Favorite Demakes?

Really enjoy using fanhacks to play and experience the story of older FE games, especially ones from old / unavailable systems. Currently playing “Sacred Echoes” on here, can anyone recommend any other favorite demakes?


Pokemon FRLG remade in fe8 is my favourite no bias

There’s also stuff like this (though I haven’t tried them):


I’m surprised how few fully complete remakes exist. The few that the creators have finalized are the old (very bad) untranslated Chinese “FE1+2” [FE8 HACK]FE1and FE2 remake on GBA and “Dark Dragon Reborn” which despite it’s title, has the features of FE11 instead of FE1. Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Reborn [COMPLETE]

I haven’t dared touch the former, and played a little bit of the latter, which is graphically unimpressive but has passable gameplay. Don’t miss the “info” option. It allegedly is supposed to give strategic advice to the player, but given most players of the hack would be familiar with the maps, given they’ve been in three games, the “info” is actually humorous conversations.

FE9/FE10-RE are still early in the process of being translated, and even the Chinese team are still making small updates.

If you want to experience the story, the only complete English re/demake I’m aware of is Dark Dragon Reborn. Sadly, after that you are out of options in the GBA engine.

But given you know how to emulate and patch a ROM, it’s easy enough to patch a translation and emulate the NES and SNES games directly. It’d just be an .ips instead of .ups patch file, just use floating ips from now on (if you’re not using it already) because it supports ips, ups, and bps patches and throw out NUPS or whatever inferior software you might have been using. For the DS games it’s a little more complicated, I think you need a seperate system bios file as well. I haven’t tried any Gamecube, Wii, or 3DS emulation, I imagine they are increasingly complicated to set up. Figuring out the UI and gameplay outside of GBA isn’t that hard if you’ve already played FE, even in the NES games (which get an excessively unfair reputation).

I do think it might be a good idea to create free-to-edit GBA remakes as close as possible to the orginals (all of the hacks I’ve mentioned take liberties, rebalancing the game) given how much is known of hacking GBA, how easy it is to hack GBA, how many features from other games have already been recreated using ASM, and how little hackers bother with and even know how to get started hacking other games. It would make stuff like PMEs for non gba-games that much easier. Even the graphics, music, etc could be ported for the (S)NES games if enough hard work is put in. The question is if this work would be worth it…

Sure, it’d be nice, but when you pour in over a hundred hours on a project, it takes a toll on you. Remaining completely faithful to vanilla makes it less interesting, and not many people want their projects to be f2e. Even if it is f2e, there might be bugs present that the author(s) have done their best to hide from the player. Fe6 english translation is notorious for having issues when trying to edit it in febuilder, for example, and that’s just a translation!

Easier than other platforms, but still extremely time-consuming.


yep lots of work, and the main questions is like, why play them on gba if fans can just buy and play the originals, heck man fe6 is in gba but not a lot of people wanna import it to Fe8, cause it’s just too much work for not that much reward i think.

Dark Dragon Reborn by Melpin. And of course Sacred Echoes. Haven’t played Pokémblem yet but BOY MY FAVORITE FRANCHISES IN ONE SINGLE GAME, Vesly is a genius!!!

Tell me about it, I’ve only seen maybe 2 people do that to WAve and me. From my experience with RE6, FE6 isn’t even big and it’s much easier to port it to FE8 than FE7.

And if anyone is interested once I finish RE6 or RE7 I plan to continue with other Remakes, Rebuilds and Demakes the.


I think the obvious answer is Sacred Echoes. Not only is it the best remake out there, comprehensively good, but one of the best FE Romhacks period. Easily in my top 3.