[FE8] Crisis & Searchs

Crisis & Searchs

Hi!! The rom download is below along with other texts that may be of interest.

  • Romhack

Here is the link to the rom.
Crisis & Searchs.PATCH.20240203204052.ups - Google Drive

This variant only adds a window to view the icons and stats.
[Link removed. Due to a crash that happens because of an incompatibility.]

This is a pdf with details and other things that I came up with for a guide inspired by those manuals that came with the games.

Bug Report (Please read me)

1.- Consumable items (Item Plus) cannot be used in the preparation screen, only when playing the map. The ones that can be used are the promotional ones.

2.- The dark tomes, S type weapons, Flash tome, that cannot be used by the unit, if this unit selects them from its inventory when playing a map, it freezes.

But if you can select them when you change them with another unit and when you just get it. And it doesn’t happen during the preparation screen.

With the flash tome, if a Light unit gives it to another unit that can’t use it, it freezes.

If the freezing happens, you can “fix” it by restarting and resuming. Also with SaveStates it is possible.

These are bugs that I can’t fix because otherwise other things will break, I so sorry.

3.- There is a problem with the chapter titles, in some chapters “Village Orange” will appear as the chapter name. This does not alter the map in any way other than the name.

The next projects will not suffer from errors as far as possible.

How many chapters are there?

A total of 44 chapters ready to play.

  • 23 in the main campaign.

  • 10 experimental DLC chapters.

  • 4 of the tower (Enemies almost impossible to defeat).

  • 6 from the ruins (Impossible enemies).

They can be abandoned at any time.
But you can’t go back.

  • 1 accessible from dlc 5.

After completing the last chapter of the DLC, you can replay the campaign from the beginning, keeping everything you have achieved.


On the continent of Vaneci is the kingdom of Elatine, where Satus lives, a powerful fencer, who lived in a remote village, in order to be in peace and undisturbed, after his home was destroyed, he had no choice but to run errands for a Priestess. Satus will be excited for more intense battles and will look for more.

Yeah, I didn’t get that good of a story, but it’ll do.


Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.

Chapter 6.

Chapter 7.

Chapter 8.

Ch 8 Ascia lord

Chapter 9.


Major changes to FE8 and some normal FE
  • There is no text in the supports. There is hardly any for certain characters and they are very short.

  • The “Soldier” are now similar to the mercenaries, in stats.

  • Almost all weapons and magics have activatable or passive skills. But they are “hidden”.

  • Weapons and magics of type S are unbreakable.

  • Personal skills are 2, one per character, one per class. These skills cannot be removed.

  • Basic classes have 2 skills, promoted classes have one personal and one normal skill.

  • Most of the characters have 1 personal, 2 in list and another 2 to learn.

  • So there are only 6 skills in total per character. This limit can be exceeded with red units and bosses. Especially with special bosses.

  • The skills commonly associated to their classes were changed (details in the guide)

  • Canto is no longer a passive.

  • Almost all classes and tomes have different names.

  • Knights (Armor) have 5 moves and not 4.

  • There are OP bosses that can appear very early, but they are optional.

  • The ruins and tower to gain experience are only accessible from a specific chapter, you can leave them at any time, but you can’t go back to tower or ruins.

  • Monks have been removed, and now the “Priest” and “Cleric” can use light magic.

  • When promoting, if the class can use another type of weapon, it will start with C and not E.

  • There are approximately 2 to 4 bosses per map.

  • Each map was actually 2 to 3 maps, compressed into 1.

  • The game is divided into “parts” each set in a territory.

  • At the end of each part there will be an obligatory special boss.

  • DLC chapters do not count as a part.

History and concept of the development

This hackrom is the first one I made, and in which I experimented with many things of my taste… some not very conventional.

I forgot to mention this: Each map is a simplification of 3 maps into one.
That’s why there are 3 to more bosses per map.
For a matter of memory I had to make reductions, for example, chapter 1 was originally, the village of 3 houses, the small town and the dock.
I also developed a kind of complex of the genealogy of the horse war, but without horses.

I wanted a simple story, not the typical “Hero saves the world after slaying a dragon”, I was looking for something more parodic, but it didn’t work out, so I ended up with a “mercenaries killing weird things” story with some ugly drama.

