[FE9-RE][Done!] [FE10-RE][Done]Rebuild FE9,10 in gba use FE8(Translation HIRING)

Hello, we are Chinese developers that working on rebuilding FE9+10 with FE8. Now we have done all.

Thanks for Adthor, we have the patch now. We are building it based on the Chinese version, I am not sure it works for Japanese fe8. This one just contains fe9, if you want to play fe9 only, you can use this one.

Also, the new version is released here, you can use it for the English version of fe8. This contains fe9+10, after the end of fe9, it will automatically go with fe10.

Long time since the new update. We are moving to 5.6 with more updates. This patch is for the English version fe8.

I think this is the last version with new content, we will also fix some bugs. If you find it, please let us know. I really appreciate it.
The first one is fe9 and fe10 together and the rest is for fe9 and fe10 only.

Thanks for @Pollen, we have the UI translation. The patch is here:

New Update

Changed the skill version, and added character-specific skills and exclusive combat skills.
Optimized the display of combat skills, and changed the energy display to the state of the attribute bar. Character occupation skills have significantly been replaced.
Added mage combat skills.
The enemy can use combat skills no matter which difficulties you choose.
New characters and new animations.
Added holding combat skills and mysterious skills.
Ike’s transformation skills are changed to use a turn countdown.
Individual weapons cannot be exchanged and cannot be stored in the transport team.
Optimized the display of infinite durable weapons and props.
Some skill has been changed to active and passive.

Don’t hack our rom!

3.0 is the last version of Fe9-re, we are moving to Fe10-re now. We want to rebuild fe10 with inherit save the file, which means your effort in Fe9-re will be inherited to Fe10-re. So enjoy it!

The current version is 4.5.1. We will add more stories after the endgame.




Fe9-re inherits all the systems of Fe6-re, including voice, bgm, occupation, mining ability, three ranks, villager transfer, pirate fighting, and forging, the town is exactly the same as Fe6-re, and the champion is the same. It’s just more energy than it, and the heraldic inheritance store and clothing store may be opened in the future.

The energy shows that Fe9-re is the first game to invest in energy. Energy is used to activate active skills. The method of energy increase is to actively attack people. Orcs increase every round and increase active attacks. When reaching 30, you can incarnate. The energy behind the incarnation will drop whether it is being beaten or actively hitting someone. When it is lower than 5, the incarnation will be automatically released. The orc incarnation is inexperienced, and the human form also has the means of attack. The energy is greater than the opponent’s physique to rescue or let others travel.
Finally, the difficulty is explained. It’s a very important one.

Skill System

All your characters have the skills, pay attention to them. The skill system will help you a lot. And you can use the book to learn the skill same as Fe9.
Also, we have combat skills. When you select a weapon, push right or left, and you can use the combat skills. They are the same as the three houses.

Maniac Mode

Maniac mode should be the most difficult mode in the current revision. There is professional restraint in it. If there is nothing special to challenge, don’t try. The enemy’s attributes should be all green in more than ten and twenty chapters. Besides, it isn’t easy. It is harder than any revision you have played and may be optimized in the future. Ike should be fine with the ending.
On the basis of simple and difficult attributes, the enemy’s all attributes are deducted by 5. The choice of a pleasant game is particularly simple. It is unparalleled if you practice one.

The game does not only have one difficulty, choose carefully. You can scold someone if you can’t beat the Maniac mode, but don’t scold me. There is a simple difficulty in it, so it’s too much to scold you.
Again, don’t say it is not balanced, it is balanced by hundreds of testing in the Chinese FE community. We have at least one hundred players who passed this Moniac mode.

Big Map Move

Instead of a linear process, we add the map moving part in fe9. After you finish chapter 12, you can go into three houses to buy/sell weapons, change class, go to the gold mine, make weapons, level up and down, and so on. So the difficulty will change after chapter 12.

Garreg Mach Monastery

Let me explain what you can do in the monastery.

