[FE8] Arbitrary number of weapon types

In the GBA games, the only restriction on the number of weapon types is the eight bytes allocated to storing ranks. By changing the way the game stores and retrieves those, this patch removes that barrier and allows arbitrarily many weapon types.

Due to memory restrictions, though, each character will be able to use at most 4 weapon types. The types are stored in character data and class data as [weapon type 1][rank 1]…[WR4][rank4] using the 8 bytes provided.

Patch and source here. Comes with a “Dragon”-type Silver Lance.

  • Table for names of the weapon types is located at EFBC00.
  • Don’t give anybody a weapon rank in 0x9, that’s reserved for Items/Disarmed.
  • 0x286BC and 0x286D4 are the routines to change if you want to repoint affinity icons (they return 79+affinity, or the index of the icons in the icon list).
  • Similarly, 0x18AF0 is used to display the horse/dragon/pegasus icons.


Basiclly we can have separate weapon ranks for Wind, Fire, Thunder and Knives?
I’ve been waiting for this :smile:


You have Jesus(-Gandalf)'s blessing.


When it comes to setting weapon ranks in Nightmare, I assume the char/class struct has been changed with the 8 weapon rank bytes to read something like four pairs of “XX (Weapon Type) YY (Weapon Rank)”?

Yeah. It’s causing some sort of weird animation glitch, though - basically the frames where Seth’s sword actually hits the enemy, and the enemy’s HP slowly scrolls down, don’t happen for some reason. But the glitch only happens when you have a custom-type weapon that you can use in your inventory, oddly enough… :pensive:

Edit: And it somehow works now, but I don’t know why, nor why it was broken in the first place. #hacking

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this means i can potentially have legit claw and teeth weapon types, right?


Preliminary patch for FE8. Anyone want to test it out? :blush:

[quote=“ghast, post:6, topic:753”]
this means i can potentially have legit claw and teeth weapon types, right?
[/quote]I legit just made a “:О” face

http://i.imgur.com/MeUQ4OS.png[/quote] Seth /would/ be the only man strong enough to throw dragons at people, wouldn’t he?

Awesome stuff, dude!

Some bugs I found:

-When you move right on the weapons screen, the current info button repeats and tries to display again. Normally when you reach the end of a menu and try and move the menu button in such a direction, it does not try and display the current bubble again.

-Class weapon levels don’t seem to work.

-Sword/weapon disappear glitch happens when you go over two weapon levels. Also makes first chapter unbeatable? It exists in your display all weapons patch as well and has to do with magic weapon levels being given to physical units it looks like, hence why going over two weapon levels causes this problem since the last two spots were for magic weapons.

-Player character having no weapon levels causes picture.

Ok, so you can actually have a Dragonstone rank that uses that Dragon icon now
Cool stuff XD

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Ohhh, I wanna make weapon icons for like dragonstones and monsters or something now. (‘v’ )

(…what are the color limits on these things? Do I need to use the weapon icon palette or w/e)

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Yep, weapon icon palette only

At some point it might be smart to separate these icons (and the affinity ones as well) apart from the weapon icons and read from their own sheet of graphics.

Tiny icons are hard x.x


Huh. It seems to work fine for me…

I’m recalling memories of display fixes that FEditor auto-applies. Perhaps one of you has the patch applied and the other doesn’t?

Can’t seem to replicate this either. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do that isn’t working?

Oh, and the bug with the R-menu seems to be because of the fact that there’s sometimes an R-menu option for the supports list. I’ll go get rid of that.

If this is indeed the problem I’m pretty sure I’m the one without the FEditor patches. But I don’t see any autopatches that deal with display… o.O

Yeah, I just checked again and didn’t run into the glitch that time. I think I might have messed up with the character byte at some point and caused some kind of glitch?

I did just notice that class weapon levels do work, but only if the character in question has all their character weapon levels set at zero.

The “glitch” seems to have been the character being loaded with “types” whose graphics didn’t contain valid graphics data. Note that the patch is completely incompatible with the old way of storing weapon ranks, though.

Yeah, that’s the way I decided to implement the loading.

Okay then. I think the only real glitch I may have found then is the weapon disappear one then?