Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

So I tried to have the Mani Katti passively give Lyn +2 skill, and then this happened


Well. It does give +2 skill…


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I had a similar problem long ago

And it was because somehow Venno’s patch isn’t compatible with Xeld’s Str/Mag fix patch.
I didn’t found the solution, so I scrapped the idea at the moment.


Look at them uguu eyes, god damn.

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No luck, but a fuckton of skill. An absolute fuckton of it.

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You might not have found the solution, but you definitely found my phone number right there.

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Graphical glitch with torch staff

This happened without changing any code. So I guess it’s a bug in the vanilla game or some emulation issue.


Select a fireball, what’s so hard to understand?

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In which Seth flies off into the sunset.


I was watching the gif like “Uh huh yeah I guess that’s kinda neat…” and then he actually flew off and I was ded.


If it worked properly, it wouldn’t be in the glitch thread, now would it?

(It actually works, as far as I can tell, for values up to 60. Somewhere between 60 and 75 causes the above issue. I don’t know why, and frankly, I’m not sure how much I really want to delve into it. I mean, 60 squares should be plenty, right?)

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No it is not.


Well, so, for starters… how do I win again? Or well, to put it more bluntly… Is this even fair? I think the arena guy must be high or something.


I had a similar issue, but with mages using Bolting.
At least my units were able to hit the enemy XD
I wish there were an option to change manually the weapons used at the Arena, but it seems that you only can modify the classes.

Is it something to do with the slot I used for that class? Or the perhaps the class’s weapons(Dark, bow, sword staves[custom class])? Well, putting a Dragon in the arena though makes the dragon unarmed, so free money and victory for me!


AFAIK weapons are determined by class and your level. And the game can only assign Iron, Steel and Silver weapons, for magic I think it only gives Fire, Elfire, Flux and Lightning.

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Actually, it can give Divine and Shine as well, as I went up against a bishop that used those.
But I assume it assigns a weapon based on the class’s highest default weapon rank?

Maybe, but it must have a table (Or some hard coded ASM routine) to assign weapons, because I only gives the same weapons/magics.
I have Fire/Wind/Thunder/Ice Mages, but the game gives Fire tomes to all of them, even if they can’t use it.