[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: The Heroes We Deserve v1.3

Patch Updated (As of July 31st, 2022)

  • All chapters playable
  • All gameplay related bugs fixed (probably)


Dumb jokes


Mugs, some are splices, some are edits, some are OG.


Apparently people like this jerk, so he's here too.


DnD has infiltrated Fire Emblem, everyone be concerned.


Cringe worthy puns that only your dad would laugh at.


God tier supports that really delve into the essence of the characters.


Download Here!

The Heroes We Deserve

The hack includes:

  • 15 Chapters
  • Three converging groups of “heroes
  • Skills (courtesy of Circles et al.)
  • Daggers (thieves only, independent of the weapon triangle)
  • Other weapons that change things up (+more)
    • Magic Missile (Anima Tome, deals physical damage)
    • Nerd Slayer (Axe, effective Vs. casters)
    • And many more!
  • A lot of F-Bombs (maybe)
  • A comical, non-serious tone
  • Practically zero character development
  • …and more!

Known Issues:

  • Character minis in the convoy have broken palettes
  • Cancelling during canto after a support calls the support conversation again (doesn’t increase support level further)
  • Visual bug during the end event of the final chapter

Using The THWD IP:

I don’t have a less pretentious way to title that at the moment so we’re going to roll with it. If you want to make a translation, rebalance, weapon reversal, etc. etc. version of this hack you already have my permission; go nuts! You can go ahead and provide a download link and a description at the end of this OP (it’s now a wiki post, anyone can edit it) in the “THWD Variants” section.

That being said, this is limited to variants of the hack; characters and other assets made specifically for the project aren’t on the table for other projects without my explicit approval (e.g. ‘What If CHESTER Was In FE6?’)

THWD Variants:

Coming to a soon:tm: near you! (maybe)

You can’t laugh at it, you can only laugh with it.


The most obvious comment I have to make about the maps is that paths are supposed to be broken up, not straight and continuous.

(example from a random map I took)

there are some others thing to point out, but I’m not sure how to word them, so I’d rather leave it to more competent people than myself to do the explaining than me.

I’d take a shot at editing the maps myself, but I’m not sure you’d allow me.


Thanks for the feedback, I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Also, feel free to mess around with them, I’m totally fine with it.

Maps: Ch 1,6,9,16,19


If you’d like help on how to make your maps correctly, I’d be open to you DMing me in Discord, and I’ll point out how you can fix them in detail. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will definitely take you up on that offer, thanks!


Other notable changes thus far include:


  • Heavy Cavalier added (Axes, Lances)
  • Knights, Generals, Troubadours, and Valkyries all get +1 move
  • Sages: removed Light
  • All Sword classes gain Athos Lock
  • All Dagger classes gain Lyn Lock
  • As of now, all playable classes have 1 promotion path (makes it easier for skill distribution)


  • Pirates / Berzerker: movement over water cost set to 1 (they can swim real good)
  • Added Promotion Class Adventurer (Bows, Staves)
  • Wyvern Knights: added Axes
  • General / Great Knight: Removed Swords
  • Added Base Class Hexer (Swords, Staves)
  • Promotes to Witcher (Swords, Staves). (It’s an insert for a friend)

Weapon Changes:

  • All Swords gain Athos Lock
  • All Daggers gain Lyn Lock
Map updates (shoutout to @Snakey1 for the map building tips!)

Ch1 ‘Our Adventure Begins’

Ch6 ‘Zambambos’

Ch9 ‘Hit the Road’

Ch19 ‘Title TBD’

Still have a lot of map revisions to make.


Decided to reduce the total chapter count by 1, from 26 to 25.


It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a start. Here’s a gif of the first Start Event:


Started doing event stuff, the first three chapters are playable! (not balanced, but playable).


Don’t forget that there are a ton of free to use mugs in my repo. You can replace the vanilla characters with standins until you get someone better. Less jarring that way.


Colour me interested, I’ll download the demo and give it a shot.
I can message you my thoughts when I’m done playing.

EDIT: Posting raw rom files is a no-go on the forums and will
likely be taken down by the mods, I recommend you post
a patch instead. FeBuilder can easily create UPS patches.


Thanks, I’ll definitely check them out later!

@MrKarkino Looking forward to it, feel free to DM me on Discord (same username)

@ShinKuma Thanks, I just updated the link to direct you to a UPS patch; also I added one to the 1st post for the sake of visibility.


@anon98251803 you need to make a .ups patch zip the file then add it to the 1st post. You keep linking the ROM which is not how you are suppose to put out your hack.


My bad. I copied the wrong link; it has been fixed to redirect you to the UPS patch.


Added link to Discord in 1st post.


FEU community! THWD needs your help! I would like to add your inserted characters as bosses for chapters 2 through 21.

Head on over to the Discord server and check out the ‘inserts’ channel for more details and reserve your chapter today!* (it would also probably be useful if you tried out 3 chapter demo)


THWD Discord

*First come, first serve. But I reserve the right to remove any reservation if insert details aren’t provided within an adequate timeframe.


Ch1 to Ch4 are now playable! Have fun!


didn’t know this would be such a meme hack oof

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All for the banter, buddy!


I recorded this tonight (Vid up Next Monday), and I had so much fun. I wish I would’ve recorded this while up there.
I love when Hacks break the idea of having to make a serious story.
Of course, it also felt fun playing the villan role. You, my friends, have earned a supporter