Deflation Emblem - Because Stat Inflation is Dumb


Something that really bugs me is when people take stats and just make the numbers bigger for no reason (3DS FE is just as guilty of this). So, to prove a point, I did the exact same thing but in reverse.

Every stat, growth, and cap is cut in half (except move), along with weapon stats. You may ask, “Isn’t that entirely pointless, since it’s going to play exactly like normal FE8 just with lower numbers?” to which I answer yes. Now, think what would happen if instead of cutting every stat in half, you multiplied them by 2. This is the point. Don’t inflate stats, it’s pointless and dumb. So is this. But if you want to play it for some reason,

Nothing Emblem - Because nothing
Emblem - Because Formats Never Die
Inflated Deflated Emblem - Because killing this format is needed

brb, making double emblem


If move is halved… Rounded down, that means Knights have 2 move! They have the same as every else! Woo unintended buffs. Also the Desert / Rausten chapters are gonna be fun


Deflation isn’t fun either tbh


Looks more like Slow Emblem, everyone with 2 move. Sounds almost unplayable


well youd have to cut the map sizes in half as well.

more to the point though, even when theres heavy stat inflation i dont remember most modern fes inflating mov values.


This is an interesting idea. However, I cannot fully agree with your statement about stats. The magnitude of stats in an FE game do have effects on other factors of the game. I won’t go too long into this (because I do like the concept of this hack), so I’ll be brief and name two examples.

  1. Hit rate. You did not halve every aspect of a weapon. The hit rates of the weapons are still in full force. The only stats that boosted Hit % were Skill and Luck, while Speed and Luck were the only stats to reduce Hit % when defending. Guess who benefits more by this change?

  2. Attack speed. You did not halve what it takes to double an opponent. This means that it is now harder to double or get doubled. Guess who benefits more from that change?

The pictures show Eirika on Normal Mode in the beginning of the game (the second one is from the original FE8). Now, the game is harder for Eirika and easier for her enemy.

Personally, I agree that stat caps don’t need to be as high as 60, but the games who do follow those caps also design their games’ mechanics around them (though not always effectively). I thank you for making this hack and giving me this stuff to think about. This topic, I’m sure, will make for an interesting discussion. For now, I’m going to enjoy this hack.

P.S. Please change the movement picture. I see that you did change the movement back to normal. I don’t think people should get upset over something that’s no longer a part of the game.


Are weapon uses halved too?


Already made it lul

Inflated Emblem - Because stat inflation is cool

>Not halving weapon icons or character portraits
But yeah, this is interesting.