Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

We definitely want a sequel. I havent even finished it yet, but I love it so much.
For the sequel, could you use FE8 to incorporate alternative promotions for units? only downfall for me to this game was the lack of deciding what class your unit promotes to.

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Maybe it could be a sequel to DLATMOL with the children of characters

If you were to do a children character sequel

which pairings would become canon?

Maybe I’m just old school, but I kind of like class promotions being linear. Not to say I dislike branching class promotions though. It’s something to consider to consider.

I couldn’t say at this point.


Max and Fuwa’s kid would be a thing. But they’re made canon in-game, obviously.


Wait clovis is dead (cuz that gay mage blew him up) after suzhen talked with him
So we cant talk to him?
Abd where secret shop(rip)
Is there a afa drop unit?
Cuz i used it on kiwifruit
(Swordmasters are great)
Wait wtf enemies crits everywhere
And why enemies infight everyday
And why on earth chandra growtg rates …

To streethero:the secret shop doesnt woeth it if u get all promotion items enouth already
(Idk how many secret shops there is but i at least found one in raum’s chapter) it only sells promotional items and
The silver card is kinda glitched cuz it says u need 20k gold to buy but u actually need 10k only
||And it is very similar to location in sacred stones||

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I would honestly love a sequel, I really liked the lore and setting of the hack, and with the cliffhanger in the end, I think it’s a perfect setup for a sequel.

Also, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but some characters of this hack really remind me of other characters I know.
Alva reminds me a lot of Three Houses!Lorenz, with the way he tends to act and how his stats are.
Then there’s Ardoome, who is extremely similar to Recoome from Dragon Ball Z lmao, they have the same personality, both like to pose and even have similar sounding names.

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I just beat the game, loved it, Kiri could use some buffs tho, i’m really excited for the supports(in particular the Freesia-Avatar), but the principal reason i wanted to post something is because i don´t know if youn noticed,but in 25X the conversations are assigned to different versions of the Clovis and Nox that are on the map…well… that´s all…also hi Ren(He was the one that show us this hack to me and a few friends)

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Is that so? An oversight on my end. Certain character slots are basically unusable and sometimes I only notice that until later and had to switch them out. Then I’ll have some leftovers involving the old slots I forget to change, thanks for pointing that out.

Well for the record, Alva was made years before 3H came out.

I can't say the same for Ardoome though.

He also has some Arden in him. Might seem kind of shameless but it’s all surface level stuff. I hate how every other post I have is me basically saying “wait for supports for more details” … but wait for supports for more details.

Clovis is a special case. I’ll just say his fate is different depending on if you talk to him or kill him yourself.

I’m sorry to say I’m not sure how to answer everything else in your post. But if you’re asking if there is a character meant to take the afa’s drops specifically, there isn’t. Just pick whoever you want. And if you’re curious about Chandra’s growths, while I’m against showing growth rates, I’ll say her growths resemble Lilina from FE6 a bit.

So ur supposed to kill clovis? But the whip is so good and hes nearly impossible to kill
And wtf is the dark lord s o o p
68 def wtf

You can either kill him or talk to him. I leave the choice up to the player.

Ok the correct choice is to talk he actually lived an air tome
Btw finally beat it already suspecting freesia father might be xxxxxx and nice ending but someone oofed
Btw wait should u submit the final level as a ragefest? It seems so without save state spamming

And pegasus riders are too weak on 10+ def dudes and u srs? 0 luck character? And manakete are only general lol wtf final boss will move…
And dont u think 60 atk is too shxx With 26 spd?

Hey, I’m VERY curious about one thing that’s going on in the hack…
Apparently my friend and I are experiencing very different chapters…

What happened?
My version of Chapter 16 involved killing Jenna, while his involved protecting her which she recruited herself into his army afterward, yet I had to… well… kill her. So I’m wondering if I made a choice that put me onto a bad end of some kind because that would really suck and if there’s a way to fix that then let me know.

I really want to know at what point the story diverges.

