Replacement Unit PME! Or something like that. Pretty restrictive [CLOSED]

Okay… so I like currently work on an own Romhack, called Dance of Glory. Basically let me cut to the chase. I want to include replacement units of the classes avaiable in the game. And I let anyone take these if they want! Because I knew I would enjoy the chance to have a small part of a hack be mine.

My game: Dance of Glory [Demo] [Looking for help]


-Please have no meme units or units from other games/fe games. I am fine with like cameos from other hacks/PME’s. I am also fine with pretty obscure characters but don’t put in like Cloud from FF7.

-Please only have units that fit in the artstyle of the game. Like a vanilla FE artstyle, and no “Furry” characters because they don’t exist in my world and I am not interested in adding in several races of people in my world. (But I suppose minor furries could go, if they look mostly human I can make them somehow fit.) Like, you can give your guy horns I suppose, or have them be a manekete’s who’s stone broke down. But I have my limits.

-The characters will have no supports but only an intro cutscene. Although I may change my mind on this

-Inventory and Level is unclear because of their status as replacement units. I don’t want to make them OP so you are encouraged to kill your units for your items.

-As a rule of thumb. My world does not really have playable nobles. It is the story of a rather common girl saving the prince, so being royal may not really fit.


Classes that need a replacement:
-Troudabour [TAKEN]
-Priest/Cleric [TAKEN]
-Knight [TAKEN]
-Fighter [TAKEN]
-Pegasus Knight [TAKEN]
-Archer [TAKEN]
-Lance Cav [TAKEN]
-Mym [TAKEN]
-Shaman [TAKEN]
-Mage [TAKEN]




Death Quote:
Item (?):
Ending: (All heroes get rewarded with gold for saving the prince, sothe ending can involve big gold sums.)

Personal Skill: (Can also have Valentia magic or other class skill such as Thief skill.)

Growth Rates (Up to 300%)


I am aware this PME is pretty restrictive, I just want to give people a chance to have their OC as a small part of my game. Because if I don’t get characters, I will just make them random characters who FE1 style won’t have much to them. So I might as well give you the chance to put in your OC so you can say that your character is in a “real” romhack.

If you want a real PME there still is The Ashen Blade, A Fe7 PME (Submissions Open!) - #38 by BiggsLittleMan and [FE7] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Feat. New Classes, More Info In!) - #244 by TritraSerpifeu which will both hopefully be super amazing. Mine is a more niche PME.


i feel attacked.
…Welp. We’ll have to see. A lot of my characters are ‘not-human’ to various degrees, let’ss see if I have anyone that can fill those.

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I am sorry. I didn’t mean it as an attack. But don’t worry, things like your pfp could work. I already allow manakete’s in the lore and playable monsters, I guess I just don’t have a “line”. But your pfp would work.

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Ahaha, it was a joke more than anything, no need to fret~

May as well give this dork a new home since the original PME with her died!

Name: Hypasia
Class: Pegasus Knight (…if you’re doing class variants for some reason, Hypasia’s main weapon is an axe)
Affinity: Ice
HypasiaPME (VelvetKitsune)

Description: A Pegasus Rider of Couronne d’Étoiles. Seems to suck so terribly at magic that she is naturally resistant to damaging spells.
Death Quote: Is this my blood? It looks like my blood. Is my blood supposed to do that? That’s not good.
Personality: A terror on the back of her pegasus, but ordinarily quite a bit of a dork. Not the best at noticing things that may seem obvious, she makes up her lack of magical talent with her physicality.
Item (?): Steel Lance? (idunnofeelfreetochange)
Ending: Hypasia ended up thinking the reward was really neat, she went ahead and bought a large number of magical tomes to see if she could overcome her anti-magic.

Personal Skill: Light Weight (73)

Boon: CON (Alternatively if that’s not an option, then RES)
Bane: DEF
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 60
POW: 45
SKL: 50
SPD: 55
LCK: 20
DEF: 10
RES: 60

Good luck in getting all that you need from this!


Well, seems like fun, so why not?
Here’s my OC/mascot/thingy, Gunn, treat her well:

Name: Gunn
Class: Shaman
Affinity: Dark

Credit: IS for the base, and myself for the re-colour

Description: A student of the arcane dark arts and part-time treasure hunter.
Death Quote: This was… a bad idea…
Personality: Quiet yet friendly, has a rather outgoing and polite personality for a student of the dark arts. She is rather helpful and, while she isn’t greedy, she won’t say no to a good sack of gold.
Item (?): Flux
Ending: Student of the Arcane
With the job done, she said her goodbyes and returned to her usual treasure hunting and studies, albeit with a hefty sum of gold.

