Effectiveness Inquiry

how even

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You fucked up the effectiveness stuff probs

I didn’t touch Eliwood or the bows tho.

or did you

The story of everyone who’s romhacked ever…

“What do you mean the Palettes are wrong? I only edited this text!”


This is bretty confusing. Could it be that I changed something with FemArmor class or Femerc class?

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could always see where the effectiveness pointer in the item editor leads to.

My example, the bow effectivness in SoA.


If we go to this pointer in Hex, we see this:


This means the bow will deal effective damage to classes with ID 0x02 (Our Peg Lord), 1F, 20 (Wyvern Riders), 21,22 (Wyvern Lords), 23,24 (Wyvern Knights), 48, 49 (Pegasus Knights/Masters). The 0x00 acts as a separator, meaning it won’t read any further.

If your pointer for bows has Class ID of 0x01 (Eliwood’s class), then that would explain why it’s dealing effective damage. Else, I dunno. Aliens or something.

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The editor leads me to 8C97ED2, but I can’t seem to find that in the hex editor.

08C97ED2 is the pointer and not the offset. In the hex editor, you would put C97ED2 as the offset. You can see in Datagne’s post that the effectiveness pointer is listed as 08E4FF00 and in the hex editor, it’s at E4FF00.