Is it because he’s female and I’m male? Or is it because my Avatar was so weak he got ORKOd by Maximillian so I couldn’t get 15x?

Anyways, had a blast with the hack so far and would definitely play a sequel. Good job!

Hi, I’m currently at chapter 22 and I must say your hack is really enjoyable.

The character design is awesome. Many chars have some unique charm and I really like that you put in chars like Ronaldo, Hyle and Alva, that don’t have beautiful everyday FE portraits. They look like they are going to betray you at any chance at first but then they actually become part of your team as the chars don’t really have a choice lorewise (in Alva’s case). That is definitely something I don’t see in every FE and that is really nice.

Difficultywise it surely spikes later into the game and I had to sacrifice some chars (playing Ironman-like). And I now wish the old games had Three House’s QoL improvements as all the long range tomes, traps and thiefs as well as brigands that make you want to finish the chapter fast to get the loot surely make me suffer :smiley: Did you intend this to get played with savestates?

The halberdier class is nice and much more fitting than the other one that is often used in other hacks imo. Also the abomination + you being in the game as playable tactician (even female and male) is a very nice idea.

Storywise I must thank you for not having a long af intro with all the 300 countries + their leaders, like other hacks like to do that :smiley:

And a little bug report: In 15-3 there is a healer with physic that when he healed Maximilian caused the game to freeze.
In 21x (the sanctuary on nomad route if that is important) I checked for the inventories of the enemies and whyever I could see Durga’s inventory in this chapter, which caused the game to freeze as well.
Sorry, I’m stupid and didn’t take screenshots.

So sorry for the long af text, thanks for this awesome hack (one of the best I’ve ever played) and if you need some feedback on something specific let us know i guess.

The trigger that causes the split is

you need to trigger the tactician vs Maximillian dialogue. And you also need to have both Ronaldo and Shanks in the party, alive. Your guess was pretty close.

Glad you’re having fun with it.

Well, I do like the fuglies.

That one’s probably my favorite one I did even if it is just beta eirika really edited.

Good thing I can’t draw world maps otherwise I might have done that, haha!

It seems like enemies with physic have a habit of causing the game to freeze. This happened during testing with another enemy that used to have the staff but I thought that might have been an isolated incident. The problem just must be the game not wanting enemies to have that staff. I’ll have to go over a few maps and make some changes because I’m pretty sure that isn’t the only physic enemy in the game.

That 21x glitch has been reported more than once by now. I have the solution and that will be pushed out in the next update when it’s done.

I appreciate it a lot, actually.

I’m glad you liked it. I can’t really think of anything in particular to tell people to watch out for besides stuff like you mentioned, stuff that makes the game have a heart attack like that durga error. A grammar check would be nice too because I’m still catching mistakes in the dialogue I did.

I didn’t really make it in mind for people to use savestates. But I don’t mind if people do. For the record, the people I had test the game beat it without savestates, so it’s doable.

I’ve never been more serious in my life.


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Question, umm… are Nomads supposed to be unable to use the likes of the Short and Long Bow, or is that a bug?

Ehhh i think its a design
(Also long bow v2)
Therefore only sherie enjoys 50+ crit but lucas had to stay with killer bows

That… I feel like that’s honestly a bit of a letdown tbh. (Since you’re more likely to use a mounted unit over a non-mounted one.).

correct. i’ll have to add text to the weapons to clarify that since some people have questioned that before.

and that’s why i did it.

I see.

I plan on reviewing this hack in detail once I’m done with it, so I won’t say too much else, but I do have two questions I want to ask you.

1.) Was Raimon originally supposed to be a Knight? Because his defensive growths are fantastic for a Cavalier, but his speed growth seems to be terrible… (Not that I mind, mind you, but I am curious.).

2.) Is this your first time making a hack?

Raimon was always meant to be a cavalier, I just wanted to him to have a tanky feel. He’s similar to FE7’s Lowen statistically.

Yeah, I haven’t done anything like this before. Just wanted to see how far I could go with it. I welcome a review, lord knows I could use it.