Emblem - Because Formats Never Die

Something that I just hate about Fire Emblem is the fire - the heart - the story. Character rosters just keep getting bigger and bigger and the personalities are SO stale. Obsession with candy? What’s even the point of life at that point? So now, may I present, Emblem.

Where all the playable characters are truly bland. And don’t worry! All references to “Fire Emblem” in the text have been replaced with “Emblem.”

Do you, like me, despise character icons? Worry no more! They’re all generic and everyone knows that generics don’t deserve icons!

This hack uses inflation-deflation emblem as a baseline, so make sure you’ve patched that in first. You may ask yourself, “Isn’t this entirely pointless if the stats are no different, the classes are no different, there’s no skills and whatnot?” And to that, I say… probably.

And the hacks that inspired this novel idea:

Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OwUfQvzQ02XtC5-rAq9qEgtwH1IVXbL1


Surprising amount of effort put in because of a meme format. Nice job.

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So the opposite is next right?

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See what happens when you tell people a meme needs to die?

The internet goes full swing, that’s what happens.

As if there were more than two to begin with

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