Fire Emblem Book of Eden v2.2.6 [Updated 01-10-22]


The five kingdoms of Eldrahgo has seen peace for many centuries but when Moira suddenly invades Ashia, the whole continent is thrown into chaos. Strange and eery creatures starts to appear in the least expected of places. To make matters worse, our heroes are not of this world, further alienating them from the politics of Eldrahgo. In the end, alliances will change, friendships will falter, and the world will tremble as the foundations of the continent is challenged…




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FE: Book of Eden v2.2.6 Download

Runs on the FE8 engine.
Prologue to Ch.13, 3 gaiden chapters, totaling 17 chapters.

With the port from FE7 to FE8 comes all the features associated with the FE8 engine. Book of Eden is planned to have:

  • 20+ chapters
  • full cast of 50 characters
  • designed to be viable in Ironman mode
  • Normal difficulty is the only mode being worked on at the moment
  • Magic Split
  • Every class gets a total of 4 skills, 1 class skill and two level up skills.
    • Classes with class skill will be upgraded upon promotion.
    • All unpromoted classes learn their first skill at lvl.10.
    • 2nd and 3rd skill for classes without class skills in their unprompted class, are learned at lvl.5 and 10 once promoted.
      Otherwise, the final skill is learned at lvl.10 promoted for classes with class skills.
    • Player units get their own personal skill, bosses also starting after the first mini arc, and specific mid to late game enemies.


I do most if not all of the eventing, but if you see something you think I could
implement in a better way, I’m all ears.

Graphics - Mugs, Palettes, Misc. Graphics
Need help for the various amounts of battle palettes, item icons for new items, that need to be done
plans to implement new battle overlay and world map misc graphics are in the works

Writing - Supports, Spellcheck, Dialogue
Would like people to bounce plot idea off of, if you like writing supports I am in
need of that as well because at this point, supports dialogue will be the last thing implemented


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-Fixed game breaking bug in ch.12

-Rebalanced Crusader max and stats
-Fixed player units disappearing post ch.10
-Some graphical dialogue glitches were fixed
-Starting player unit positions swapped and changed

-Fixed Crusader Con being lowered than cavalier con
-Fixed several dialogue errors
-Got rid of class skills for certain specific bosses
-Fixed starting positions for player units on second arc
-Got rid of several npcs that remained after certain cutscenes

-Fixed ch. 6x looping issue
-Wayland and terric deaths should branch the ending dialogue in ch.6 correctly

-Fixed Thea not re-appearing properly back in your roster in ch.6
-Fixed map animations for a slew of classes after the class restructure

-Fixed the My Unit character creation in ch.5x not branching properly
-Removed crit bonus for the bosses in ch.3 and ch.5x
-Fixed several dialogue that were not cosmetically readable throughout the hack
-Fixed several dialogue text skips and dialogue typos
-Removed Thea from ch.5x so the auto-cursor works properly

-New patch update contains 17 chapters, Prologue to Ch.13, 3 gaiden chapters
-Added new MU(my unit) creation system - The MU(my unit) system has been tested as extensively as possible but may still have a few errors so please report if any are found!
-Various balances and stat tweaking, certain enemies have been moved, replaced, or removed since last update
-Many map balances including both partial and entire maps overhauled
-Some graphical overhauls including portraits, item icons, new stat screen, some minor changes to the overworld map graphics.

-Fixed a door event not located in the proper space.

-Fixed Crusader class stat caps
-Rearrange the events for both Mervin’s and Rex’s Prf weapon in ch.4

-The ruin event crash in ch.8x has been fixed.
-Chapter 8xx is now a full functioning chapter.
-The village event in ch.8 might still bug out sometimes but shouldn’t be game play breaking.
-Money glitch should be gone but let me know if it still appears.
-Rebalanced experience gains and curves across the board.
-Minor changes such as unit placements, map fixes, and certain chapters have their flow modified.
-Units rebalanced.

-Fixed some eventing errors and bugs causing the game to game over.
-Adjusted difficulty for some levels.
-Adjusted some QoL features.
-There is a gold issue starting at ch.6 to 6x and ch.7, for the time being there should be enough gold via gems given until I find a fix for this.

-Book of Eden has been re-vamped and now uses the FE8 engine along with
all the new features that comes with FE8.
-Story has been changed to fit within the FE8 engine and other restrictions and is
not a continuation of the previous versions, but there are references to the past
version so do not be confused.
-Supports and battle palettes are not yet implemented for some or all characters so
they are working as intended for now. And will most likely be the very last things to be
fixed or implemented as I wait on portraits to be finalized by my graphics team as I do not want to do double work.
-The same goes for weapon icons and some other graphic assets.

  • Chapter 8x can potentially lead to ch.8xx, which is currently unfinished, so make a seperate save if you wish to play ch.8x.