Personal Skill: Shade

Boon: HP
Bane: RES
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)
HP: 65%
POW: 55%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 50%
LCK: 35%
DEF: 30%
RES: 55%

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Portrait:BoneManSeth, MeatOfJustice - Sniperguy Hatman.png
(Portrait by BoneManSeth and MeatofJustice)

Description:A man who swoons over women on the daily, surprisingly good in combat though.
Death Quote:Sorry ladies… Your man is gone…
Personality:He’s a casanova and he knows it, constantly asking woman to date him, with mainly bad results for him.
Item (?):Light Brand, Vulnerary
Ending: After being given gold, Alcor went on a date with an unknown woman, whether he got the girl in the end is unknown. Several men in history have claimed to be his descendant, all those claims however, are unverified.

Personal Skill: Gentilhomme

Growth Rates (Up to 300%)


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@TritraSerpifeu smh bro I was gonna submit a bael empress. Artemis not gonna have a glow up? lmao

Name: Fressia
Class: Lance Cav
Affinity: Ice
by Jiropaipai

Sly and flirty, their personality hides a gentle heart

Death Quote: Mother… Earth… Father…Sky… I’m… home

Flirty and playful to both girls and guys. Basically laslow lol

Item (?):
Short spear
iron lance

Ending: (All heroes get rewarded with gold for saving the prince, sothe ending can involve big gold sums.) Fressia used their money to travel the continent, upon meeting their wife, they brought her home to a land far away, where the grass is low and the sky is wide with clear waters and soaring winds, or so they said…

Personal Skill: (Can also have Valentia magic or other class skill such as Thief skill.)
light weight

Boon: spd
Bane: res
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 75%
POW: 40%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 40%
DEF: 60%
RES: 15%

CHADICUS flirt character unlocked!! OKAY i just read the entry of cole so I shall add this: Fressia sees alcor as their rival and as such the two of them are like cats and dogs lmao

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It´s fitting seeing you make your own little PME for your hack.
But well… Because normally no one likes to have their OC be staff locked and foot locked, I think is better if I make the cleric.

Name: Caitria
Class: Cleric
Affinity: Thunder
{Kanna} F2E OC 13

(Credits to Kanna)

Description: A young villager on a mission to explore her own magic.
Death Quote: I´m sorry… I wasn´t able to fully comprehend the danger I was in…
Personality: She´s a young girl from a far away village on a mission to improve and master her own magic. She joins Zuiho as she wants to help her with this quest of hers. She is a light-hearted girl that will attempt to look for everything positive in a situation, she is easily emotionally damaged by harsh comments, but she slowly grows to be more tolerant to them, until at the endgame when she can finally ignore such comments.
Item: Heal, Physic, Vulnerarie
Ending: The hero of the young folks
After this little adventure, Caitria returned to her village, she was received by the villagers with applause and praise, she used the gold that was given to her to help the village prosper. Now she teaches magic to the young folks, and from time to time she goes on missions to help nearby villages. Legends say that she has fully mastered her magic.
Personal Skill: Miracle (If I remember correctly this was on the skill patch)

Boon: SPD
Bane: DEF
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

  • HP: 40%
  • POW: 65%
  • SKL: 45%
  • SPD: 45%
  • LCK: 50%
  • DEF: 20%
  • RES: 35%

This character was a bit rushed but at the end I thing it turned out preatty well.

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Name: Frank
Class: Knight
Affinity: Ice
JiroPaiPai-Big Armor Guy
Credit to JiroPaiPai

Description: A friendly mercenary sellsword for hired.
Death Quote: At least… i die… protecting my new friends…
Personality: While he may seem scary at first due to his intimidating appearance. Frank is actually a very nice guy in reality a gentle giant.
Item (?): Javelin. Poison Lance. Steel Lance.
Ending: (All heroes get rewarded with gold for saving the prince, sothe ending can involve big gold sums.) After the conflict was settled Frank made enough money to retire the mercenary life and pay a farm to start a land of his own.

Personal Skill: (Can also have Valentia magic or other class skill such as Thief skill.) Seal Strength

Boon: Str
Bane: Lck
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 25%
Str: 60%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 30%
Lck: 40%
Def: 80%
Res: 70%


Thanks everyone for their submissions! I will get to include them in the next demo! Not sure how fast I will do it because I have many busy things in my life right, but I will get around to it!

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I hope this kind of thing is ok
This is a character from my hack
she’s the second healer you get
she is a very weak defensivly
but an amazing staff user.
She’s also a [Spoiler], so
she takes monster effective damage,
[that doesn’t need to be transfered
nor am I asking you to!]
she uses her MAG growth for POW.
If you want I could make a chibi mini
but the box mini would make it
more in line with FEBOG.


A young cleric from Donta. She
has trouble talking about herself.

