FE6xna First Public Release

Question, what rom do you use as the base? Fe6, 7, or 8?

It doesn’t use any of those, this isn’t a rom hack. Games done via XNA are run as an application/game on the computer.

Supports don’t appear, is this a bug or have they not been added? I mean the supports work but theres no conversation, it just says my units have gained a support level.

They weren’t added, no.

Also, I don’t plan on doing anything else with this project; my newer one has some inspiration from FE6 if that interests you.

any other known problems? i noticed knight crest doesnt work, or at least it doesnt work on Noah.

side note i played jewels of power before i started my fe6xna run and thought it was fun for the few chapters it had.

Likely due to Noah being a different gendarme than Lance, although that was fixed a long time ago.

I’ll see if I still have a working build.

found out he takes coat of arms and not knight’s crest because even though hes a gendarme he promotes into a cataphract