-Fixed certain characters appearing swamped from each other.
-Rebalanced a few stats
-Fixed some more dialogue errors and cut-offs


A mostly revamped version of my hack in the direction I want it to go from now on. I was tired of myself being indecisive so I took a long while to think about which direction I wanted the story to go in. I changed quite a few chapters while leaving others the same. Added in a lot more polish and story elements so the story makes more sense. FYI, not everything is completely 100% polished because if I waited for that, I would never be releasing any updates until the end of time.

I have also imported my hack and workflow from the normal programs to FEbuilder due to some compatibility issues and ease of workflow, so I’m sure there are still some elements that I forgot to re-insert. So if you see a portrait or dialogue that you remembered not being there from the previous version I released so long ago, please let me know so I can fix it. I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I went over everything I could think of.

This version of the hack goes from Prologue to Ch.12, no gaiden chapters, for a total of 13 chapters.

Many if not all of the characters have new portraits inserted and their stats adjusted as well.

I’m still looking for help, so if you’re interested, contact me and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Please, please let me know of any bugs or errors as I am the only playtester so I’m sure I missed something.

Just a few hot fixes, namely compatiblity issuses with a few weapons.
Fixed an error with Caela’s death quote.
Fixed weapon lock with Richard’s Shikita. (Recently changed Lyn_t to Lyn so the supports would work properly)
This patch contains a few bug fixes and eventing errors.
The beginning of the support system is in place but dialogue yet.
Auto cursor and status screen may freak out, but not game breaking.
A few changes to character stats and rebalances.
This patch includes fixes for a few spelling errors, text skips, several bugged death quotes, and some missing chapter goal events.
A few of the characters had their stats re-balanced, so additional feedback on them would be great. I had complaints of the hack being too hard and no way to recover from being RNG-screwed.
Further refinement and tweaks on the save system.
This patch introduces my “save” system so ideally, you can resume with your current progress/characters when new future patches are released.
Fixed long load times.
NPC Lana no longer disappears when suspending.
“One year later” CG should no longer appear.
More polish done on chapter Prlg - 8.
A few new additions to aesthetics.
Total number of chapters is still nine, chapters prologue to eight.
More “hotfixes”.
Chapter Prologue working properly again.
Tweaked Chapter 2 positions.
If you suspend during Chapter 2, “Lana” will disappear upon resuming. Only way to “fix” this currently is to restart the chapter. Not too game breaking but looking into it.
Other minor fixes.
Fixed Chapter 2 not loading.
Fixed other chapters not loading.
Side effect includes long load times for chapter 3,4, and 7.(Currently still being looked at, cause unknown)
The “One Year Later” cutscene plays after chapter 7, this is not suppose to happen so ignore it for the time being.
Other minor fixes.
This patch contains chapter 3 - 8, for a total of 9 chapters.
Minor story changes for consistency.
Custom spells no longer stalls the game while targeting snags.
Fixed world map issues.
Lowered Richard’s luck growth.
Lowered Caela’s initial HP.
Balanced enemy growths and stats.
And many more minor changes…
First three chapters of FE: Book of Eden is released.
Demo ends after chapter 2 and will load The Berserker.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism or if there are any bugs.


Oh wow, I didn’t know this project existed. Thanks for posting it here, the less I need to use Serenes, the better.

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I take it you don’t like serenes? But let me know if theres any bugs or problems!

It’s just impossible to find things with their search feature.

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Ah I share your frustration as well.

For those who downloaded the current patch, I uploaded a newer one (v.1.11), as I was notified that there were certain things not working properly. So if your downloaded patch isn’t working as well, give the newest patch a spin!

v1.24 is out now, please report all bugs and errors, if found.


3 years later :joy:


when’s the FE8 port

Maybe one day, but it’s probably not going to happen unless the process to port from FE7 to FE8 gets so trivial that it won’t be more of a detriment not to in terms of features.

Wow, a revival! Is this a miracle?

Never seen this hack until now, but it looks good so I shall give this a try.
Glad that you found the time to work on it, once again.

im at chapter 3 and the princess is also a soldier while kormag has mend in his weaponry instead of lances so im guessing the princess was meant to be a cleric and there s been a mistake…the FE editor shows her as a cleric with lances but the game anime is soldier and she can use lances without showing the ability to…mia is also supposedly a mage while she s a thief…the fck is going on here

Thanks for letting me know, i’ll get right to fixing the switched classes. Mia is correct, though I suppose I can see how her description can be seen as confusing. I’ll update again when fixed.

@Rigas Apologies about this particular fix taking so long but the issues should be fixed. Let me know if there is anything else!

Any news on this hack?

Sorry if this a rude question btw.

I think it might be complete.

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Oh okay. Thank you.

After i finished chapter 9 when the save option poped up it skipped chapter 10 and chapter 11 started

The name of chapter 9 is voice of company amd chapter 11 is companions abound

Zoisite is mistaken it’s still a work in progress.