[FE8] Crisis & Searchs

When the list of credits and changes to the rom is completed.
Should I write to you to notify you of the change or will it be enough to update the list?

Let me know when you’re done. I’ll talk it over with staff and if we’re happy, I’ll reinstate the link.

oki doki.

How many chapters are in the hack?

23 in the main campaign.
10 experimental DLC chapters.
4 of the tower.
6 of the ruins
1 accessible from dlc 5
A total of 44.

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Nice, the patch is up! Looking forward to trying this!

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Okay I’m genuinely curious now
What was the cut content like…?


There were a couple of portraits, animations, and map sprites that I had to replace.
No chapters or items were cut to obtain.


What animations were replaced?

Sacred Echoes animations have been replaced.

Combat animations:
Possessed (Witch)
Sacrificed (Vestal)

Map sprites:
Golden Knight
Corrupted (Arcanist)
Sacrificed (Vestal)

And finish using animations from the repository.

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How do the tower and ruins work? Can you grind or they are just sidequests?

No as in like…
The stuff that got removed due to the memory limit (the supports, the extra boss dialogue, event convos, etc) is what I’m curious about.

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They work both ways, you can levels up and also get rare items and weapons.
In essence, they are Gaiden chapters.
They increase in difficulty as you reach the end.
In chapter 8 you access the ruins.


In chapter 15 you access the tower.


When you reach those chapters, you will get a message mentioning the same thing.
Once inside, you can also leave them if you “escape”.

To access the next floors, you can kill all the “red units” or reach the access point.

But you can’t go back.

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Unfortunately I couldn’t include any of that, because I found out too late that I’m at the memory limit and there is no way to reduce the rom weight.
So no matter how much I delete, it doesn’t reduce its weight.
It hurt me not to include several support dialogs, bosses, events, and other things that I already had written.

Luckily for me, in the next rom, that won’t happen, because it will be shorter and because I already mastered FEBuilder better.

That’s good! At least you learned something.

Does any record of those cut writings exist? (And how would the fanservice/beach DLC even have worked…?)

Because it seems like there’s so much here- but at the same time, it feels like there’s so much more left untold…

Btw I recommend checking out Deity Device sometime- they had a rather novel solution to the memory issue; a ‘disk’ system (read: seperate patches) that all had different parts of the romhack. (Though there’s almost certainlt more to it; the technical details escape me).

Bug Found:

This door does not work when unlocked from the inner side.

Also, what is Sigrid and company’s deal?

Knowing these data is very motivating.

The registry exists, it is messy and I am ashamed of how it looks. But when I get it sorted I will share it.
What a coincidence that you mention fanservice/beach DLC.
One of the DLC chapters if a beach, but no fanservice due to lack of budget.

I’ll ask about the details later, it will help me a lot if I make a more ambitious rom.

Oh, my…

Sigrid and the others, were part of Vert’s group, who was to be the fifth lord.
And they would join the main group by Annie’s guidance.
Each Lord was going to have 2 chapters for them and they would join the main group, just like in SoV, but earlier and x4.

Ahhh, I see, I see.
It just feels kinda like weird comedy with Sigrid’s group showing up the turn after you’re told that (presumably) enemy reinforcements are coming; it feels like a cat scare in a horror movie.

(Also I recommend checking both doors for that chapter to make sure they work on both sides).

Also what was the deal with that one Petrine-looking Baron? The one called the “Hammer”?


… huh? Is this normal?

He is one of the many special bosses. He doesn’t carry his hammer in this chapter because he is a boss that doesn’t move.
I found out late that Petrine exists, but I liked the portrait and I left it to the baroness.

Okay so
Having made it all the way up to the Tower, my main complaint is that without some kind of story warning or something, a lot of maps tend to have extra reinforcements that only pop up really late into the map- making it tricky to gather your units up and then act.

Ik a lot got cut but it also feels like some maps (Chapter 5 and its civilian being a good example) really suffer for lack of it- same with the civilians in I think Chapter 11- it feels like there was something for them that got cut.

And really this is just all part of one of the biggest complaints I have-

Because Crisis and Search is in a greatly abriged form from what it was originally, the map quality overall I think suffers from it because so many maps have very little to do except kill enemies after a while.

One of the main benefits of geneaology was all the side convos and such- but those got cut and the result is that everything just feels… yeah.

Also on the gameplay side:
I hate enemies with skills like Great Shield and Barricade (especially Barricade+; and god forbid both) because they make taking them down into rng fests where you need to hope that all the hits connect or else you’re fucked.

Speaking of powerful enemies- stuff like Almeinster’s jumpscare in chapter 8 is just pure evil- especially because while you do have the tools to take him down, it’s just not practical; and there’s no way either to predict what he might do since he’s an enemy unit.

I get that there are some foes you aren’t supposed to beat- but people like Valdemar are just outrageously stupid powerful; hell, his CLASS is way too stupid good, especially since he has no weaknesses.

Chapter 15 also has a Generic Sniper with something like 80+ avoid for no reason, which makes them obscenely tricky to hit and eliminate.

On the unit side of things, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it- Solis honestly sucks.

Her bases are okay for when she joins, but her growths suck for someone like her (who really needs those levels), and as a healer, she gets outclassed by the troubadour and as a Light tome user, the user in question has her beat hook, line, and sinker. (And also a Healer too).

Compared to the other lords especially, she feels like Adam, but the thing is, Adam performs because of what he can do (tanking well). Solis… doesn’t. She needs a buff to her growths, because of the four lords, she’s honestly the worst of them.

That’s all from me for now.

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