  • Quick Move: talk to three houses people to move fast, from corner to corner.
  • Bar: will let you buy food, level down item, villagers class change items.
  • Mine: go to the top of the map, you can go to the mine to earn money. You cannot get exp from here, and the item is randomly dropped. The ore includes silver, gold, and Mithril.
  • Smithy: talk to Lysithea, give her the mine you get, for example, silver, and choose the weapon you want to smith, then you can get one.
  • Union: let you change the class to villagers.
  • Arena: 5v5 to get exp.

Ultimate Tauren, all events in the next five chapters
Ooka, many operations are configured throughout the chapter
Nagato, is in charge of the program.
Bloody moon,
Red beans, female head expressions, and blinks, making some female avatars and animations of Xiaonv
joker, responsible for color matching and chapter text
Name, responsible for the chapter text
Akoya, drew 4 maps
Foreigners who provide us with maps, characters, and so on.

We find a good translator @Pollen, who will help us with the translating part. The translation phase starts.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2



Don’t use the break when there are some green allies on the map. For example, FE10 Zihark.


Finally I can play Fe9 on gba (//∇//)/

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Wow. Just wow.

Wow this is awesome

BTW is this both FE9 and FE10? Becouse I see characters from FE10.

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I think a similar project is also in development: Sacred Radiance Demo (FE9 Demake) by LagSpike and Stephano

Not sure how the two compare…

Recently update:

Last Boos

Do our best, everyone, ready to fight!

So stubborn, looks like me…

…This is not a dream


Are you and your team planning on translating this project to English?

I assume you are one of the team or the person who made this hack. Having finished this hack, I have some… things to say about this. First thing first, I’ll admit this is a pretty good rendition of fe9. Indeed it may not be 100% identical because gba limitations however, there are some additional features that may enhance the experience of playing this hack.

I’ll start with the positives

The Good Parts
1. Aesthetic

This hack is aesthetically beautiful… somewhat. The UI, the battle animation, the portraits (ofc it’s nickt’s afterall) the map tileset, it’s all pretty solid with some bug there and there but nothing too gamebreaking except for one instance which I’m gonna talk about later.


the CG cutscenes, while only a picture, is actually pretty neat.


2. Mechanics

The addition of Combat Arts. While there are some drawbacks to it, this can spice up the combat aspect of the hack. although this might become a problem soon…


Buff mechanic; I assume this was taken from Super Robot Wars which you can use SP to get a certain buff like higher hit/avo/crit rates, atk/def buff and so on. In this case however, this SP will increase 5 points every turn or every combat initiation. Some of the buff requires 30 SP, while some can go as low as 5. Every unit have different types of SP and when it’s used it works similarly to nils/ninian status dances.

as with most chinese hacks, there are some character which literally have 5 different promo option and some that are straight up promotes once. Don’t worry you can always reclass in this game. (as in demoting your unit into a mere villager which… isn’t that good in restrospect.)

3. Growth Rates & BST

You can see growth rates and total stats (BST) in this hack. As shown before, the UI is changed and these growths are pretty much copied from vanilla fe9 with some changes on their bases.



4. Base Conversation & Supports

and I don’t know how this works but this hack also has base conversation. There’s even an option to recruit Sothe for example, just like in vanilla game. Although I can’t read this but I think it’s kinda cool.

the support works like regular gba games where you have to grind turns with them sticking together. Sadly I can’t ship Mia and Ike even though the options are there. BUT…

you can actually see the support bonuses from a separate screen. Awesome!

5. Base Chapter

Due to this hack being made in fe8 engine, there’s a world map. And because it’s a Chinese hack, there will be some kind of City/Town where you can resupply, grind, and do other things.

and yes, it’s the same map as with fe6re just with some additional house that can be visited like the blacksmith.