The characters were designed to become OP, but not enough to not take risks, while the enemies were designed so that at least one group can pose danger.

Each playable character can have some “broken” skill so that there is more interest in using it. I didn’t make bad units intentionally.

There were going to be up to 5 lords, it didn’t work out and I bet on the main one, Satus, conceptualizing him as an attempt of “gary stu” who still has to climb like the others, and who is discovering the world as the player does. Because of his concept of Gary Stu, he starts with an edgy personal weapon, his 55 HP and other skills to not die quickly. Over time I started to hate it, so Satus can take a lot of damage, heal and continue to suffer.

I don’t like very stylized and pretty characters for an environment like FE’s, so many characters look ugly and rough… Although I seem to have forgotten that and that’s why I chose designs like Hasina’s, Amy’s, Lina’s, etc.

Hasina was created to be the pack mule, evolved and became an internal meme.

The development went through several problems that ended up in the 2 irreparable bugs, along with that, the memory limit, I thought that removing things would reduce space, it was not like that and I found out almost at the end of the development.

For that reason, too much text dedicated to event conversations, supports and extra dialogues of bosses with certain characters, the idea of a boss having up to 4 stages (just like Anankos), changes in the maps, fanservice of the beach chapter, and the world map were also cancelled.

With the experience I’ve gained, I wanted to start with the sequel, but that’s too big, so I’ll start with a much smaller and simpler hackrom.

I’ll probably make a video telling the rest in detail… Because moments happened that drove me crazy.

Thank you very much for playing Crisis & Searchs, any kind of feedback and criticism will be appreciated, in order to produce better projects.

Tier List



I don’t remember exactly the names of who owns which portrait, icon, animation. But I didn’t make any. Credits to whom it may concern.
Everything mostly was used from the repository or some other hackrom that I thought was nice.

  • Camii
  • Royal
  • ???

Who acted as testers and had to suffer in the previous versions. I am very sorry for that.

Modified = I made changes to them
Without using = Inside the system, but not used.

List of resources used.

  • Map Sprites

- Feier
Dread Fighter Echoes / Executer
Dread Fighter Echoes F / Executer F (Modified)
Soldier / Sentinel

- Pikmin, L95, Der.
Great Knight
Great Knight F (Modified)

- Leo_Link
Sword Cavalier / Great Lord

- Nuramon
FE15-Myrmidon / Lord
Black Knight / Emperor
Marshall / Invoked
Sage (Walk) / Assault 4
Marshall Sword / Sovereign

Mage F / Possessed (Modified)
Mage F / Sacrificed (Modified)

- Blood
Wyvern Knight F
Lord Red Bean’s Celica / Exemplar
Lord Priestess sword / Exemplar (Modified)

- flasuban
Pegasus Knight.
Falco Knight
Wyvern Rider F / Dragon Rider

- L95
Swordmaster FE10 / Slayer (Modified)
Dragon Earth / Dragon
Dragon Ice / Dragon
Dragon Magic / Dragon
Battle Sage Sword / Assault 5

- Kemui52
Dragon Myrrh generic / Dragon

-CamusZekeSirius, flasuban
Seraph Knight F / FalcoKnight

Dragon super / Dragon
Mask Anankos / Abomination

Duma / Abomination

- Shtick, L95.
Sage F / Magician

- Unknown
High Magus F / Saint
Knight FE10 Style sword / Guardian
Baron / Golem
Matriach F / Priestess
Rogue F

- Seal
BoneWalker / Wight (Modified)

- UltraxBlade
Laguz / Wolfskin
Laguz F / Wolfskin

- ArcherBias
Assassin (Modified)

- RoberFPY
Assasin Hoodless (Modified)
Assasin Hoodless F (Modified)

- Leif
Lord / Prince
Mage Thunder / Assault 8

- Jeorge Reds
Lord Roy (walk) / Prince

- BatimaTheBat
Lord Lucina / Lord (Modified)
Clerif Lissa F / Cleric
Cleric Awakening Style / Maiden (Modified)

- Pushwall
Knight Lord / Paladin

- Tordo 45
Paladin Ponytail Sword
Cavalier F

- SALVAGED, BoneManSeth
Knight Lance / Armored Kn

- EN, L95, Pikmin, Der, Huicheclaar.
King ganeric lance / Conqueror

- Nuramon, Jay, Ryn.
Baron Centurion Helm / Count
Baron Crusader Helm / Baron

- Der, Pikmin
Bow Knight (Modified)
Berserker F
Golden Knight (Modified)

- Der
Spartan / Pretorian
Cursed Sword / Cursed Blade

- Amyd
Experimental Tank / Cannon

Halberdier (Modificato)
Halberdier F (Modified)

- Snewping
Great Lord Ephraim / Great Lord.

