[FE8] Another FE Girls


No effective damage on Serra. Lightning damage is not tripled.

Guinivere effective

Slayer on Guinivere is working normal. Lightning deals triple damage.

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I see, I’ll try and look into it.

Alright, so I did the fix, although these were pretty cheap fix.

  • For that Slayer skill, I’d assume you’re playing the “without skill” patch, since in those, Slayer skill is hard-coded, as opposed to the “with skill” patch, where the skills are customizable.
    So I went with a cheap fix for that, since I made a new Bishop class for Serra, I moved the Slayer skill from the male bishop class to Serra’s Bishop. Which means the male bishop class no longer have Slayer skill, but I think this shouldn’t affect much since male bishop is an enemy-only class now.

  • For Lilina’s Pupil animation, since the flowing cape animation is hard-coded (which caused the bug), I just removed said animation. At least for me it looks just fine.

  • I also fixed the CON problem, this was caused by T0/T1 classes that was previously male-only class that promotes to a female class, so basically just a mistake from my part for not checking the CON stats.

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