That’s pretty much it from what I could find enjoyable about this hack.
Pretty interesting gimmick for sure however…
This is where the complaints came in,

The Bad Parts
1. Maniac Mode


it is straight up impossible. look at this stats on the generic brigand on ch 1. literally no one could double this guy let alone putting a dent on his hp. but that’s not all…


the AI is smart enough to use their own combat arts against our army which leads to everyone getting screwed in just 1 turn. that’s chapter 1!

also I was already 13 chapters in when I had realized that titania could change her weapon, but eh I’m already too deep into hard mode to bother doing maniac mode


I’d also like to mention that the next chapter is night impossible unless you grinded ike on ch 1 with him soloing the chapter. that and the enemies are still capable of using their combat arts which makes dodge/tanking straight up impossible.

Therefore for the sake of this review (and my sanity) I will be looking at the hard mode of this hack, which honestly is still pretty hard.

2. Laguz Unit


Laguz, when transformed, double their base stats. However, they DON’T give/gain exp when killed/kill an enemy. this will be very apparent in Jill’s boat map and endgame maps.


The only way for laguz characters to gain exp in anyway is either by being attacked in their human form, or by using the laguz stone which serves as a magical projectile when used. Essentially their laguz form are just gonna be chipping away enemies health and tank hits with no gain in any way. Added to the fact that their bases are mostly really REALLY low which makes a lot of them feel useless from other unit.

3. Unit Bases


look at this titania. look at that base HP. she gets downgraded from a Seth to literal Isadora. I assume that’s the intended way to balance her but I’m not done yet.

As you can see from titania’s stats up there, while the growth rates aren’t changed, their bases do. a lot of units are nerfed especially their HP. Laguz units are the worst contender in this. Not only they have shit bases, they also cannot gain exp in their laguz form. although stats are double when they transformed, that’s still doesn’t matter when they have such low bases.




Speaking of bases, let’s talk about enemy bases. Every boss in this game is a literal joke, even Ashnard himself (which I’m not gonna spoil). Most of their stats are lower than the average enemy unit and can be killed easily. Even in maniac mode the bosses are relatively easy to deal with than the ambush spawn. I guess the real bosses were the ambush spawn itself xd.

4. Map & "Balance" Changes

I don’t have any complaints about the map design since it’s just copied from vanilla games with a bit of an adjustment to fit gba tileset, however there are few that I want to talk about.

Ch. 11 Blood Runs Red

One in particular is this. Yes, the black knight literally has an aggressive AI set on him which made this less of an anti turtle and more of a ticking gameover. Oh yea, did I mention that he has FULL 6 move mobility and could literally swoop all of your units in one round?

Ch. 23 The Great Bridge

This map thankfully doesn’t have pitfall trap, however its size was enlarged which could fit a lot more enemies. Alright so, this map in particular is so fucked up which made me think that siege weapons are a crime against humanity. Oh yea ambush spawn too.

All because of this cursed weapon. One of the most powerful siege weapon in hacking history. Sure it can’t double but when it hits, it hits HARD. Oh yea, by the time the second half of the game came around (ch 16+) enemies are gonna be really strong so… if the constant barrage of enemies, laguz, and ambush spawn doesn’t kill you, this one might just be it. Oh and lastly, every enemy is set into aggressive AI so… the ballistae can move and swoop your unit if you’re not careful.

Ch. 24 Battle Reunion

This map… oh boy, what do we got. we got green units that will die in 3 turn baring Geoffrey, the black knight which literally moves, and the clearance bug on the last turn. No way to rush in head first since most of the enemies were relatively strong af and they’re all aggressive.

What is the clearance bug? basically on the end of the map turn, when a unit does a convo past the survive turn limit, and then seizing the map; sometimes the game treats it as the enemies are the ones who seized the castle, therefore a game over occurred. I had to restart this map due to this and it was not fun at all.

Ch. 25 Strange Lands

Next up is the Boulder map, where things went from 0 to 100.
see that sage? that’s a siege tome sage, 4 of them in fact.

Oh that’s not just any regular tome they’re holding, this shit is so broken doubling isn’t impossible; learned it the hard way.

