FEE3 2021: Let The Show Begin!

Big credits to @Fenreir for the awesome FEE3 banner!


Hello all! We are excited to announce FEE3 2021, the 11th year of FEE3. FEE3 is a romhacking and fangame event where we will show off what we’ve been building over the course of the calendar year. It’s an exciting time to share progress with your fellow creators and FE romhack enthusiasts.


This year, we have 80 projects to show over 20 days, starting on 23-Oct at 12 AM Eastern Time ending on 11-Nov at 6 PM Eastern Time.
Like last year, we will be releasing videos every 6 hours, starting at midnight (12 AM) Eastern Time on Day 1. They will be available on the FEUniverse channel and collated into a playlist throughout the event’s 3 week duration. Each video will still be viewable after they are shared, so don’t worry if you miss it when they first drop! You can always catch up after the event.


As a Fire Emblem hacking and fangame community, it’s exciting to see so many of us rally around the event and show off what they’ve been working on. It is a rare, special thing, and I look forward to learning from and enjoying each of the projects that will be shown this year.

We know that the past year has been a challenge for all of us with COVID-19. For this year’s charity, we’ve chosen Direct Relief, an organization that supports those impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Donations are not required, but we’d like to make a difference where we can.

Learn about the organization here.

Direct Relief

You can donate here,

Donation Link

or check out our tracker here.

Tracker Link


Below is the full schedule, day by day. We will be sharing direct links to the videos in this thread as they go live.
Note: All times are in Eastern Time.

