SEVA streams FE6xna [over, watch the archives]

Hey everyone! I’m SEVA. I don’t post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame.

So anyway, you probably know about FE6xna, a remake of Fire Emblem 6 using the FEXNA engine. Well, the remake has a sort of mixed reputation, so I’m going to be taking a look at the good and the bad of it, and I invite you to join me!
This can be done by tuning in to my Twitch stream on Friday, 27th of January. (Third stream)

You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts at 22:00 GMT. That’s also 9:00 AM AEDT, 5:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM PST. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself.



Reminder - stream starting in 40 minutes!

The first stream has concluded! A video archive of the whole thing is available to watch on Youtube:

We got through the first three chapters, but never fear! I will stream again some time next (this?) week and we will make more progress on this game, maybe even finish it. Details will be posted when they are decided.


I only really have one comment because it was really annoying the shit out of me
Poison something

Everything else, I’m taking in comments and criticisms; the ch3 lugh issue was something I actually forgot about and just addressed

That’s about all I have


Just want to put something here quickly, but Omni mentioned that you should start with the main character, I personally reckon, in a situation like this where you’re expanding graphics that already exist you should go with the largest and/or tallest character, and then use them as a scale essentially.


Update! It has been decided that the next stream will be on Saturday, same time!

I’ll probably miss the live version of this rip

Reminder - stream starts in 1 hour!

Video archive of stream 2 is up!


Aw, I missed the communal ragging.
I need to pay more attention to these things.

I’ll have to add Onmi’s garbled voice to the sounds that give away you’re an Aussie. bad internet
It’s right below “pf… PF… PFFFFFF, FUCKING FLIES”

The date of the 3rd stream has been decided! It will be on Friday 27th, at the usual time. (Check the first post.)
As Onmi pointed out, that’s actually a different day in some time zones, so be wary of that.
There is every reason to believe this will be my final stream of this game, though it may mean this stream could be even longer than the previous two. Be prepared for that.

can you move it to saturday the same time

Not too keen on it. I think Mel’s Gaiden stream is then, and I don’t want to stream over it. That seems to attract a lot of the community. In fact, heck, I want to watch it myself. On Friday, I don’t think there are any big SF-related streams.

Considering Onmi and I are sharing a time-zone, do you know what time it is for him?

It’d be Saturday for us Nickt, at around 10 AM

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I’m asking because I’d be at work during it, so I’d rather not miss it.

Reminder that the stream starts in 1 hour.

With the end of the third stream, this series has now concluded. The following playlist is an archive of the entire thing:
I may stream something else in the future, but I don’t have any concrete plans right now.

“Wait, pardon, fuck?”