FEE3 2019: Here we go again!


Hello folks,

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The event that we’ve all been waiting/procrastinating for, it’s the ninth annual FEE3.

For those of you who are new, FEE3 is a fangame convention that brings together hobbyists who work on Fire Emblem-related projects to showcase our collective progress and new initiatives. Back in the dark days of 2011, when it seemed like the series’ days in the west might be over with the lack of an English translation of FE12, Fire Emblem hackers decided to band together and host our own E3 to celebrate the work that goes into the fangame community. Ever since then, we have continued this tradition each year.

So hey, to anyone who has an active fan project out there: come and join in the festivities! It’s always great to see what amazing new things our community has been up to.

The Submission Form:

[b]Project Name:[/b]
[b]Platform:[/b] FE7, FE6, FE8, FE4, FE5, FEXP, FEXNA, etc.
[b]Showing:[/b] Trailer, Interview, Let's Play, etc.

In order to pull this off, we’ll need some volunteer LPers to participate in the show and host demo showcases. Project managers should feel free to recruit their own LPers, though! It’ll help make the process easier if more people elect to make those arrangements themselves.

Volunteer LPers:

  • Mage Knight 404
  • Mekkah
  • Mangs
  • Dancer_A
  • pandan
  • Xenith
  • Kirb

Returning Projects:

  • Elibean Nights
  • Staff of Ages
  • Faith and Blood
  • The Heroes we Deserve
  • Legends of Avenir
  • Vision Quest
  • BSFE: Archanea Saga
  • Souls of the Forest
  • Tales of the Golden Knight
  • Sanctaea Chronicles
  • dsa v.2.x.y

New Projects:

  • Divine Genealogy (FE4XNA)
  • Seven Siblings
  • Justice and Pride
  • Reborn Dimensions, Olethian Princess
  • Purple Emblem
  • Burdened Crown
  • Echoes: Mystery of the Emblem
  • New Mystery of the Inui
  • FE Hireath: Legacies
  • The Nameless Heroes (translation)
  • Ember Sigil
  • FE7CNLOL (Tech Demo)
  • AutoNewline (Engine hack)

The deadline for project submissions will be October 6, 2019 , with the show taking place in early November.

[FE8] Terror Of The Forest

Aww yee time to actually do stuff again

Planning to have a new version of dsa ready, and this time I’ll try to have some sort of actual video demo instead of trying to talk someone through it who isn’t used to these kinds of tools at all.

Edit: Oh, fine, templates and such.

Project Name: dsa v.2.x.y (exact version number will be determined as I work)
Platform: GBAFE (tools)
Showing: official release, hopefully some kind of demo patch and video thereof


Project: SoA
Platform: FEXNA
Showing: Progress so far, maybe some new shit, I dunno man Three Houses is eating all my time right now whatever we get done is what we’ll show.


Let’s get the hype train going, fam!


I’m down to record again

i’ll comment later regarding a submission though


I live to die to live again.


So many zombie projects…
So much indecision…
Half of them aren’t even FE related…
I gotta get a post in here early…

Project Name: Something
Platform: Anything that runs on a computer
Showing: Depends on the context

A more universal thing: All aboard the hype train!

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Project Name: AutoNewline
Platform: FE8
Showing: It’s an engine hack, so… a video of the hack in action? I don’t have anything too clever here (or much spare time to come up with anything clever), so it’ll likely just be a simple video of ‘how text looks before AutoNewline’ ‘how text looks with AutoNewline’ ‘how it looks in the game’.


Oh neat, it’s happening again.
I’ll be playing Zim’s game.
And hopping along with MK404’s recordings.


Project Name: Faith and Blood
Platform: FE8
Showing: Part II : )

Requesting Day 6 because Day 6 Gang


Project Name: The Heroes We Deserve
Platform: FE8
Showing: TBD

Requests: Day 6 Gang; and Skitty LPs it


Project Name: Legends of Avenir
Platform: FE8
Showing: One full route, preferably a new military route. Undecided whether @1st_lieutenant_noguchi and I will do our own LP or whether we’ll have someone else play it.
Also request to be on day 6 to stay Day 6 Gang.


Project Name: Vision Quest
Platform: FE8
Showing: Gameplay. Probably 2 chapters. Will likely have a release then too.

Also I’m down to record LPs for other projects. I will do my own video as well.


What do you mean I have to stop procrastinating on Three Houses to make significant progress on my hack in time for FEE3?


You’ve got two months, man.


Project Name: 7 Siblings
Platform: FE8
Showing: LP, preferably of some midgame. Will get back with more details and whether I need an LPer


Who needs three houses when you have the perfection of GBA??


2 months to replay Blue Lions you mean?

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Project Name: Justice & Pride
Platform: FE8
Showing: Trailer


Is there a submission limit? Or I can have multiple projects showcased?