- Dutch Introvert

- N426
Tome / Spell
Monk F / Light Mage

- Alusq
Figher F / AxeFighter

- FEGirls
Warrior F

- flasuban, Mikey_Seregon
Pirate F

- Eldritch
Kerendu / Phenomenon

- Huicheclaar
Moloch Sorcerer / Spectrum

- Leif, MeatofJustice
Sage (stand) / Assault 4 (Modified)

- TyTheBub
Mage Lord Eliwood / Officer

- Nuramon, flasuban
Knight FE 10 Hibrid Style / Assault 2 (Modified)

- Jey the Count
Assasin Hood / Assault 3 (Modified)

- Smug_Mug, Unknow
Battle Mage / Assault 7 (Modified)

- Aruka, Kenpuhu
Soldier Ephraim Style / Assault 9 (Modified)

- Flasuban, Tordo45
Paladin F (Modified)

- Rasdel
Mercenary F / Sword Fighter (Modified)

- I.S.
Serra Bishop / Radiant

Modified by me.

Necromancer / Arcan Master

Summoner / Invoker
Summoner F / Invoker F

Bow Rider
Bow Rider F
Brammimond / Enchantress

Soldier F / Spear Fighter F

Druid / Assault 6

General F / Forstress Kn. F

Hero F / Knight

Sword Master F / Blade Master

Wyvern Lord / DracoLord F

I made:

  • Miku

I couldn’t find this.
Artillery cannon / Cannon 1

  • Battle animations

[Knight-Reskin] [F] Ponytail Repal / Armor

[General-Reskin] [F] Female General / Fortress Kn
[WL Reskin] [F] Helmetless (Fix+wep)
[GK-Reskin] [F] Ponytail

St Jack
[Hero-Reskin] [F] Generic +Basic Shield / Knight
[WK Reskin] [U] Knight Helmetless +Axe

FPZero, Moocavo, Riku.
[Assassin-Reskin] [F] Ponytail +Skirt

Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Itranc, Valak
[Nomad Trooper Base] [M] FE6 Repal / Ranger
[Nomad Trooper Base] [F] Repal / Ranger

[WR Reskin] [F] Helmetless / Dragon Rider.

[Dark Knight] [F] Mageknight-Style
[Dark Knight] [M] Mageknight-Style

FEGirls, Ririk
[T2 Summoner-Reskin] [F] FEGirls-Style Hair Color Fix / Invoker / Sorcerer

[Journeyman-Reskin] [F] Long-Haired

[Cleric-Base] [F] Vanilla FE6 Magic
[Priest-Base] [M] Vanilla Priest

Levin64, Nuramon, HyperGammaSpaces
[Sage-Reskin] [M] FE6-FE7-Style +Pants / Assault 4

St jack, The_Big_Dededester, Dolkar, CranJam
[Sage-Variant] [M] Battle Sage +Weapons Repal / Assault 5

Jey The Count
[T2 Druid-Base] [M] Vanilla FE6-8 / Assault 6

Levin64, L95
[Sage-Reskin] [F] Lute FE8 Variant

[Misc-Supplier] [F] Supplier

Lisandra_brave, Red Bean, Dolkar
[Custom Magi] [F] Miko Repal

[Fighter-Reskin] [F] FEGirls Vanilla-Style

[Monk-Base] [F] Repal + staff / Light Mage (Without using)

[Soldier-Reskin] [F] Ponytail / Spear Fighter

[Soldier-Variant] [M] Lightweight Lancer / Sentinel (Without using)

Furious Squid, Jj09
[Pirate-Reskin] [F] Slender Variant

eCut, Skitty, Natsumi, AKA Serif
[Berserker-Reskin] [F] Armored by eCut v2 Repal

Temp, Pushwall
[Warrior-Reskin] [F] Repal Long Hair by Temp

Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Ukelele, SD9k, Temp, Black Mage, Wan, Sme.
[Rogue-Reskin] [F] Repal +Staff

