[FE8] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem: Of Blood and Gold (12 Chapters, Version 1.31)

1.31 Version out now!!

Ver. 1.3 Changes:
-I have played through the game a second time in its entirety and have made many balance changes based on this. Might make more based on this version’s feedback.
-Supports are finally being added! More info in the tab below.
-Poison now does 3-5 damage instead of 1-4, and more poison weapons are obtainable by the player.
-Godfrey has received significant buffs, though his move has been lowered to 4.
-Charles’ base stats have been buffed, and his base level has been reduced to take better advantage of his extremely high growths.
-Domino’s promo bonuses have been lowered, but stats have been added to his personal weapon.
-Many small changes to character bases and growths that I have not tracked or written down.
-New portraits for the following characters: Tal, Oswald, Elijah, Laerick, Andreas, Howi, and Powel.

Hard Mode Cancelled

Unfortunately, I will not be adding a full, balanced Hard mode as I originally promised and intended. I’m pretty fatigued with this project and would like to be able to move on to other things. I nerfed the hard mode bonuses and tested the first couple of chapters, and it seemed doable, though it is not as carefully balanced as I wish I could’ve made it. This update, Ver. 1.3, will very likely be this hack’s final update. My apologizes to anyone who was looking forward to it.

This is my first ever full release of a hack, and while I certainly think it’s a decent game, I mostly used this as a learning opportunity. My future hacks will (hopefully) be much more cohesive and balanced.
Regardless, I’d be happy to take any criticism or advice from those who try it out, even just for a few chapters.

Oh also this thing is short. You can beat it in like 6 hours. I was trying to make something that could be played when you don’t have time to sink into a 30+ chapter game (as great as those are), and that resulted in some “interesting” balancing problems. I’m looking to continue with short hacks for the near future, to refine my methods and eventually produce something of genuine quality.

-10 Main Chapters, and 2 Gaidens
-20 Playable characters
-21 full Support lines
-Maps that are too big
-Linear promotions
-Some personal weapons (~4)
-Anima triangle, +Ice tomes (Ice is neutral with other Anima types)
-No Light magic
-Lots of poison (sorry)

Patch & Credits: cheDDar75/Fire-Emblem—Of-Blood-and-Gold (github.com)

Intended difficulty is Normal (Hard and Easy are undertested but playable). Patch is for FE8



Miscellaneous Screenshots

Hylvar vs. Raider Elia Healing
Terou Stats sPoOkY
Buster Scrugs! Hylvar's Axe
Lewis Angy Aars Fucking Dies
Falhair Gank Falhair Items
Shield Lance Calvis is here
Charles Crit

Gaidens + Secret Shops

Chapter 4x: Defeat the boss of chapter 4
Chapter 9x: Go to 4x OR talk to archer boss in Chapter 9 w/ thief

Member card dropped by thief in Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Shop: At the end of the pointless hallway near the upper balista archer.
Chapter 9x Shop: Lower tile of the small enclosed area just above the starting place.


Supports have been added! :slight_smile:

-Most characters have 2 support chains, with the lord having 4.
-The maximum number of concurrent supports will be 6, instead of the standard 5, to allow for most support chains to be concluded in a single playthrough.
-Base support level and support point gains will be increased based on how late a character joins. I don’t want it to be a chore to get all of the supports, so most of them should just happen naturally.

Support Bonuses (Per Support level)
-Fire: 1 Mt, 5 Hit, 2 Crit
-Thunder: 1 Mt, 4 Crit
-Wind: 5 Hit, 2 Crit, 5 Crit Avo
-Ice: 1 Def, 5 Avo, 5 Crit Avo
-Light: 10 Hit, 5 Avo
-Dark: 1 Mt, 2 Crit, 5 Crit Avo
-Anima: 1 Mt, 1 Def, 2 Hit, 2 Avo

Old Demos

1st Demo:
GitHub - cheDDar75/FE-Of-Blood-and-Gold

2nd Demo (+Balancing Update +Portrait Update):
Fire Emblem - Of Blood and Gold 2nd DEMO (v3).ups - Google Drive


Link doesn’t work, is your repository private?

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yup, sorry about that. just fixed it

I have the next several chapters mostly planned-out, but I don’t want to move forward building them, as I don’t want to risk repeating any mistakes or poor design choices that likely appeared in the first three chapters. As to say, I don’t want to end up having to go back and rework a bunch of stuff if I don’t need to.

