[FE8] Another FE Girls

Hi, I’m new here, and I just found a new toy called FEBuilder.
So this is basically a patch that I made for myself, but I thought I’d share this here too anyway.
This is just a FE8 reskin basically, but I replaced all the male playable characters to female characters from other FE games (mainly FE6 and FE7), akin to FEGirls patch.
But since this is just a FE8 reskin the difficulty is way lower.
If you want something different from FE8 gameplay-wise definitely check out the FEGirls patch, otherwise, feel free to try this one.
Story is pretty much unchanged so most of them won’t make any sense.

So currently there are 4 versions.

  1. AnotherFEGirls
    Just a reskin, stats are unchanged.

  2. AnotherFEGirls but with skills
    the same as above, but with skills system included.

  3. AnotherFEGirls V2
    Like the first one, except the stats and growth rates of the replacement characters are similar as how they are in their original games, although only for the ones that retain their class.
    for example, the ones with stat change: Isadora, Gwendolyn, etc.
    the ones without stat change: Rebecca (Fighter), Guinivere (Monk).
    Affinity for all of the replacement characters are changed.
    I also replaced “Distant Road” BGM with “Footsteps of Fate” from FE Shadow Dragon, I borrowed it from Yggdra Patch.
    I just thought the song is too bright for the setting.

  4. AnotherFEGirls but with skills V2
    Basically 2 and 3 combined.

Other Changes
  • (with skills patches) Added 2 new magic weapons, Bolt Lance (like Bolt Naginata from Fates) and Shining Bow (Bow with 1-2 Range), Initially made these just to check if Mag stat works properly but apparently magic weapons still calculated like in the original gba games, but since I’ve already put them in I decided to keep them anyway.
  • “Wind Sword” is now obtainable in the main stories. (Chapter 14 in Eirika’s Route, dropped by Carlyle. Chapter 15 in Lyn’s Route, in Eirika’s inventory).
  • Some extra units from outside of GBA FE games.
  • Might be more, but that’s all I wanted to mention for now.

Made with FEBuilder


  • Female Mercenary:
    flasuban (map)

  • Female Pirate:
    StreetHero (map)

  • Female Journeyman:
    Pikmin1211 (map)

  • Female Rogue:
    Mikey Séregon
    Unknown (map)

  • Other Animations:
    FEGirls Patch


FE Yggdra Patch

Download Link
(Latest Release: 2021/01/26)

Apply one of these to a FE8U ROM.

Update Logs

2021/01/19 - (ALL Patches) Changed a certain extra unit’s item from Purge to Recover.

  • (without skill patches) moved Slayer skill from male bishop (enemy only) to Serra’s Bishop. (since Slayer skill is hard-coded I think this is the easiest way to fix).
  • (ALL Patches) fixed CON growth for some units and fixed Lilina’s pupil animation (by removing flowing cape animation since that was hard-coded as well).
    (thanks to Lumpi for pointing these out!)
  • (ALL Patches) fixed some text errors on Main Story.
Known Bug
  • When in enemy phase, and able to double attack, Mage Knight animation will be bugged, as it doesn’t wait for HP to deplete, this could be game breaking, but this doesn’t happen if you use Thunder tome, since the animation for Thunder is fast enough for it to work.

So for that bug, I’m not sure what happened and how to fix it, since I didn’t touch the Mage Knight animations at all, so unfortunately what you can do right now is just try to avoid that bug, please do let me know if you know something.
I’ve only tested this in the “with skills” versions, haven’t tried the other versions yet.

FEGirls_reskin_V2_03 Another_FEGirls_V2_02 Another_FEGirls_V2_03 Another_FE_Girls_01Another_FE_Girls_01 (2)


Is this 100% done? and damn, good job!

cool idea, i should give it a shoot.
Also to make it even more crazy we could turn all the male characters onto females.

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Alright, so… guess Roy isn’t in this one?

yeah pretty much, I’ve played through Eirika route myself.

sounds interesting

Naisu gotta try this.

Wow for a first project seems very well thought out with all the different patches. Interested in giving this a try.

Also that mage knight bug sounds… interesting but good job noticing it and pointing out the best anima tome works anyways.

by the way thank you for all the nice replies!
I didn’t think I would receive such a warm welcome here.

Thank you, I found it when I tried to solo Tower of Valni with Lute, since I made her into a Mage Knight, interestingly this bug also doesn’t happen to other anima user like Sage or other cavalry magic user like Valkyrie.

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This person has a brain that ascends all of us… I want to try this.

Just a little update, to all patches/versions.

Changed a certain extra unit’s item from Purge to Recover.

Not unless he got… GENDER BENT!

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I wish

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please no…

I’m currently playing AnotherFEGirls V2 and I swear: Sacred Stones has never been that difficult XD

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Two things I noticed so far: Lilina’s battle animation as trainee is broken. She spins around. Looks funny. And she and Guinivere lose Con on promotion. Female units good!

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Thank you for the report, and good job noticing the con stat!
tbh I never check those so I wouldn’t have known.

I’ll make sure to fix those on the next update!

I see another hacker of culture has arrived

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Another find: Serra’s slayer skill as a bishop doesn’t work.

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yes, it is I, L’Arachel, mahou shoujo from Rausten.

that’s interesting, I don’t remember this happened in V1, I’ll look into this.
and maybe if you could explain “doesn’t work” means, I might get the idea what’s exactly happening, thank you.

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