[Marshall] [M] Zelgius v3
[FE8 Ephraim-Custom] [M] T2 Heavy Infantry
[Sword FE15 Custom] [M] Myrmidon
[FE7 Hector-Variant] [U] T2 Harbinger / Assault 9
[Sword FE16 Custom] [M] Dread Fighter / Executor
[Sword FE16 Custom] [F] Dread Fighter / Executor
[Marshall] [U] FE10-Style / Invoked

Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, The_Big_Dededester
[General-Reskin] [M] Baron Cape +Weapons / Count

Leo Link, Huichelaar, Obsidian Daddy, Banpresto, KirbyFreak Epicer & Sax Marine
[Zephiel-Reskin] [U] Bulwark King / Baron

[Zephiel-Reskin] [U] Legion King Repal
[T3 Custom] [U] Moloch Sorcerer

eCut, Pikmin1211,Maiser6
[Nomad-Reskin] [F] Non-Sacaen Repal Short-Hair / Bow Rider (Without using)
[Nomad-Reskin] [F] Non-Sacaen Repal Long-Hair / Bow Rider (Without using)

Pikmin1211, Maiser6
[Nomad Trooper Reskin] [F] Non-Sacaen / Bow Knight (Without using)

[Nomad Trooper Base] [M] FE7 Vanilla +Fix / Bow Knight (Without using)

Pikmin1211, Maiser6
[Nomad Trooper Reskin] [F] Non-Sacaen

[Custom Halb] [M] Halberdier

TheBlindArcher, Black Mage
[Custom Halb] [F] Halberdier

Red Bean, Jeorge_Reds
[FE8 Eirika-Variant] [F] Priestess Celica T2 / Exemplar
[FE8 Eirika-Variant] [F] Priestess Celica T2-Style

[FE8 Eirika-Base] [F] T1 Magus / Lord

Shadowofchaos, TheBlindArcher, Sme, Shtick
[Peg T2 Reskin] [F] Black Beauty / FalcoKnight

Leo_link, Tsushi, Iscaneus
[FE7 Lyn-Variant] [M] T1 Blader Myrmidon / Fencer

Greentea, DerTheVaporeon, ltranc.
[Swordmaster-Variant] [M] Lloyd Alt / Slayer

IS, eCut, Skitty.
[FE8 Ephraim-Base] [M] T2 Vanilla +Weapons / Paladin

[Monster-Custom] [U] Magical Tomes

chhhsfe, DerTheVaporeon
[Monster-Custom] [M] Wanderer - Blade

Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight, 7743
[Thief-Base] [F] Cath Repal

eCut, Skitty
[Brigand-Reskin] [F] Barbarian

Obsidian Daddy, Jj09
[FE5 Lord Custom] [M] Leif Lord

Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, The_Big_Dededester
[General-Reskin] [M] Baron Cape +Weapons / Sovereign

SALVAGED, Victor Pouderoux
[Paladin-Variant] [F] SALVAGED-Style Titania

[Cleric-Reskin] [F] FE13-Style / Maiden

MrNight48, DerTheVaporeon.
[T3.1 Bishop] [F] Matriarch

Greentea, RobertFPY
[Paladin-Variant] [M] Kent

Obsidian Daddy, Rexacuse, Leo Link, 7743
[T3 Custom] [M] Dark Prince Julius / Arcan master (Without using)

Seal, Blood
[Skeleton-Reskin] [U] Legion / Wight

RedBean, 7743
[Redbean Custom] [F] T1 Mahou Shoujo Princess Youli / Healer
[Redbean Custom] [F] T2 Mahou Shoujo Princess Youli / Radiant

FE7if, Shin19
[Sage-Custom] [F] Limstella v1/ Possessed / Sacrificed

IS, Eldritch Abomination
[Manakete-Base] [F] Vanilla FE6 Fire Dragon +FE7 / Ancestral / Dragon

[Manakete-Base] [U] Generic Dragon Transformation / Ancestral F
[Mage-Custom2] [M] Mage Lord v2 / Assault 3

[Dragon-L95] [U] Divine Dragon
[Dragon-L95] [U] Earth Dragon
[Dragon-L95] [U] Mage Dragon

