Im doing a fire emblem 8 reskin hack but im trying to do a class for specific units i like i dont want every one to have the same class plus i was wondering how do i get other animations and other classes and also portraits like jaffar or roy to fe8

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I think it would be more helpful to give a straight answer than link a fifteen minute video when the individual has a specific problem. Or, at least say something. If I were LostAngel, I wouldn’t want to skim that whole thing.

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So write an answer instead of telling me off for an incomplete one, please.


I’m just trying to help you. As much as I’d like to write a complete answer, I’m afraid I’m too busy at the moment. I’ll post a comprehensive answer in a good number of hours if OP is still not satisfied.

OP asked a multitude of questions, the video gives an answer to all of them while also showing them how.

Also @LostAngel do not title your threads like this, give a clear title that actually has something to do with your question.


I don’t know whats going on anymore…who is OP

So how can i get magic animations like forblaze to from fe6 to fe8 ?

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“OP” stand for, I think, original poster, it means the person who started the topic


I don’t know what’s going on anymore either. If you still need help, I’ll be sure to provide what assistance I can unless someone else fills that role before I have time.

@LostAngel, as this is your first time ever creating anything, I highly advise you to watch and read some tutorials for FEBuilder. Before you can run, you must first walk.

To answer your last question, you will need to insert the FE6 Forblaze spell into the FE8 Rom. However, there’s more stuff involved than just that. It’s not a simple process, as spell insertion is, I would say, a mid-tier skill you’ll want to understand the lower-tier skills first; the absolute basics.

I recommend looking up several tutorials for FEBuilder and for GBA Game creation in general.


(Markyjoe’s FEBuilder Tutorials are particularly beginner friendly!)

Also, Meme Tzar made some videos. His microphone quality isn’t amazing, but he teaches the fundamentals.


Haha, this was me as well this morning :sweat_smile:
I didn’t have time to write a proper answer so I just linked the video for the time being. Thanks for the advice, I agree it’s nicer to write something when answering questions and I hope we can all give new users a warm welcome to feu :slightly_smiling_face:

With that said, welcome to FEU, Angel!

Magic anims are hardcoded and cannot be simply exported from one game and imported into another. Have a look in the graphics repo to see if anyone has recreated it for fe8. Be sure to check out the aforementioned videos as well as the getting started thread if you can’t find something. Good luck!

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So how can i import animations if i do find the right one any videos links ?

So how can i import animations if i do find the right one any videos links

Thanks i believe i got it from here im looking for new animations for dark and anima magic i just need to know how to import it if i have the right one if not i’ll learn the coding

This is the graphics repository.


The spell animations are in this folder here:


I run the Repository, but I don’t know how spell animations function. I also never directly touched the spell animation folder, so I’m not sure what’s in there. If we have an FE8 compatible spell, it will be listed there though.

If you highlight text from someone’s post, it will show you an option to quote that text. That way you can easily respond to multiple people in the same post.

It looks like this guide covers everything you need to insert a custom class. Please watch it.

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Hey, that’s me lol

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One more thing what if i want this animation into fe8 how would i do it ? Ereshkigal (FE7 if)

Im new to all this tbh bro idk

That is exactly what that video is for. It goes very in depth on the topic of classes and is mostly aimed at beginners.

As for inserting the spell, there should be an area in FEBuilder where you can insert spell animations.

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