[FE8] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem: Of Blood and Gold (12 Chapters, Version 1.31)

I tried this hack, and I’ve decided to quit halfway through chapter 3. I didn’t realize that the game was going to be so stingy with healing this far into the story, so I wasn’t conservative with my vulnerary usage in the earlier chapters, when in reality I should have been carefully rationing and micromanaging my Vulnerary usage, and I’ve just flatout run out of healing halfway through the chapter 3. I don’t feel like replaying the earlier chapters, so my criticism is only going to cover those chapters, which isn’t a lot.

I really don’t like how poor my party’s luck is on average. When most of my units have a 1-4% chance of getting critted, this really makes me nervous cause I’m always trying to devise a strategy that excludes the possibility of just randomly losing a unit. Usually FE rosters will have a decent amount of luck throughout the roster, with only the occasional unit who has bad luck. That’s also my preference, because I despise the stress and anxiety it gives me.

The writing seemed pretty alright from what I saw, though to be honest I didn’t get very far into the story, but I could see the glimmer of effort in there, which is more than a lot of hacks. “Monestary” is misspelled in the first chapter, though that was a consistent misspelling at least; of course, it should be “Monastery”.

I found it weird that you get rewarded with 5000 g at the end of chapter 2, but then you don’t get the opportunity to spend that money. Usually when you get a reward, you can actually use that reward and don’t have to wait for it to become useful at some indiscernible point in the future. I was really thinking “Alright, yeah, let’s do a shopping chapter! … wait we’re just going straight to the bandit island? … I’m a little short on vulns…”

But yeah, to revisit my first point, add more vulns or other sources of healing. Why be so stingy with the vulns? I’m so used to getting flooded with vulns in every other hack that I had no clue I should have been more careful with them.

That’s all I have to say. Sorry if I’m being a bit unfairly dismissive of your hack, I just really wanted a hack to relax with, and this clearly isn’t the hack to relax with.


I’ve had others mention the need for more healing, so the next update will have a new healer unit joining in chapter 1. As for the gold thing, I could probably move that to the end of chapter 3 tbh because chapter 4 has the first armory.

Anyway, thanks for trying it out. Hope you’ll come back after an update or two!


New stuff for 1.2:
-Fixed glitch where Senn couldn’t use the master seal
-Added antitoxins to vendors
-Changed around some gold in the early chapters
-Added a new priest character in chapter 1
-Add the patch which displays none-moving enemies with their actually ranges
-Gave Cealou fire magic on promotion
-Refierclm has a new, more fitting item icon
-New portraits for the bosses of chapters 5, 7, and 9


Hi, I’ve recently played your hack and I like it a lot.
I played the 1.1 version, the one without the early game priest, so as you can imagine,
I had healing problems. I also had problems with the chapter 9, the forest on the rigth side made hitting enemies a chore and frustrating, especially since I’ve sent 2 axe units over there.
But that’s the only complaint I have, everything else I loved it.
Here’s what I’ve liked.
The units feel good overall with two exceptions.
The economy is solid and I never felt I had too much or too little.
The maps are big but I never felt they were sluggis since figthing was pretty much everywhere.
The enemies didn’t felt too strong or too weak (I’ve played on Normal, going to play on Hard next time).
The strong point for me is the story. Is simple, but short and I never felt it stagnated, it had a good peace and progressed well. The part I liked the most was the epilogue. Usually fire emblem stories end with an happy ending, but this ends in an interesting manner. SPOILERS: I liked that the ending is sour and not all characters have a good ending, in fact some of them die. It set precedents for a sequel, and
honestly I love the vibe you were aiming for, I rooted from start to finish to poor Domino. I do enjoy fe stories that end differently.

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Now, unit review.
Here are the units I used for the last chapter.

Also known as Domino the Beast, known for his spd,skl,str and pretty much everything.
I didn’t gave him not even ONE stat booster. His personal weapon (wich I can’t pronounce) further increased his avoid. He soloed the final boss.


Even tough I never promoted him, his bow chip was useful. Maybe next time.




His defense is pretty low for a Great Knigth, but his speed and resistence is higher than average.
I expected him to have more defense, but he never got doubled so good unit.