SqRtOfPi, shadowofchaos, Marlon0024
[Monster-Custom] [U] Elibian Nights Ice Dragon

IS, Marlon0024, SHYUTERz
[Boss-Base] [U] Vanilla FE7 Fire Dragon +FE8

[Wolf-Variant] [M] Kitsune Ninetails / Skinwalker
[Wolf-Variant] [F] Kitsune / Wolfskin
[Wolf-Variant] [M] Kitsune Repal / Wolfskin
[Wolf-Variant] [F] Kitsune Ninetails / Skinwalker

[Devisian-Custom] [M] Arcanist / Corrupted

SALVAGED, BoneManSeth.
[Knight-Variant] [M] Helmetless / Armored Kn

TBA, St jack
[General-Reskin] [U] Emperor / Golem

[T3 Custom] [U] Brammimond / Enchantress

Nuramon, CranJam
[Paladin-Custom] [M] Helmetless Gold Knight

[Gorgon-Variant] [F] Lamia

[Monster-Custom] [F] Death / Enchantress

[Boss-Custom] [U] Fell God Duma / Abomination

[Boss-Custom] [U] Boss Arthroverta / Abomination

[T3.1 Sage] [F] High Magus / Saint

[Monster-Custom] [U] Blast Golem / Avernian

[Eliwood-Variant] [M] Mage Lord / Officer

TBA, UltraxBlade
[Custom Lance] [M] Halb-Lancer v2 / Assault 7

Leo_Link, L95, Flasuban
[Mage-Custom1] [M] Light Mage / Assault 8

[Custom Lance] [M] Spartan / Pretorian

Spud, HyperGammaSpaces
[Paladin-Custom] [M] Bow Knight

IS, Spud, noonog
[Custom Magi] [M] Vanilla FE7 Kishuna +Magic

  • Portraits

Kaisser_Yuri, Fateborn_1, GenericPretsel_BeegArmourMan, Imperial_FireKeeper, MVPMaster, knabepicer, Zwelix, CapibarainSpace, Cravat, Epicer, Flasuban, GhostBlade, It_Just_Jay, JiroPaiPai, Kanna, LaurentLaicrox, Lenh, Levin64, Lonkfromcalifornia, MeatOfJustice, Mexicancactus2911, Miguel-Rojo, monk-han, MrGreen3339, Nickt, Peerless, Sme, Smug_Mug, SSHX, Toa, RandomWizard, Dutch Introvert, L95, Jey the Count, Generic Pretsel, Nuramon, Alexplode, HyperGammaSpaces, Laurent Lacrorix, WhydidImakethisaccount.

  • Icons

Zane, LordGlenn, Kyrads, Celice, Seal, George Reds, Lisandra_Brave, Ereshkigal, WhydidImakethisaccount, Batima, Cardcafe, Zarg, Zelix, Leif, Peerless, EldritchA, Indogotsu Tenbuki.

  • Cards

There are cards inside the system, but they are no longer used.
The only ones used will be these:

