FE6xna First Public Release

A known bug with a public fix.

Thanks for the answer. I didn’t see that post.

All good, I need to reorganize the thread, I just haven’t had time to get to it.

I know I’ll get executed for asking this but will you include some optional grinding in this game? I know FE6 is to be played old school style with resource management and strict unit selection but there’s just something that calls me to max my entire roster in a grinding frenzy.

The arena exists, outside of that no I don’t plan on anything like that.

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Hello been a while

I’ll stop putting this off probably next month and get to work on finishing up the final touches for fe6a. All that’s really left is supports and hard mode, with a few miscellaneous animations here and there as well as… An actual ending event lol

I initially planned for the final release to be 1 year following the first release, so that’s what I’m aiming for.

I suppose I will see you then. Any suggestions and such are welcome obviously, but I will say in advance that I don’t plan on radically changing any chapters.

All right that’s all cya


Hello hello!

I have been having a good time trying this game. I love the new writing that’s added to flesh out many of the characters. The new weapons are a great addition to the combat loop, and I enjoy the skill system as an incentive to try out different classes.

However, the game can crash at random times I found which hampered any further enjoyment. As I am currently on 11B as of writing this post, I encountered a bug that crashes my game when I was arena grinding. I was training Sue through the arena, and I matched her up with a thunder mage. I spammed the exit button since it was a losing fight, but the arena did not return me back to normal map screen. After spamming buttons a few more times, I managed to return to the map, but the game crashed. This was unholy frustrating after a couple hours of grinding. The worst part is that when I load a checkpoint after restarting, it puts me back into that same arena match. Even if I intentionally let Sue die in that match, the game would continue to crash.

I hope you would address this in a future update of this game.

I would need your save file to diagnose this specific instance, as the only bug known to be impassable is the one related to thief AI (which was found in testing and should be resolved entirely).

Sorry to hear the troubles, but glad to see you’ve enjoyed everything else up until this point.

Sorry I can’t provide my save file since I have since overwritten it when going for another arena grind. I do have another bug I have encountered (no crash this time): I was leveling Shanna in the arena and maxed out her speed, but after upping her level (to 20) she lost a point in speed. That was hugely disappointing for me who wanted to max out certain stats. I hope you can address this.

Okay I’m definitely going to want a save for that, I’ve never seen or heard of that occuring…

Okay. I already overwritten that one as well, but I managed to replicate the bug that crashes my game during arena. My game just randomly crashed during one arena match between Thea and a monk with Shine. How do I send you the save file?

Here’s the file that has all of the exceptions. I have uploaded it to my drive, so here’s a link. Hope this helps.


Here’s the link to the zip file of saves on my device. I have uploaded it to my drive, so here’s a link. Sorry for taking this long. The suspend save should take you to the bug.


No i need the save file

it’s here:

Oh you posted while I was lol

Also, you have a nigh infinite amount of save files, so you can really just copy a file if you encounter an issue and keep going.

All right, I’ve done some debugging; I’ve only seen this error once before, and it was from quitting and resuming inside of the arena. Otherwise, no way to replicate it, and technically the game is in a playable state so it doesn’t crash (meaning I can’t actually debug properly).

It’s possible this has been addressed in the updated engine (I have not updated fe6a yet, so my test version is the same as yours), so once I end up doing that I’ll be able to give you an update regarding the arena. From what I remember from my notes on the previous person this happened to, it almost seems as if the arena runs out of units to load and causes the entire rest of the game to lock up as a result.



Huh, I thought I made a post regarding this here.
Next release will be on the anniversary.

This event was actually supposed to be in the first release, but I goofed…

(This is from giving Guinivere the Fire Emblem and standing in front of Zephiel’s door).


Really looking forward to this next update. Actually became interested in this after seeing how awesome Immortal Sword is. Keep up the great work man.

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In the anniversary, well let’s hope for the best then! :smiley:

Change of plans, figured I should just say this sooner rather than later
No release on the 29th, I have a significant amount of fe6 fatigue. Not sure when it’ll be up but it’s not dead at least.


Happy Roy day :tada: :dagger::fire:
I have a poll for you all:

This one is regarding cavaliers, likely there will be more in the future.


If I can make one suggestion for future polls, instead of the explanation box being only for picking Other, a general suggestion field would be nice?

For example, because of story training and such of the characters, I went with the normal Dual option, but in a world where you maybe would want to be a little more freedom-granting, having all four promote into different things might be an interesting way to take it, with different weapon specialties thrown around (i.e. one promotes to Sword/Lance/Bow Ranger, one to Great Knight, one to Paladin (Axe/Lance), and so on). Could give a reason to use each character separate from the others instead of largely only being different stat builds/replacements. (I do like the Sword being a sidearm choice though, which is why I went with the default Dual choice.)

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Well other was specific to “not the two choices I listed”, but if that wasn’t clear I can try to use better language. It was more to avoid people giving explanations for an option I already decided was on the table.

Wanted to post an update with some of the poll responses in hopes that the people who posted them could give some more information on how they got to their suggestion?

Specifically “single weapon, no sword cavaliers” answer as well as the one specifying lance using lances, Alan using axes and Noah using swords (because they said nothing about Trec).

Thank you for the responses though! Keep 'em coming.

Oh, and the results at this point are ~41% single weapon, ~47% dual weapon with the remaining ~12% being user submitted options.