I love speedy mages, and she managed to double and one-round almost everyone she met.
I do hope you can add a thunder and ice mage in the future since I enjoy different magics.


I dunno if he becomes a summoner, but I never felt I needed to tank serious hit
in the late game. Still, he was useful, but his accuracy was a little shaky.


One of the many units who suffer from Rutger/Knoll syndrome. As long as he doesn’t
get critted, he’s fine. He managed to steamroll trough enemies without getting crittted,
but I seriously reconmend to increase his luck bu at least 5 points. Solid unit overall.


Poor Hylvar got the worst level lups. I also gave him the metis tome equivalent and he still got str lower than 18. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but he wasn’t very useful or accurate.


Who needs luck when you have this stats? Altough he had a rough start, he became one of my strongest lance user in the late game. Very fun unit for the late game. Got forced promoted al level 10.
Don’t know if you can use a knigth crest to promoted him.


A tanky archer in the early game, and Hylvar 2.0 in the late game. SPOILERS: Poor guy died in the epilouge together with Hylvar afterwards. One of my strongest units.


Once I promoted her, she became unstoppable. Could give the final boss a run for his money.


A bit squishy, but very useful nonetheless. Staff/10


Very useful vs mages, and trust me, res is something you don’t have enough due to the presence of mages, especially in chapter 6 trough 9. Always used him, even after the Manabane broke.

Other units I eventually dropped.


Is he related to Barth the pirate? Altough I used him in some chapters, I didn’t feel the need to use him for the final ones, especially since 9x and 10 have NO lance users. Could use him on a second run tough.


He got bad level ups and subpar strength, so I dropped him on chapter 5.
Good with the guard lance.


Greatly overshadowed by Domino. I think she needs a personal weapon.


As for Booly, I didn’t need more axe users for the late game, even tough he actually has a luck stat.


As for Matly, I didn’t need another sword unit, but I could use him in a second run.


For a Goto, this unit sucks. Imagine Bantien, but without a lance or sword rank and without a horse.
He has A rank axes, but as before, the late game has very few lance users ( he could use the swordslayer tough).

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My Aars got force promoted at lvl 20 and his promo bonuses alone were enough to almost cap all his offensive stats lmao, I love playable soldiers

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how…how did you get him to lvl 20?

I suspect he boss abused
There are some bosses on thrones wich regain health over time.
Especially the boss in chapter 5 has no ranged weapons and can be easily farmed for xp.

I didn’t boss abuse him, Im not patient enough lol. I just REALLY used him, he was both my best lance user and my tankiest unit because of the shield lance so he got a lot of exp from choke points and pretty much killed all of the anti-turtle reinforcements

Edit: My other characters aside from Domino, Senn and Matly were kinda weak tho if you’re wondering but hey, as long as I beat the game anything counts

I want to note that Godfrey died in 5 turns in chapter 2 due to the fact that the hand axe figther got 2 more strength due to hard mode bonuses. You migth want to increase the knigth defense by 2 as well, since he died, I didn’t recruit him (he appeared in the end event cutscene).

Also, on chapter 7, Bantien died due to an enemy sniper with killer bow and then this is what happened to the game over screen.

You migth want to increase Bantien defense or remove the enemy sniper or change the sniper equipment. I think is cool though (the game over screen).

pretty sure this isnt suppose to happen

As you might notice he moves after you start the map no matter where you place him

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I recall some glitches with late game unit placement during testing, so I guess another look at it wouldn’t hurt.

Oh yeah hard is mode has not been balanced at all, I haven’t even taken a glance into it.
I will definitely do some hard mode testing before the next update.

game froze here on enemy turn.
would give you the sav file but FEU doesnt allow that.
enemy turn 4 or 5 iirc.

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Huh. I’ll check it as soon as I can. Might end up doing a bug fix patch before a major update.

Edit: May I ask what emulator you’re using? The game was only tested with VBA, so it may have issues with other emulators.

I am using VBA on Windows 11.

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Think I just fixed both the issues you talked about. Thanks for bringing them to me!

Also, I noticed that the Hoplon guard was still obtainable in 9x, allowing for players to get 2 of them (other one is stealable from Orfred in ch9). So I replaced it with something else.

You can send a .sav file here. You just have to upload it to an external site such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

New Version! See OP for details.