If you’ve played the demo, please share your thoughts on it so I can continue development, and thank you for playing.

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What’s the intended difficulty to play?

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Normal mode, as I haven’t figured out how exactly different difficulties affect the game


Just played through the first 3 chapters. There were definitely a lot of rough edges, but I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of stuff, and think this has a lot of potential. The highlight was Chapter 2, which I’ll go into more later.

Chapter 1

First off, I’m going to ask you to download some basic Quality of Life hacks. It should be fairly easy to do. I’m going to be assuming you’re using febuilder, and if you’re using buildfiles, I can provide some help there too, if you need it.
In the patches menu, you’re going to want to look up “dangerzone”. This’ll let you install a hack that allows the player to press select to see every enemy’s range.
In addition, to communicate AI more transparently to the player, I highly recommend installing this asm via EA to show enemies that don’t move. In addition, a couple other nice-to-haves are going to be the patch that automatically sets game and text speed to fast, and MMB, or Modular Minimug Box.

With that out of the way, I thought Ch1 was easily the weakest chapter. Your two starting units don’t have vulneraries, and it’s a very slow bait-and-switch chapter, simply baiting one enemy and killing them. The map also feels overly large, and I think that you should just give the vulns to the merc and fighter rather than have the archer carrying them. I also think enemies have too much 1-2 range, which isn’t really needed.
Not much else to say than that, since it’s relatively inoffensive besides being quite boring. I think you should apply whatever mindset you applied with your chapter 2 here, since like I said, I think that chapter is really good!

Also, I didn’t read the dialogue (sorry!), just not my thing. I’m sure whatever you’ve written up is great, though!

Chapter 2

I was really just… stunned by this chapter. Great antiturtle, good split objective, paced well, an interesting mid-chapter event, it’s got it all! Cannot express how well done I feel this was, gameplay wise. My biggest suggestion would be to change it from rout to kill boss, as I feel that fits the chapter better, but the boss is going to be the last enemy left anyways, I suppose.
I think in terms of other, more minor things, the enemy composition felt a bit strange. I didn’t really feel equipped with the right tools weapon triangle-wise on both sides of the split, with sending the two sword users + the bow left and the lance + axe up. Obviously, I still managed to survive, but I’d look into making the enemy composition a bit more conducive to the player party, though perhaps hold off on that before getting a second opinion. The soldier could also use a vuln to start, though not necessary.
I also feel like the 1-2 range is a bit excessive here as well. my archer is not that powerful that he needs to be getting countered all the time, hah.
In terms of units, I really felt that the myrm was quite frankly just worse than the merc in every possible way. I think she should have something to set her apart, since they’re both speed units, but the merc just has better bulk and offense, and the enemies are not a huge threat (which I might consider upping their hit/attack power by a little), so she ends up feeling quite lackluster. She even has worse wrank!
I think that the slim sword could use more uses, since I was running decently low on uses here. I guess I could trade the iron sword over, but the myrm would be useless with the slim sword, so I decided to keep it as it is.
Other than that, nothing really else to say. Fantastic job!

Chapter 3

I felt this chapter was between the previous two. Not as great as Chapter 2, but quite a bit better than Chapter 1. I felt like this one definitely has a lot of potential, but is hindered a bit by the execution.
First off, I’m not sure whether you expect the player to split here. If you do, then telegraphing the mage before the first turn would probably be wise. If not, then disregard this.
Overall, I think this map suffers from really passive enemy AI and a very constrained map with a lot of 1 tile corridors. The enemies just don’t really move, and the lack of a clear display makes it difficult to play around this as well. I’d recommend redoing the fort area of the map to make it a lot more spacious.
Big fan of the lot recolor res thief, by the way.
I think the chest keys being single use is kind of annoying, since they end up scattered amongst units. I’d just make them 2 uses.
The throne boss with a tomahawk here is SUPER annoying. He’s super dodgy to the point where I can’t even get 70 displayed hit on him, and does a ton of damage. I think the damage is okay, but I’d recommend lowering throne avo to 15 or something.
My last comment is going to be concerning the fleet and units that come with it. I thought this was really cool, thinking it’d be an anti-turtle, but instead the 2 pirates charge and the fleet and myrm stay stationary. I think instead of having them be a side objective I have to go back down for, just make them both anti-turtles, having the myrm charge you and both of them not drop anything so the player doesn’t get the wrong idea. For this, maybe delay the event by a single turn so people have a better chance of avoiding them.
On another note, I felt the armor way outclassed the soldier here, with his superior lance rank, power, and durability. Not sure what you could do to make them more equal in that regard but something to think about, especially since the very tight and chokey nature of the chapter meant the armor was in front along with the merc whereas the soldier lagged behind for the most part.
This chapter definitely had some cool elements but I felt the main problem was the overreliance on stationary enemies.

