Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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Post any particularly amusing glitches you’ve found while ROMhacking. You can just tell us about them if you don’t have a gif or video.

Here are two gifs that I’ve made thus far.

Effectiveness Inquiry

I was trying to mass convert a bunch of generic NPCs to enemies. The result?

Some of them didn’t quite convert properly XD


Uh, that image isn’t a glitch. It’s the most amazing animation ever and you should like, FEditor port that shit so I can use it.


lol, maybe.


It’sdefinitely ragefest final boss-worthy


Wait a second, you got working fourth allegiance units?


I think he probably just changed the colors from red to grey.


Not really. Their phase was completely skipped. Also, I didn’t test if the regular enemies could attack them or not.


Oh well. Dream status: Dead.


I have a few from doing FE8 skills but no videos. If you want to replicate some funnies add the cheat:
3203A5EC 001E for 8
3203A4F0 001E for 7
If I remember correctly


What happens when the game tries to give the Mani Katti to Lyn, when Lyn isn’t in your army?

This, apparently.


Yes items and generics are a bad combination


this is fantastic


I remember there was something in Corrupt Theocracy where if you pressed Start during Donovan’s promotion event the game would freak out.


Got some new gifs. These aren’t as amusing as the ones before but…

I literally have no idea how the fuck I did this, but it was amazing.

I know this is a text error on my part, but holy crap what.

why do I fail so bad at FE8 ROMhacking


you gotta keep doing this


“Sire, the invisibility potion worked. Now WE can be the random reinforcements that move as soon as we appear!”

“po.s p .ous”

“Indeed, sire. We are quite prosperous.”


Look at what I did to my ROM today, guys.

It’s so beautiful.


I feel like the game is herniating and screaming internally.


It’s hailing glitches!