Death Quote:fully formatted though you’ll have to change the portrait it loads.
I’ve felt this before…


I’ve felt this before[ToggleMouthMove]…[ToggleMouthMove][A][OpenMidRight][CloseEyes]

Personality:Quite, physically struggles to talk about herself, sounds like a computer stuttering, she’ll sometimes skip words in a similar vein as well, the more personal it is the more she struggles, the less personal the less it happens.


I-I Liiiiii-ke Mu-Mu-Music…
I–I can’t fight b–but I use staves.
Please let m–me come along

Item (?):Unlock [if that’s too much or doesn’t exist give her Mend]

Ending:Merry, Lost Soul
Merry disappeared without a trace as though she never existed,
Some question if it was related to her odd appearance.
Regardless those that knew her where much happier for it.

Personal Skill: Powerstaff
If she has a spell list, it must have monster
spells if they exist or just dark magic otherwise.
[still has light spells or whatever Valkyrie’s get]

Bane:LUK [must have 0]
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)


Here’s her BOG bases for comparison.

BOG Stat Spread


Okay! I will keep these details in mind.
About the spell list, it is something that only a few units have. It is like a special ability in itself. Maybe I can give her something like a special reaver light spell if she promoted as a nod to her dark magic. (Call it influx because of flux, too. Who knows.)
And I will give her a minimug, will edit that myself soon.

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She actually does have a prf tome, Placidity, it puts enemies to sleep.
I think that’d be more appropriate if you’re going to make a custom spell.
25 uses 6 Might 90 hit 8 weight 0 crit.

Hmm… Yeah, I think I will do that. Also adds a reward to promoting the healer. Something more difficult in general.

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Name: Tulli
Class: Mage
Affinity: Anima
Credit Remurin
Description: A hyperactive mage that obsesses over making friends.
Death Quote: What no… I still have so many… friends to make.
Personality: She is very friendly to the point where she comes off weird. She always wants to make new friends and is very in your face until you accept her. After some time she will mellow out and become a very supportive person. She is very perceptive and can see when someone is struggling and will want to help immediately.
Item (?):
Ending: Overbearing Heart.
Tulli decided to travel the world visiting all her friends and giving out her gold to those who needed is most. She became a top notch merchant to make more gold so she could give out more.

Personal Skill: I thought of valentia warp as a unique spell but she had to have a A rank or even S rank staves to use it. If that is to much just give Bond or depsoil as a skill.

Boon: Lck
Bane: Skl
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 40
POW: 50
SKL: 35
SPD: 55
LCK: 70
RES: 40

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I edited in Merry Epithet/title for the end card

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Okay so… I plan to give her two signature spells because her two promos have two different types of magic. I can imagine giving them dark type animations as a nod to the dark magic.So I assume I will make both spells the same just with a different type based on the evolution.


Name: Dirk
Class: Fighter
Affinity: Fire
XPGamesNL F2E 2
credit: XPGamesNL

Description: A rowdy ex-brigand, who’s only want in life is for gold. Does not seem to be able to spend it wisely, however.
Death Quote: Knew this’d happen… at some point…
Personality: Very boastful and revelrous, with a love of drinking and gambling. Discontent with the fact that he needs to fight for a living.

Ending: Wandering Wastrel
Dirk was content for the span of a few years, until the money ran dry, as it always did. He went to new lands to seek his fortune, yet again.

Personal Skill: Despoil

Boon: Luck
Bane: Skill
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)
HP: 90
POW: 60
SKL: 15
SPD: 40
LCK: 70
DEF: 20
RES: 5


Name: Winni
Class: Troubadour
Affinity: Anima
(by fishlunge)
Description: A traveling chronicler.
Death Quote: And so it ends…
Personality: Carefree and passionate. Quite the poet.
Item (?): Whatever level of staff is appropriate, Elixir
Ending: Winni’s lyric poetry caught the eye of the royal court, and she earned a good living.

Personal Skill: Bond

Boon: Res
Bane: Skl
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 55
POW: 55
SKL: 30
SPD: 40
LCK: 50
DEF: 35
RES: 35

Name: Aran
Class: Archer
Affinity: Lightning
(by CanDy)
Description: An archer raised by a reformed bandit.
Death Quote: Aw, hell… I’ve really done it now…
Personality: Hot-headed, gives off Vaike energy
Item (?): Longbow
Ending: Aran used his funds to aid his village. He earned respect as a force of positivity, and he went down in history.

Personal Skill: Daunt

Boon: Def
Bane: Spd
Growth Rates (Up to 300%)

HP: 60
POW: 45
SKL: 50
SPD: 45
LCK: 35
DEF: 40
RES: 25
(Starts with 9 CON. Figured I had to give the player something if their first archer dies somehow.)

(Fun fact: These two are named after Old High German months, but dropping the -mānod suffix. Winni is May, and Aran is August.)