Inflated Emblem - Because stat inflation is cool

Something i’m guilty about is really loving big numbers.

Every stat, growth, and cap is doubled (except move and con), along with weapon stats. You may ask, “Isn’t that entirely pointless, since it’s going to play exactly like normal FE8 just with higher numbers?” to which I answer yes. Now, think what would happen if instead of cutting every stat in half, you multiplied them by 2. This is the point. Don’t deflate stats, it’s pointless and dumb. So is this. But if you want to play it for some reason,

(This is a shitpost. The original post was made by Sme and the post: Deflation Emblem - Because Stat Inflation is Dumb )


I would also like to point out some other things. Supports take 2x longer or shorter (not sure) and they give 2x stats.
Weapons do not have double hit unless it’s wanted and con is not doubled unless wanted.
A known bug is that ross gets the same exp as a promoted unit but idk how to fix it, His class is the trainee and the relative power is still 1 but atleast his max level is still 10.


what’s next, just posting base sacred stones as a hack and calling it “inflated deflated emblem”?


The prophet has spoken…

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Seth doesn’t start at level 2.

#Literally Unplayable

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The download link doesn’t work =(

Sorry to hear, but sadly I no longer have the rom so I won’t be able to fix it. Although if you’re curious about this I can make a edit for you when I’m done porting this to Tactile

Thanks, but no need. I changed the numbers myself on FEBuilder. I just wanted to let you know that the DL link isn’t working.