Date Time Projects Creator Link
Day 1
October 23rd
00:00 Lengths of Time pandan https://youtu.be/4zxL0GkSnmU
06:00 Animation Showcase Nuramon https://youtu.be/DR4Ie19LHEs
12:00 Storge knabepicer https://youtu.be/g2FvPtoX4SM
18:00 Sacred Echoes hypergammaspaces https://youtu.be/slvcNT9me6Y
Day 2
October 24th
00:00 Of Sand and Sabres RandomWizard https://youtu.be/BxqW8F0b8OQ
06:00 Justice and Pride:
Birth of Chaos
MrGreen3339 https://youtu.be/cuSRVSDhdWs
12:00 Book of Exiles ErrantDShepherd https://youtu.be/vF9aFpLbPQQ
18:00 Cerulean Coast Rivian https://youtu.be/ovQ4vK6pQ60
Day 3
October 25th
00:00 The White Feather PentV https://youtu.be/3jfVqlQHrDY
06:00 The Hack Whose Name
Was Stolen
Sme https://youtu.be/obmbDqql7_w
12:00 Saga of the Sigilbearers LegendofLoog https://youtu.be/5N7Spc7eYA4
18:00 Lady of Masks Xilirite https://youtu.be/QN6LE2BtJVE
Day 4
October 26th
00:00 Four Kings: Deposition KrashBoomBang https://youtu.be/fPdV81X_rJg
06:00 Subtitle Huichelaar https://youtu.be/yW3FKFP-1EA
12:00 Snow and Fire kdports https://youtu.be/r_m2ake9aok
18:00 Fire Emblem IV/V:
Genealogy of the Holy War
Axelloid https://youtu.be/D6ZjmkXQ--8
Day 5
October 27th
00:00 Aletheia knabepicer https://youtu.be/JiFBfP5QS9c
06:00 The Five Legends Alaric https://youtu.be/1s76Rn-2MWc
12:00 Host of the Dark theghostcreator https://youtu.be/vL6ReqrgXpU
18:00 Starlit Souls Team Tirnaanor https://youtu.be/Sf6HLcWp8Fk
Day 6
October 28th
00:00 Doubled or Nothing ArcherBias https://youtu.be/TiSP2ctmfKM
06:00 Book of Eden Rickochet https://youtu.be/_E3KqfAB06U
12:00 Legends of Avenir Snakey1 https://youtu.be/bRlw0CtTdJE
18:00 Absolution ZessDynamite https://youtu.be/jaOpef80CGQ
Day 7
October 29th
00:00 Lullaby of Lust Monado Chronicles https://youtu.be/cQgdfSY9PYo
06:00 The Seven Siblings WarPath https://youtu.be/Ij2TMsaLKvQ
12:00 Hiraeth: Legacies Zoisite https://youtu.be/eqzlyaX47kA
18:00 Pokémblem Vesly https://youtu.be/X9wdd5yxhFw
Day 8
October 30th
00:00 Weapons Relations
Teraspark https://youtu.be/wTLMfVROOOM
06:00 Fall of Thabes Jotari https://youtu.be/UCHgT5vrq9c
12:00 Parallel Emblem BladerDj & Retrogamer https://youtu.be/nkR5rva2P6o
18:00 The Eligor’s Spear Zarg https://youtu.be/ewBlWeDaiWw
Day 9
October 31st
00:00 Heroes Remake MisakaMikoto https://youtu.be/UdSwhT7CYyU
06:00 Isekai Emblem:
The Tales Two
BigMood https://youtu.be/Qi45utVJNoI
12:00 Shackled Power Sphealnuke https://youtu.be/hZFUwstu6S0
18:00 Code of the Burger King Retina https://youtu.be/sX0IeTWEcl8
Day 10
November 1st
00:00 FE10 Reverse Recruitment Vicious Sal https://youtu.be/fwhSUKqS_U4
06:00 Pair Up: Lex Talionis
Feature Showcase
kdports https://youtu.be/6U6Ak7KUaVk
12:00 Emulation Theory svya1029 https://youtu.be/DqyOnYJDEGo
18:00 Cult of Yarudr ScubaLuigi https://youtu.be/J8Xch-kUj5c
Day 11
November 2nd
00:00 Criminal’s Justice flasuban https://youtu.be/u_RF4H2D6zA
06:00 Divine Inheritance LeifOClaude https://youtu.be/Tvqspa_ZhLQ
12:00 Return of the Circle circleseverywhere https://youtu.be/ErUxM711bAs
18:00 Radiant Dawn: Link Arena Vicious Sal https://youtu.be/f8XL6H10bGI
Day 12
November 3rd
00:00 The Last Dragon dlang518 https://youtu.be/VM2dB2M1fhc
06:00 Horizons GodsPetTurtle https://youtu.be/4Er44yy8-ME
12:00 Hero Tactics ehgoodenough https://youtu.be/Nu6DQKCmyAw
18:00 Stratagem Smithy https://youtu.be/zZMRDm6Kcl8
Day 13
November 4th
00:00 Mark of the Dragon Zebbmann https://youtu.be/6vtDqzx-MPk
06:00 A Vestrian Tale Roze https://youtu.be/GuBOLRhbhAQ
12:00 Legacy of Sorrow bpat https://youtu.be/liy5KMfeYI4
18:00 Guard of Avelon Kyrads https://youtu.be/ElRywTU-eFc
Day 14
November 5th
00:00 Paradigm Shift JustLu https://youtu.be/HZ8VWGaAoc0
06:00 Unification Dancer_A https://youtu.be/3DcdJ4RVYiw
12:00 Illuminated Sokaballa https://youtu.be/s625ZvjhW5c
18:00 Blessed Heart Shark3143 https://youtu.be/Uptq9XlJmA8
Day 15
November 6th
00:00 Sun God’s Wrath:
Kaizo Edition
April https://youtu.be/XNQCESxTQIY
06:00 Prophecy of Flames XPGamesNL https://youtu.be/BurXGF3S7c4
12:00 Grug’s Primitive
Rye_on_Speed https://youtu.be/YbGPawAN9kQ
18:00 Stargazer Wasspix https://youtu.be/ijqT6Tk2v20
Day 16
November 7th
00:00 Myrm Emblem Renoud https://youtu.be/HgbJNonvTXs
06:00 Twilight Sword Squill https://youtu.be/2XM159aZtlk
12:00 A Mercenary’s Tale Oofjay https://youtu.be/AGC_JSycNXY
18:00 Nations of Conquest Selk https://youtu.be/kTRYmfGeWug
Day 17
November 8th
00:00 Terror of the Forest Zeldacrafter64 https://youtu.be/nMNZH7UdGkI
06:00 Fallen Flame Zaim/Zmr https://youtu.be/zVFQbCn12hg
12:00 Chalphy Castle Darrman https://youtu.be/yUlbqS5IOLU
18:00 Curse of the Edge Goldblitzx https://youtu.be/D6SHFi3-0qI
Day 18
November 9th
00:00 Iron Emblem MournfulRelic https://youtu.be/odOPriNtPKw
06:00 Dark Dragon Reborn Merpin https://youtu.be/ig-suGNmKOo
12:00 Heart of Hothr Zemosa https://youtu.be/TylSQYXreL8
18:00 Twitch Crowd Controls:
Radiant Dawn
Vicious Sal https://youtu.be/batsuqvamIk
Day 19
November 10th
00:00 Community Blitz 5:
Teraspark https://youtu.be/pXV51ESLGdM
06:00 Frozen Throes N426 https://youtu.be/ou4wwaWgfuo
12:00 Codename: Mystery Babylon Copywright https://youtu.be/_TytVTUtQF8
18:00 The Chthonic Curse Kanto Emblem https://youtu.be/t_Bg1leUbko
Day 20
November 11th
00:00 Team SALVAGED
Showcase 2021
Team SALVAGED https://youtu.be/-haJ8QBxUCA
06:00 Call of the Armor Team Distant Roads https://youtu.be/PyC_XZ4-m_E
12:00 The Lonely Mirror Caladrius https://youtu.be/KJPy_L_18uA
18:00 Deity Device Permafrost https://youtu.be/mzNSd6LI3sw

