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how would you create a new sound track from an empty track?

You create a soundtrack by importing S files and midi files.
FEBuilderGBA does not have the ability to edit Tracks.
It’s the job of an audio sequencer.

The role of FEBuilderGBA is to insert the specified music into ROM.
FEBuilderGBA can change the instrument and change the volume, but not otherwise.

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oh shit I meant sound effect sorry my bad.

For SoundEffect, you need to import wav.
Import wav in the same way as s file and midi.
That’s it.
Please note that wav consumes a lot of space.

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ok but why tho


  1. Do not distribute ROMs or other illegal or plagiarized content through the chat.

Because it is illegal.


How exactly do you make custom items from scratch, assuming it is possible, and how can you import custom icons without overwriting existing ones?

You can expand the list of item icons and the item list itself up to FF (255) lol my mistake

I got that, but one of the problems I have is trying to import custom icon graphics, but I can’t seem to do that without overwriting existing ones, as I don’t wanna have to use the iron sword for everything custom

as you can see here, I just extended the list to FE, so you can import without overwriting.

I don’t have that extended list for the icons. UPDATE: I figured it out how to expand the icon list, but the description for the item doesn’t show the weapon stats ingame

is your weapon a monster locked one? those tend to hide their stats, check if any of the boxes you click in the ability boxes are out of place.

A little question, are these two functions implemented in FEBuilder?
Tactician Naming


I see some tactician naming stuff there, But Do not know how to use it

Tactician Naming

Use this patch.

NAME.en=Reserved TextID:0xEFF as the display of the tack name
INFO.en=Text ID 0xEFF is reserved as the display of the tack's name.\r\nIn FE8, it is necessary to directly refer to RAM to display the master's name entered in the weapon and unit name.\r\nThis patch fixes the string 0xEFF as an area to display the input name.\r\nSpecifically, when an event calls "Call name input screen"\r\nYou can refer to the name in the middle of the line with [Tack], but it can not be used in the unit name and the weapon name.\r\nTo solve that, use the AntiHuffman patch to directly reference the RAM.\r\nIn Unit Name or Item Name, set TextID: 0xEFF to make it visible.


Raid is not supported.

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Thanks a lot, It worked perfectly

Does anyone know if it’s possilbe to try and restore unused items, specifically Idoun’s Demonstone or Darkstone? Actually reimplement it with everything working? Using FEBuilder GBA?

How do you edit the status screens? Not just in Sacred stones, but how you do change the graphics for the inventory, stats and support menus?

this screen has appeared to me all day, what is the reason, I’m already fed up?

This is probably not enough information. Can you send a report7z and include what you were doing that caused this to occur?

I have no idea about it myself, but you could try re-installing FEBuilder.

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There are some patches for this sort of thing.
Tools → Patches
Search: “Status Screen” maybe?

Regarding Idoun, are you asking about the battle animations? I’ve seen an fe8 hack use it, so it should be in the repo somewhere I’m guessing. Beyond that, I’m not really sure what it is you’re asking is possible or not.

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