FE6xna First Public Release

Question, what rom do you use as the base? Fe6, 7, or 8?

It doesn’t use any of those, this isn’t a rom hack. Games done via XNA are run as an application/game on the computer.

Supports don’t appear, is this a bug or have they not been added? I mean the supports work but theres no conversation, it just says my units have gained a support level.

They weren’t added, no.

Also, I don’t plan on doing anything else with this project; my newer one has some inspiration from FE6 if that interests you.

any other known problems? i noticed knight crest doesnt work, or at least it doesnt work on Noah.

side note i played jewels of power before i started my fe6xna run and thought it was fun for the few chapters it had.

Likely due to Noah being a different gendarme than Lance, although that was fixed a long time ago.

I’ll see if I still have a working build.

found out he takes coat of arms and not knight’s crest because even though hes a gendarme he promotes into a cataphract

Hope this doesn’t count as necro-posting, just had a few quick questions.

I remember playing this like a year or two back and just… dropped it for whatever reason. Anyways, I’m in the mood to play FE6 again (with a good ending, seeing as I’m about have way through the Eckesachs hack.)

Is there a list of which classes animations aren’t working/finished for? I think this is a general xna thing rather than being specific to this game, but I figured I’d ask.

Been reading the changelog, and I wanted to ask how far this game goes. Was chapter 22 ever implemented? I see in a post above that there’s an event for ch 22 which looks like it was in the works at one point.

Anyways, that’s all I have. Hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes with these questions.

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The game is fully playable from start to finish yes.
I don’t remember which classes specifically have incomplete animations, I believe it’s arbalest and hex but I could be wrong.

I never did the ending event though (as in the epilogue), and I have no plans to come back to it.

My current project Jewels of Power is essentially a successor to this project, and has a lot of the ideas I had for fe6 implemented.

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Awesome! I’m going to need something uplifting to balance out the story of Eckesachs, so I’ll probably play this afterwards at some point.

Eh, I don’t think the epilogue did much. If I remember correctly in the base game, I think it was basically just Guinivere’s coronation, Idunn’s resolution (if spared) and some other stuff.

Good luck with JoP!

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Sorry to post again, was it ever answered if the support limit is still the vanilla 5-per character?

I believe I never modified the limit, so yes, still 5.

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Saul just died to a 1% critical. That’s my cue to go to bed.

Sorry to keep asking about a no-longer-in-production project, but can I get some clarification on Douglas’s AI?

The changelog says talking to him with Larum/Elfin should change his AI to do nothing, but the turn after I talked to him with Larum, he attacked and killed her.

Does his AI do nothing as long as no one is in range/adjacent to him, or was this never implemented?

With Douglas, it is sort of tricky - you can get him to turn into a green unit by defeating the boss (Narcian), or you can have Larum/Elfin speak to him, and then move them out of the way and stall him with a unit who can survive some hits from him until you beat the boss.

I’ve played through this project a number of times, and those methods work best for me.

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Just some quick thoughts, but the Sacae arc was vastly improved. Great job with it! It was probably the weakest arc of vanilla FE6, but the Sacae route here is another story.


No more endless repalletes of Monke. The Sacaen clan leaders were way more interesting here.

Man… I actually felt bad about killing Kabul. She didn’t deserve that… Honestly I wish that 20x would’ve ended with killing Toril, so that some of the others could’ve been spared, but ah well. There won’t be anymore updates for this, so consider this nothing more than me voicing my thoughts aloud.

Also… I was not expecting the call-back/reference to Elibian Nights. Damn, that took me down memory lane. Gosh, it’s been years since I played that…


Chapter 21…


Damn, I can’t believe that Galle went out to a 5% crit from Melady immediately after she talked to him.

EDIT: Starting chapter 22.


So much for ‘no new allies.’ But holy cow, that was perfectly timed and I am absolutely a fan!


Was this ever implemented? Or is it the standard “Roy w/ Fire Emblem opens the door?”

No it’s there afaik; both of them can open the door.

Oh wait I never released that version lmao I guess it isn’t

All good. It’s still a neat concept.


Who all does Zephiel have unique boss conversations with? I got Roy’s, Guinivere’s, and Cecilia’s, but I’m wondering if there were others.