All in all, very impressed by what is here and hope to see improvements + more chapters soon!

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Over the next three weeks, I’ll be releasing small updates for the current version.
July 29th - Fixing small bugs and some re-balancing (COMPLETED)
August 12th - Adding customized portraits for all player units (COMPLETED)


Yo, full version out. Hope y’all like it!

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I don’t know who Aars is, but he is having a terrible time in those screenshots

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Oh hey this is finally done! Will definitely take a look soon, really looking forward to it.

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Hello! I’ve enjoyed playing this so far but I’m running into a problem where Domino disappears in ch. 5 after you trigger the cutscene with Calvis after triggering the cutscene with the boss. I’m not sure what the problem could be. I’m using My Boy! as the emulator.

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Thanks for letting me know!
Tested it out and I found the same issue. I changed-up some events and got it to run both the cutscenes without Domino phasing out of existence. Just updated the patch with the fix included.

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Also on chapter 5 if you trigger the reinforcments the boss just keeps spawning them forever, even after you kill him. Playing on MyBoy too

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Just put out the 1.1 Version patch!

Change log:
-Fixed glitches in Chapter 5 (hopefully all of them)
-Lowered weapon durability across the board, to account for the game being shorter
-Changed the Slim Sword to the new Sabre, with slightly altered stats
-Got new icons for the dark tomes, in the same style as the anima ones
-New or improved portraits for the following characters: Bayleas, Aars, Noyra, Elia, Cealou, Gadin, Fallos, Rethak, Kazel, Marnil


Just finished my run of this hack I started yesterday morning. I had alot of fun with it and the characters grew on me quickly. I didn’t play on the newest patch so I’m not sure if the bugs I noticed have been fixed. Elias stat screen shows she has str and her weapon ranks arent visible. This seemed to fix itself post promotion after engaging in combat with a tome. Senn isn’t able to use the master seal to promote. I noticed some visual glitches when noyra recruited Cealou in ch 4x but it went away right after. I enjoyed the world and characters but I do wish there was more variety in the music played mid map. I was happy to hear something different in endgame. In general I felt that luck was pretty low on player units overall which was scary facing low% crits frequently. Low crit boosts on things like Reavers, Tomahawk, short bow, Luna, and the varying magic types did feel a bit much considering the low crit avoid available and the hoplon guard being very late. I also found it difficult to split my army in maps that had splits. Especially ch6 which took me quite a few tries eventually sending everyone right. I found myself really wanting a second healer for that map, and vulneraries not being buyable in the preps shop made that map really rough. I think it might have been possible to have a 2nd healer by then from a promoted guiding ring user but I didn’t have one trained to level 10 yet. I frankly don’t like poison weapons so take my opinion with a grain of salt but I did not expect to see them in most chapters, maybe I missed or am overlooking it but I never found or saw a restore or anti-toxin item which made them more annoying. Never really a big threat but kindve just a nuisance. Telling whether an enemy unit is stationary or not is a bit rough, especially the few times I thought they might be stationary only to have them run at me. I hope my thoughts arent coming across as negative criticism, I had a lot of fun with the hack and I found the dialogue very charming, loved the shopping scenes . Flux? Was super funny. The splices for the characters were solid, and fit them well. Map visual wise the Iron Isle and the blood-stained coast are very distinct. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this and was sad that I had finished it, wanted to follow Domino and the gang more.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
New perspectives are good to hear, I’ll consider some stuff like the second healer and I’ll definitely add antitoxins to shops. Also, lowering weapon crit by a few points might be a good idea, now that I think about it.

As for the glitches, I’ve known about Elia’s stat screen issues for a good while now but am unsure on how to fix them. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Str/Mag split patch. Didn’t know about the master seal problem, with fix that in the next patch.

