[FE8 HACK]FE1and FE2 remake on GBA

Is there a reason the enemies in the first chapter have…well this

Didn’t the ones in the Super FE8 have that as well?

I’m on chapter 4 of FE2. We just started Celica mode.

rip me

Dude, it’s a Chinese hack. If it’s not 800x harder than the vanilla game, it’s just not right.

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You were saying?

What part of this is sane?



FE1 UPS patch

FE2 UPS patch


This is Saber, he has maxed stats.

This is me, getting rng fucked.

tbh, I’m actually really enjoying this hack so far. No bullshit. It’s pretty cool.

Also, thanks for the proper patch.

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So you are the author of this hack?

Don’t directly link roms

Oh,I knew it a year ago,but I can not understand why.

hehe,Thank you,but my Chinese ID is not well-known,and my hack is not very good.I am a high school students,can not spend too much time on hacking games—you know China"s educations is very hard.

No,It is a hack by风恋夕林

It is a little hard at start,but it is very interesting.

No,I think.

It is a ROM.Do not need to apply any patches.Very convience.

Sorry,I know. I didn’t mean any offense.Sorry.

This is the save.
Maybe a little wrong?I do not know.:slightly_smiling:

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This is this ROM"s patch? Thank you very much.

The figures is copyed from the other FE games.But the game is really good.

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Sorry,I know。I did not mean offense.