Very epic - thank you WarPath for organizing and to all the project creators, committee members, organizers, and viewers that help make this happen.


Thanks! I’ve been really looking forward to seeing the schedule!


I’m confident with this list of Projects. Seems like an exact total of 80 on the Schedule List, there’s plenty of newcomer projects and some familiar ones as well from the previous years. Unless there’s a surprise at the end which blow our minds away. Now get your popcorn out and ready because we got a FEE3 2021, ten year anniversary that you don’t want to miss out on!



Tons of great stuff on the horizon!

Big thanks to the people involved with this!


Well I see some pretty interesting hacks. I feel like this is a good one. Than again I’ve never watched one so what do I know. Anyway looking forward to this.

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Ending the event in style with the most hype hack of 2021. But this also raises the question, will this end up as the first event without FE7X? I guess we’ll see…

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Day 17 gangs

Day 15 Gang! Give it up for Day 15!

Plus any Day 1 Gang for Pandan or Nuramon!

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The time has come once again to -dance-. :dancer:


Those Day 2 people… they know what’s up.

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Day 4 I guess. But also, 80 projects. That’s a lotta projects. At least we’ll be starting pretty soon. Very timely this year.


It’s going to be a time of our lives.


Heck. Yes.
Unfortunatly I was unable to help with the event this year, but I am nontheless excited to see what is in store! 80 showcases, holy heck!


Day 4 Kings


80 projects!? Assuming each is about 15 minutes thats 50 hours of FEE3, that’s incredible! I applaud everyone working on the event, that must’ve taken a whole lotta work.

day 5 gang


Alright! Great to see everything come together like this. Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s got to show off- because the Starlit Souls team sure has a lot to share! :slight_smile:


Huge thanks to Warpath and the event organisers! Things seem to have gone fairly smoothly this year, so here’s to a good one.


Big props to you and the rest of the organizers for organizing this absolutely massive event.

I’ll be looking forward to watching this. Thank you so much.