The newest patch doesn’t fix any of the glitches you found, just reworks some chapter 5 events and adds new portraits to some early game characters. Another update will probably come within the next few weeks.


Finished playing right now and I wanted to share my thoughts on the hack:

First of all, I really liked the overall lenght of the hack and I personally think that shorter stories are able to make someone invested on them faster. I don’t think it really creates balancing problems if you handle late game recruitment well, which I think you did.

As a general thought for all chapters, but more apparent in the mid to late game, enemy attack stats are quite volatile, with shaky hitrates but a lot of damage. I think this creates a problem where dodgetanking becomes too risky as a character like Matly dies in 2 unlucky hits but a tankier character like Godfrey and Aars still take 10+ damage from the same enemies but with more consistent hitrates. This makes the hack way more player phase focused than it should be and enemy phase is just a “brace for impact” if you didn’t kill everyone on player phase. Enemy crits were also a thing during the entire game and, as mentioned in a reply above, luck is pretty low. You could very well just lose a character to a 11 damage 7% crit and reset the map since there are no true “replacement” units due to the lenght of the game.

Now for the chapters:

Chapter 1

The hack starts out pretty simple, all the enemies being axe users make so that Domino starts out feeling strong and also eases up on Matly who can die pretty easily. I like the idea of splitting up the party right at the beggining and Matly and Bayleas arrive at a good time to help clearing up the enemies near the village. Only thing I would change would be swapping Domino’s and Matly’s swords to better fit their classes.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is a great chapter overall, I think the side objectives were one of the best parts of this hack but the villages and Godfrey are really well designed. Aars (who became an absolute god in my playthrough) joins pretty weak and in a point where most enemies use axes but there are some easy soldiers and a merc up north to feed him some exp with his javelin. The early strange brew is also a great reward and its interesting to see a plus 5% growth so early (I gave it to Matly, further proving that Aars is just broken). Saving Godfrey has only a single flaw, after he kills the adjacent enemies he just stands there, the fighter slowly chipping him isn’t a problem, its more that I thought I should hurry or he would suicide charge the boss and was disappointed when he didn’t even move. (Also, shield lance is awesome)

Chapter 3

This chapter is quite ok, it could suffer a bit if the player doesnt split and go straight west but I decided to split and try to get Domino to the thief… until I realized there were no door keys anywhere on the map. This is where the chapter fails, communicating with the player. I wasn’t ready for Noyra to arrive with keys but at the same time she can handle the enemies leading up to Therou if she doesn’t miss any shots, so its ok. Enemy movement is also non intuitive and many enemies including Booly just don’t move so I was extra careful to not take any chances with his buffed devil axe. The fleet was also kinda meh as it doesn’t really work as an anti-turtle but the chapter is almost over when they arrive anyway. Giving a poison sword as a reward is fine but its not really ever gonna be useful later.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is a defense map with 3 side objectives that are placed on different ends of the map. The village and boss are really well placed and their rewards, a killer axe (+the fancy axe if you visit with Hylvar, but its not that good) and access to 4x, are worth the trouble. Elia joins in this chapter and she fills a role nuch needed on the party, a healer. There is also Senn, I could go on and write a whole paragraph on why Senn is better than Bayleas, but it just boils down to Senn hitting shots consistently. I do think him being stationary is a little bit dumb, since you need Domino to recruit him and I at least also wanted Dom to fight the boss. The reinforcements are nicely done and the terrain favored some riskier strategies with dodgetanking on the western mountain tiles. Only thing I didn’t like was the poison weapons, although pretty much every chapter after this has them.

Chapter 4x

I’ll be brief on this one, fog maps are hard to do well, but fighting an onslaught of (mostly) archers, on narrow swamps, with fog hindering your vision was really fun. Cealou was really easy to find and recruit, I didn’t use him though, so if anyone could tell me if the flux? tome does anything on chapter 9 i’d be glad. Also liked the story on this one a lot, it starts to set up the overarching shadow of the astral cult which I wish had more relevance to the story aside from controlling everyone from the shadows.

