Does any body have a import magic animation tutorial?

i need to learn how to Import magic animation already made

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This was answered in your previous thread

I don’t mean to discourage people from asking questions and all, but I just want to say that there are tutorials on how to use FEBuilder, like:

Vesly’s brief tutorial for FEBuilder

@Vesly Just sayin’, you should make a playlist for your tutorials in your YouTube channel for easier access

MemeTzar’s series of FEBuilder Tutorials

XPGamesNL’s FEBuilder Tutorials

MarkyJoe’s Video (Outdated, but I guess you can still learn something from here)

If you really need more and quicker help, and more interactive, it’s better to ask in FEU Discord server. You can find the server invite here.

So far, magic animation is kinda a fickle to import. So you’ll need CSA (Custom Spell Animation) patch, and you can install it within the ROM with FEBuilder. After that, the process should be easy with how the CSA window interface guides you.

Other than that, the fastest way to learn is by trial and error. Copy and paste a ROM, then use the copy for learning more about FEBuilder.

Happy hacking!


I tried my best to write you up a full guide. If someone more awesome and cool than me notices I said something wrong, please correct me.

Alright, so I assume if you’re asking this question, you already have a spell animation you want to use, but if not, you can download some from the Graphics Repo. Just remember to give credit if you plan on posting your hack anywhere.

You’ll need to download Event Assembler. When you download it, extract the folder, go to Settings in Builder, and then select Core.exe from the Event Assembler folder


The spell should be in a .zip, extract it into a folder. (Credit to Sme and Compile for the spell I’m using as an example here.)


In Builder, click “Advanced Options” then “Magic Extends”

It’ll ask you to pick between these two, pick this one, then say Yes to whatever it asks you afterwards.

Now click “Import Magic Animation”, go to the spell folder, and select the .txt file. (I don’t think it matters which txt you use but if one doesn’t work just try the other.)


As you can see, we’ve now written our spell to spell ID 48. Now let’s assign it to a weapon.

Go to “Item Editor”, select the tome you want to edit (I chose Fire), and select Edit Magic Animations

Here we can see that Fire uses spell animation ID 16, which is well… Fire. We can change this to other IDs. For example, changing it to 19 will make Fire cast the animation of Thunder, and 1D will make it cast the same animation as Flux, or we can even make it shoot an arrow as magic animations are stored the same as javelins, arrows, and hand axes. But that’s not important. We want to change this ID to 48, as that’s the ID of the new spell we inserted.
Now let’s try it out.

Success! O’Niell has never been destroyed in more style. (Sage Seth is pretty badass.)

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You’re a saint for continuing to help this user. I was very much done with them.

Could you post your guide in a separate thread so that others may benefit from it in the future? Makes more sense than linking to a questions thread tbh.

Just a note, you can use febuilder’s Settings -> Initial Setup Wizard to automatically setup event assembler.

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You got it chief


Thanks, I added it to the getting started wiki thread, along with a couple other recently posted tutorials I noticed.

Just a reminder to anyone else that you can add your guides to it btw.

Bruh thank you this is what i was talking about sheesh

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