However, while a Boulder mechanic isn’t applicable in fe8 yet, there’s another nasty surprise on this map. If you think you can just turtle up, then this one will gave you PTSD.

I present to you, the golden bird (or laguz royal generic). This isn’t an anti-turtle incentive, but more like a ticking game over. At this point the only unit who can defeat it are Ike and Rolf. A mere 2 unit. Even then I had to rig a crit for Rolf cuz he isn’t doubling any of them, and Ike can’t just one round it either. Oh yea since they’re a Laguz, they don’t gave exp in any way. High Risk Low Reward.

Ch. 27 Moment of Fate Pt. 2


At this point, this is when the rom started to tore itself apart and revealed that everything has been held down by a duct tape. On the duel with black knight, the map is so buggy units are practically invisible. Thank god he’s basically a pushover cuz you’re defeating him with super Ike.

Ch. 28 Twisted Tower

Next on this map is just straight up bullshit. Dragon laguz can attack from 1-2 range, there are lots and lots of other laguz which just wastes your weapon. And there are 3 initial golden bird generic. Oh yea if that wasn’t enough there are siege tomes & berserk/sleep too.

Oh also, on like the 8th(?) turn of the map there are 4 golden bird reinforcement, 4 of those! And they came again on the 10th turn if you’re slow which made them stacks. The only unit that could kill them are still rolf (crit rigging) and ike which… let’s talk about him for a moment.

Unit Balance

Similar to dragon roy from fe6re, this version of ike can change form into super ike (as I call it) which increases his stats and change ragnell into super ragnell with yet also broken stats.

Just like with true binding blade in fe6re, ragnell can change based on ike’s transformation. However, this comes at a cost. To balance this, Ike can only transform once per map, yes once… while roy’s fe6re could just freely transform with his dragonstone (if you chosen it). Also super Ike could only wield a single weapon type that is the super ragnell, which has 10 durability. Once it wears off, he’s practically offense-less. To counteract this, I bought repair kit which increases any weapon durability to 10 each use (3x). Meaning, you can’t just toss him to tank Enemy Phase cuz not every enemy are gonna die engaging him.


Thankfully regular ragnell has infinite durability making regular ike isn’t that useless, however the engame enemies are so strong you gotta be smart on how to utilize his transformation. Which also means regular Ike isn’t as broken as super Ike who can one round every enemy.


Last but not least, here’s another bug, this tibarn here has 0 hp. literally 0. Once he gets hit, the game breaks. I get that you want to make him invincible but this isn’t how you do it, honestly.

TL:DR this hack is pretty fun. Sure it isn’t 100% faithful since gba limitation but still, it is a pretty good demake of fe9. Also I played this in hard mode so I assume the post game content like 3rd tiers are locked behind maniac mode. And I played the first release of the patch (April 2nd) so as time goes this hack probably has been patched / fixed in newer releases. That’s all, sorry for my bad grammar.


In fact, the hack version is outdated. We have fixed some of the feactures, like the balance of class. You are right, the maniac mode is challenging compared to the original one. The difficulty is compared to FE IF. So feel free to try the eaziest one, which we think it is normal.


I had no idea that there was already a full GBA version of FE9. :upside_down_face:

May I know where to download the patch?

Thank you very much for your time and effort! :+1:


ah I see, good to know that it has been fixed in the next update.

btw I just happened to found this hack online few months ago and got around to finishing it this week. so yeah, my experience might not reflect the rest of the game at this point xd

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We made so many versions to fix the bug and unit balance. But we think the most interesting parts in fe9 are laguz units and ike. They are more powerful than others so we want to keep it in fe9-re. Ike can clean map and finish fe9 in his own, that’s why we call him butcher in chinese.


Where is the downl link?

Will someone please share the link

Jumping on this band wagon. If there’s a patch available for download that would be sweet.

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Just came across this. Really excited & hopeful for a release or patch to download somehow.

We come back with fe10 remake!


Is there a release patch out? I’d love to try out my favorite Fire Emblem game on gba!

Do you intend to provide the patch?