CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Two Complete: Eirika and Ephraim!)

Hey guys, welcome to the second contest entry in my neverending quest to expand the Portrait Repo, create cool alternates of existing characters, and make resources for the community to use!

I’ve been hard at work expanding the Portrait Repository, adding Free To Use and Free to Edit (F2U/F2E) mugs from all sorts of generous community members. This contest is all about continuing that process by generating brand spanking new characters for the Repo.

Contest Premise:
What is a type of mug that pretty much everyone likes? That’s right; a character in an alternate outfit, or with an alternate design.

So, the purpose of this contest is simple. Take an existing character, give them a new outfit or a new design.
-The design can be simple, like giving Echidna a cutesy redesign. (Sprite by Redbean)
-The design can be really big and crazy, like converting Anna to a demonic Anna. (Original sprite created by the community during a Mug Medley)
-The design can also be somewhere in-between, like giving Eliwood a cool new suit of armor. (Sprite by user ‘Sacred Stones’)

The general idea of this contest is to emulate Fire Emblem Heroes by giving characters from the mainline FE games alternate designs, ranging from cool to weird to bizarre. The more submissions, the better!

Now that we know what the contest’s purpose is, let’s move on to the rules!

  1. All submissions to this contest will be F2U, or even F2E if the submitter is okay with that! This contest involves expanding the resources available for the Portrait Repository, so this is mandatory.
  2. Each round of the contest will feature two mugs; a male and a female character. (Unisex characters can count too; they take up the male or female slot at the host’s discretion)
  3. Artists may create an alternate outfit/design/etc for one or both characters, if they wish.
  4. You may submit multiple designs, if you wish. They will all count toward your one submission vote. (Voters will vote on all of the works you created for the two mugs at once)
  5. No pre-existing artwork! The point of this contest is to expand the repo, so we want new art. Also, it’s unfair to compete against artwork that may have had weeks or months of editing work put into it.
  6. Eye/mouth frames are preferable, but optional. They aren’t necessary, but it would be awesome if you included them!
  7. Characters must be from Fire Emblem 1-16 (Or whatever the current new game ends up being) or one of the Fire Emblem spinoffs, such as Heroes.
  8. All characters must be sprited in GBA format!
    (Hackbox size is not necessary)
    (Halfbodies/fullbodies are A-OK!)
    (Do try to keep the color count at or below 16 though, that would be great)
  9. Submissions must at least somewhat resemble the original character! Even with the Demon Anna example earlier, it’s still possible to see that she looks like Anna; use that as the extreme guideline.

The winner of each round picks two mugs for the next round! If you want the community to work hard toward making designs for your favorite waifu/husbando, you’ll have to get that top vote!

This competition is very casual. It’s not intended to be a hardcore demonstration of spriting prowess or anything, though that can be fun, too. The primary purpose is to create lots of cool mugs for the community to use.

Make sure you check out the previous round and see all the cool entries people came up with!

The previous round’s winner, Melia, got to choose the two mugs for this round! As such, Melia chose the Sacred Twins, Eirika and Ephraim!

Eirika and Ephraim are the dual protagonists of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. They already have all sorts of official and fan-made designs, so the goal is to expand their options by giving them even MORE awesome outfits or extreme and cool alternative designs. Succubus Eirika and Incubus Ephraim? Dual war-generals? A pair of divine angels? Maybe even lizard-people? You decide!

Here are a few of the existing mugs as references for what the characters look like.



All of the designs above come directly from the FE8 Portrait Repo, which you can find by clicking this link. Several artists worked their butts off to make those designs and others; all part of the community’s awesome artwork!.

These just serve as a few examples of designs the community has made. If you’re not sure what sort of alternate design you could possibly sprite, try looking at the galleries at the bottom of their respective character wiki pages! Maybe one of those cool alternate costumes would make for a great addition to the Repo! You might even win first place and get to pick the next two characters to sprite!

Eirika’s character gallery: Eirika/Gallery | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom
Ephraim’s character gallery: Ephraim/Gallery | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom

And remember… really exotic designs work great too! Let’s get some wild, interesting, and diverse character designs going! Reach into your imagination, and first place could be yours!

Let’s have a great round two, folks!
(This contest ends 14 days after this topic’s creation!)


Shouldn’t we wait a little between contests? People will feel burnout if they’re so close together.

Maybe? You do have two weeks to submit, so there’s lots of time before the deadline.

And then they turned themselves into Fe7 Lords
Eirilyn Ephiwood
Funniest shit i’ve ever seen


“Literally just Lyn and Eliwood.”

Jiro strikes again!

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On that note…
Wasd-Ephiwood Wasd-Lynrika


Two entries in, and this round is already cursed beyond redemption.

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I’ve come to save you all from the cursedness, have a bride Eirika from FE13.


Erika! Dum dum dum dum dum!

Introducing Bar…Phraim!
I guess Ephraim decided he needed more con?
(Thanks to @Sterling_Glovner for help on the mini mug and mustache)

Similar to the first CCC I will edit my Eirika below


I’ll be making a more ambitious entry later, but I guess this touchup is pertinent so I’ll put it here. I got so bothered using this as a ref I couldn’t help it.


Hadsome_Ephriam (1)
Smug Ephraim


A sprite to rival Bride Lyn! So cute!

A companion for Manrika!

What did you edit here? I’m guessing this is a touchup of Eirika, but I’m blind and couldn’t tell the difference.

So far, in terms of execution, the best entry in the thread. This is one sexy devil.

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eirika eirika

It’s fairly easy to see the difference when put side by side.


80s Cybergirl Eirika

I don’t normally do these, so I’m a bit rusty, but I was feeling inspired today. Getting this down to 16 colors was a pain.


Well,why not child? :wink:
Ephraim Eirika
Ephraim(头像) Eirika(头像)


OH MY GOD, I never knew I wanted Baby Ephraim and Eirika in my life! They’re so cuuuuute!

Say hello to Eirikempf…in America! Kemphraim coming soon. ™


Eirika’s got that funk going on.

I didn’t say anything before btw but I love the blended hair here! It’s really stylish.

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Ephraim CCc
“When you were practising archery, I studied The Blade.
When you were having bow competition, I mastered The Blockchain.
While you wasted your days at Carcino in pursuit of vanity, I cultivated Inner Strength.
And now that the world is on fire and the undead are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help?”
-Ephraim to Innes, probably

Eirika CCC
“something something Onii-sama.” -Eirika

Jokes aside, I made this one just to try and see what I could learn about portrait editing. I think that Usenti or other single-framed picture editor works well with portrait for me while GraphicsGale excels at battle animation editing. So… yeah, here’s my submission ^^