BladeMaster, Itranc
Monk / Light Mage

Manakete / Ancestral F

Eldritch Abomination

  • Spells

Breeze - [Wind] Shaver - DS {Mikey Seregon}
Poison G - [Dark] Jormungand {Orihara_Saki}
IceSpikes - [Anima] Ice Shard {Sme, Compile}
ShockWave - [Anima] Thoron {Arch}
BurningEarth - [Anima] Bolganone - DS {Mikey Seregon}
MeteorStrike - [Anima] Meteor {Blazer, Jubby}
Critical B - [Dark] Ruin {Orihara_Saki}
Oculus - [Other] Ocular Beam - Slow Charge {SHYUTERz, HIRITO, SHIRMER}
AfterLife - [Fire] Blue Explosion {Scraiza}
Sanctified - [Light] Naga {SHYUTERz}
AbyssalViper - [Dark] Loptous {SHYUTERz}
Expellere - [Other] Alien Blast {SHYUTERz, HIROTO}
Necromantia - [Dark] Lucifer {SHYUTERz}
Ex Machina - [Dark] Dark Energy Burst {SHYUTERz}
SunStar - [Fire] Meteor {SHYUTERz, HIROTO, Fenreir}
Fulgor - [Light] Divinestone {Seal, Sacred War}
Enhancer T - [Dark] Miasma {Struedelmuffin}
Judicium - [Light] Eyes of God {SHYUTERz}
Black Hole - [Dark] Gespenst {SHYUTERz (Modificato)
Vitae - [Light] Resire - SNES {MisakaMikoto}
ColdStorm - [Ice] Hail {Mikey_Seregon}
Breath - [Breath] Mage Dragon Breath - Melee {SHYUTERz}
Oratio - [Thunder] Dire Thunder {Orihara_Saki}
Pressura - [Fire] Flame Sweep {Scraiza}
Sidus - [Dark] Dulam {Arch}
Fulmen - [Light] Dulam {Arch, Comaythanki}
Vulcano - [Fire] Exfire Red {SHYUTERz, HIROTO, Fenreir} (Modified)
Solum - [Dark] Gespenst {SHYUTERz (Modificato)
Cuprum - [Thunder] Static {Arch}
Vasa - [Light] Dimensional Light {PMD, redblueyellow, Jj09}
Venator - [Ice] Freeze Ray {St jack, Aegius, PurpleMage}

Good luck to you!


you literally dropped a complete hack out of the blue… that’s a ballsy move but one that I do respect

I recommend you to add some screenshots of the hack so people can have preview of it, I may give a try too

good luck with this project!


The trend of sudden complete hacks being released is, while unexpected, a welcome one.

Time to see how this game rolls.

P.D.: It was not a welcome surprise.

I could say a large amount of things about the game just from its first chapter - but they’d fall short as is.

Search the Crisis (48)
This is the chapter 1’s throne boss for this chapter, on a situation where you have no axe users, three sword users (neither can hit), a lance user, and a cleric and mage that all die on retaliation.

You simply do not have the tools to get through the chapter without heavily slowing down yourself - which brings in a Turn 18 reinforcement (TURN EIGHTEEN)
Search the Crisis (39)

As an extra, the unit that can recruit your other units is boxed in by turn 1 (do note the enemy palettes)
Search the Crisis (12)
and will die if it kills the enemy next to her. This one cleric and a nearby recruit are “hostages” as part of this gameplay, being boxed in against odds they cannot survive against, combined with the green units only being recruitable with the cleric and the sheer size of the map (quite large), makes this first chapter already a drag.
Search the Crisis (14)

Search the Crisis (64)
It’s turn 44 I opened that one chest twenty turns ago why is this



Congrats on the completed project, I’ll definitely be checking this out.

Do you happen to have a credits list with the creators of all the various assets you used? I couldn’t find one in your main post or in the guide you posted.

Yeah, this hack it’s indeed a Crisis Searching for help…

The credits were not going to be in the guide, only in this publication. But at the time of publishing it I didn’t see that they were missing until some colleagues told me.
Now the section appears.
When the credit list completely ends. I’ll put it in the guide in case this post dies.

Did you playtest this?

cmon its gotta be better than learn to weld at least

It is better than that but the gameplay is very rough, and the skills don’t help.

Many times, both me and some friends during development.

The tactic to defeat him was for the boss to hit someone adjacent, like Satus or Adam, the boss would use the blue ax and not his hand axe, so at a distance it would no longer be a problem.
I got the impression that it is a tactic used by other players, which is why I included it.

Was shift 18 too early?

The idea of ​​the hostage was to give her a little more courage to be just the healer. At least for this chapter.
The size of the map is because it is actually a 3 in 1 fusion.

The joke was that their stuff was stolen.
That’s why they don’t come early.
At this point, they are not easy bosses to kill. Some bosses appear to give life to the maps, so it is not mandatory to defeat them.

Your credits don’t actually list where any assets come from, just “other hackroms” which… Isn’t how credits work?

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it is used, but it’s considered a cheese tactic, and it’s absolutely not a positive first impression when the game starts off with it as the only reasonable way to fight a boss. especially when you have to deal with coinflip odds on a throne. as that’s not fun for a big majority of people, it’s more tedious, and super likely to drive people off from the game in frustration.

the boss getting changed to be less overwhelmingly strong and more feasible to have your units fight him and survive a counter rather than get nuked (maybe even removing swordbreaker so the swordies can contribute to the fight, too) or cheesing him would go a long way. same with throne avoid possibly just getting slashed down so units have less huge accuracy issues on 'em when fighting the guy, which as is makes the fight drag out longer without being a thing the player can actually maneuver around in any meaningful way.

