i means cso meme
Go to corner and defend only 2 sides
That glitch is kotan 25x i reflected bout it hiiiigh above
Not that easy not to lose a unit but def and spd is everything (if u played binding blade… Roy is doubled by nomadic trooper and can die by one guy
(Congrats) this hack is mostly nomad
the boss is horton time
All done
I think both corner will do

Which Corner, exactly?!
The top left one puts you near the houses; and you don’t get to see the boss until the last turn.

Bottom right one has the same issue; but the boss shows up earlier.

Top right is doable; but that one requires… well, idk if you can get the Gaiden on that one.

Bottom left has no defensive terrain; heading there is suicide. You’ll get picked apart like it’s nobody’s buisness before you can get there.

one of the testers said he just formed a ball in the center and mentioned the boss was an easy kill. though i went over with it some more with him after reading that. even he said some changes, such as your suggestion for additional defensive tiles, would make the chapter better. so yeah, i’ve got a thing or two worth doing there.

Question time…

Spoiler Question 1

Did you make that animation for Super Saiyan Maximilian (I think you know what I mean) yourself? Or did you find that somewhere?

Because as ridiculous as it is, that puts a bigger smile on my face than I would like.

Question 2:
Current progress on the supports? (I’d be willing to help if you need it…).

Spoiler Question 3:

Why do the Morphs in Endgame have different names from the people they’re based on? Especially since some of them have the same weapons as the originals?

Yeah and some generic enemy has morphs name
Aislin:hello darkness my old friend
Bur the morphs are very annoying (general can live their atks lol)

Spoiler Answer 1

Yeah, I made it myself. Like the other animations I did, it’s just heavily edited existing sprites. I love over the top things, so yeah.

Answer 2:
They’re coming along. It’s just a slow process. I’d say completion percentage is at roughly 20%. I don’t think I need any help right now, but thanks for the offer. I’ll consider it if things change.

Spoiler Answer 3

It’s part reference towards FE7’s final chapter and part reference to the dark warlords/deadlords from FE4/5/Awakening. In japanese, the warlords are named after german numbers instead of the english localization’s choice to name them after the chinese zodiac. I like the number concept more since it just makes them seem like tools to be used. I was originally going to use german numbers too but I decided to change it to be more in line with Deimos. There isn’t anyone on the map labeled as “one” because that’s really Fuwa’s clone. That one keeps her name as part of the ruse and Max wouldn’t want to refer to it as a number anyway. Also like in FE5, the enemies can potentially be playable units you didn’t recruit/let die.