Chapter 5

I played this hack on version 1.0 and oh boy, chapter 5 was too glitchy to even be fun, but it also has some gameplay problems that I think shouldn’t be overshadowed by the bugs:

  1. This chapter suffers from battle before dawn syndrome, Lewis might just die if you are unlucky and you can’t do anything to reach him in time.
  2. The chapter start event says specifically that either Domino or Matly should go talk to Lewis, but Matly can only recruit Canyi but the game doesn’t tell you this, on my winning attempt this lead to me getting overwelmed on the bottom right trying to save the greens and not having Matly killed by javelins, though I miraculously survived.
  3. The whole chapter gimmick is supposed to be aproaching the boss from the forest, but even if you do that, if you end your turn anywhere in the area in front of the boss (I think thats the trigger zone) he will call in the reinforcements from the forts (some of which ignore people standing on them) meaning you have to kill him the turn you reach the gate, but also the forest path feels more populated than the south path, which is not consistent with the whole “boss can’t see the forest” story, I get that if the south was more populated the greens would be in trouble but it still makes no sense.
    Now for things the chapter did right:
  4. Calvis is a great mid-chapter event, it adds tension since he is kinda strong and you don’t know if he’ll join in on the fun or not. (You can absolutely kill him with Lewis’s longsword if you want though) although this intermission does suffer from the boss problem since tge way you approach the boss is what makes him stay or leave.
  5. That’s it actually.
    This chapter is definetly the weakest point of the hack in my opinion and the bugs didn’t help it.
    Just for those who didn’t get to play 1.0 chapter 5, you could have Domino, the lord needed to seize the gate, completely dissappear if you approached the boss unnoticed, which made not triggering reinforcements impossible, but at the same time if you DID trigger the reinforcements, the game would just keep spawning them infinitely. You could have abused this for infinite exp but I only killed the ones that I needed to get Dom from the south to the gate to end this map forever. Ok, rant’s over
Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is a good example of a split map done right, none of the routes are overwhelming and the ballista threatens both of them, good side objectives on the chests and I liked the thief spawning all the way up in the boss room, it caught me by surprise and I was barely able to kill him before he stole a chest and made me lose the member card, even though I don’t remember what I bought in the secret shop. The boss having a longbow was a nice change of pace and the secondary sniper boss having the game’s only (free) Orion’s bolt was a good reward for going for the optional challenge.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 goes back to the more traditional “straight line” map and is maybe a bit easy, but it has not one, but two anti-turtling methods, the pegasi squad with the only free elisian whip and Learen himself, who can pretty much one-round anyone in your party, its a shame that by the time he appears you will be already near the castle so it doesn’t even matter. I’d suggest making them spawn a turn or 2 earlier to keep the player cautious. Falhair joins pretty naturally but I wish he were a green unit like Clarine in FE6 where he just runs to Domino and you need to talk to him to recruit him. Bantien’s intermission was really fun to see although it made me wonder if you could save Lewis’s lover from him, probably not. Overall the chapter is pretty easy but still enjoyable to play, Domino gets his forced promotion and personal weapon at the end of the chapter and they are both really good, I like that while Refierclm wins against all weapons it loses to all breaker weapons as well. My only criticism is that its supposed to be the “Molten Blade”, why is its icon white and blue? It looks like its made of ice, not lava.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is a good chapter, it keeps tension high since you have 3 villages to save and their rewards are good, the master seal is useful to increase the power of your army and the rapier is a good weapon for the next 2 main chapters. Khayl is only good for his wind sword and extra fighter seal, if you’ve been using Matly he is just too weak but he might be a nice replacement swordmaster if you lost her before for some reason. The enemy diversity is pretty bad until the boss decides to go after you and the boss itself is really scary due to the tomahawk crit rate and he ended a few of my runs with some lucky hits. And the enemies near him are also wag tougher than the brigands and pirates you fought before.

Chapter 9

This chapter is like FE6 chapter 21, A LOT of reinforcements and really big map size. Aars promotes and gets the biggest promotion bonuses in the history of Fire Emblem. The chapter has some nice shops to improve your equipment. The start asks the player to split the army in half but I found that the sheer amount of reinforcements makes half an army not able to progress so I decided to just go with everyone to the left and also got overwhelmed so I baited the enemies into following me to the center ruin and killed everyone there. This chapter is really hard but it felt so good to beat it. The guiding ring and knight crest you get are nice, but I didn’t need them and just sold them for stat boosters in the 9x secret shop.