He begins with the blue axe - the issue is that you are required to rescue units out of the way because you do not survive the enemy phase, heavily reducing the amount of units that can attack. Additionally, nobody but Satus can reliably survive a blue axe attack, and he also can’t hit as part of that combat due to Swordbreaker.

This combined with Hit Rates of 40-50 makes reliably damaging the boss not possible.

This makes taking down the boss take around 10+ turns, by when the enemy cavalry come in to add extra pressure (and potentially one-round everyone but Satus.)

Why did you add content on turn 18/44. Why did you add a recruitable unit at turn 45.


She is the only unit that can recruit the two groups of green units (which are heavily vulnerable to any reinforcements), begins trapped, and Satus has to wade through a third of the map to prevent a village from being destroyed, prevent an archer reinforcement from killing recruitables and rescuing both hostages.

By “boxing her on a 1x1” she is not encouraged to be a healer. She is encouraged to not be taking part on the chapter until she is saved, and even then you gave her a way to attack.

If you didn’t want her to attack yet, then you wouldn’t have given her a weapon to do so, and made it a droppable throughout the chapter.

I spent a third of the turns taking care of bosses and another third navigating the map - this chapter is artificially long just due to its sheer size, the massive unreliability to hit enemies, the double hostage and recruiting (and later boss rush).

This is not a 3-in-1.


The credits on this hack are far too vague. We don’t know what came from where or who gave permission. In addition, taking assets from other hacks without permission is considered to be asset theft. Until a proper credits list has been created, we are going to take the download link down.


Hello, in addition to making sure you have complete and comprehensive credits for everything you use, I would also just like to give you a friendly reminder, in case you were not aware, that portraits and other assets in other people’s hacks are not inherently free to use. If it has not been posted in the Repository or elsewhere explicitly labeled as Free to Use (F2U) and/or Free to Edit (F2E), you are not allowed to use the asset without direct permission from its owner/creator.

For more details, please refer to the FEU plagiarism policy found here:

Or my summary in the FEBuilder FAQ here:

Oh, and why do I bring this up? Well, while the link is down now, I saw someone who downloaded it before that playing through it, and…
image image

Sorry, but these portrait from my hacks Three Legacies and Fall of Shambhala are not presently available for open public use, and neither are any of the other custom assets I have personally created for those hacks, and at no point was I contacted for permission for them to be used in this project. I am open to granting permission to people who ask me, but not so much when I’m finding out after the fact. While I’m glad you liked them enough to want to use them, this is a formal request for these to be removed if/when your project is reuploaded.

My hope is that this is simply misunderstanding or ignorance of the community rules, and that your hack can be re-uploaded once you compile proper credits and remove that portrait and any other assets you did not have permission to use. I am sure the people in the FEU Discord would be happy to help you identify the creators of things you have lost track of yourself. In the future, just make sure you keep track of credits as you go, alright? It’s a lot easier to keep a running list as you add stuff than it is to go back and trace it all down later.


List of resources used.
-Sacred Echoes’s team.

Further worth noting is that this is an abysmal way to write out credits. This list doesn’t credit Nuramon for any of his specific assets, and the numerous other artists that contributed to Sacred Echoes are lumped into “Sacred Echoes’s team” instead of being credited individually.


I will make the replacements, in approx 3 days, to identify other resources to withdraw.
But before I continue, I have a problem, I can replace them and that’s it. But they would remain in the internal files, will that be enough, or do I remove them from the internal files as well?
Anything else you see that doesn’t have permissions, I’d be very grateful if you let me know, so I can make the changes.

Forget about the internal files, I was able to remove them and it did not consume any memory.

It’s not enough to say “hey could everyone help me find what assets I’ve used that aren’t free to be used?” - it’s your responsibility to sort that out yourself. I think you need to start from scratch with the assets used and replace every graphic with ones you find from the repository, crediting as you go.


I just asked for the notice to speed things up a bit.
Whether he does or not, it doesn’t change much, because I’m doing a review of all the resources used to properly assemble the credit list and make the required changes.