Chapter 9x

The other fog map, this one however is kinda hard since it features a lot of myrms and assassins with random effective and killer weapons and the lack of extra torches or a torch staff makes it really hard to advance if you go in blind and I got junpscared by a killer edge or wind sword myrm several times. The 2 chests are nicely placed and the Hoplon Guard is an absolute must-have if you want to have any chance against Learen so losing it to a thief is really something you want to avoid. The boss of this chapter is pretty weak and by the time he comes to you, you should already have the HG and his killer edge gets trivialized.

Chapter 10.1 and 10.2

Really good final map, the enemy lineup is diverse and challenging and the army split is really natural. I don’t get why you would bother putting chests in thr final map of the game, especially since you have to go through either an eclipse druid or a sleep druid (mind that there are no restore staves in the game). The boss is kinda easy but it doesn’t matter since when you kill him you have to face Learen coming from the entrance. The second part of the chapter is way harder, with more promoted enemies and agressive foes coming from all sides, I absolutely wasn’t ready for him to just BREAK DOWN THE WALL and start attacking the center area, thankfully I had my main units close to the wall and I could defeat him with Aars and dealing the last blow with Domino. Stat-wise, Learen isn’t that better than Domino or your other good units but his sword is completely busted, he gets 58% crit??? I seriously don’t know how anyone could beat him with no casualties without the Hoplon Guard and it seems like the game punishes you if you don’t try to get all the gaidens and treasure.

Ending and final thoughts (story spoilers)

I really liked the ending, it makes a lot of sense and it shows that not all stories have happy endings. I felt really bad for Bayleas’s ending, especially since I didn’t use him and I think that the ending sequence could have been a chapter in itself. Ibdo wish there were more on the astral order and they really need an extra chapter or 2 to wrap up their arc, I especially had a lot of questions about the hooded monster (?) that appears in the 9x cutscene. I really wanted more of the story so good job on your writing!
This hack was really good and engaging, I wish more people would make this smaller campaigns since the story develops faster. I feel like the overall difficulty was consistent and scaled really well in the late-game and aside from some minor annoyances like the poison, lack of torches and needing an optional chapter for the Hoplom Guard, the hack is mostly fair to the player. The characters were charismatic and I liked the focus on them being mercenaries.

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ho-boi-wow that is a lot. Thanks for taking the time to digest your thoughts on the game!
Just something to note, I only had time to playthrough the whole game once before I reached the promised final release date, so I only got see the final version of each chapter once. I’ll definitely play it all again sometime, but for now I’m mostly relying on player feedback to make improvements.

Thoughts on your thoughts:
Chapter3: Chapter 3 is old, and it used to be much worse before I completely remade it a while back. I’ll look into some of the Ai stuff, and I’ve already installed the patch that shows if an enemy moves or not for the next update. Don’t think I’m up for redoing it wholesale again though.

Chapter 4x: Genuinely surprised you enjoyed this one so much. I thought it was going to be the most frustrating chapter in the game, given all the longbow archers hiding behind thickets, and of course the fog. I really only made it that way because I thought it was an interesting idea, good to know someone liked it!

Chapter 5: Yeah, all that’s fair. Even beyond the glitches (pretty sure they’re all fixed now), this chapter’s events aren’t easily readable or fair. I gave Lewis strong bases, a fort, and a longsword for the cavs so I think he’ll be fine unless you get really unlucky, but the chance is still there so might weaken the enemies near him anyway. Am for sure going to change-up the range-based events to give more room for error on triggering the boss’s reinforcements. Oh, and Cealou does have a secret something in “…the eastern peaks of platinum.”, in case you were wondering.

Chapter 7: Originally tried making Falhair a green unit, but he would usually charge north and die to the luna shaman, made him blue to prevent that, but I’ll see if I can find a way around the Ai limitations. Will definitely make the falcoknight and Learen arrive earlier. Lewis does have a talk convo with Olnea, good luck getting it.

Miscellaneous: Will add torch and restore staves somewhere easily accessible. Might put the Hoplon Guard in a main chapter, though Learen was NOT supposed to have that much crit, unsure what I did to make that happen. The chests in the final chapter are only there because I put them in the cutscene version of the map back when making chapter 4 and decided to just keep them in the final version, so their loot isn’t especially useful. The Astral Order will show it’s face again, be assured. Also, many of the character endings left them in the Southlands, make of that what you will.

I’m looking foward to seeing any further projects you have in store!

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