Buff Skills

I don’t care much about lull skills so the answer is not at all. Lull skills only affect rallies and nothing else. I asked Sme (who wrote the Lull skills) if I should simplify and rewrite them to have them negate all buffs, to which she said no. So I don’t plan on editing the Lull skills unless Sme wants me to.

Gave them ingame icons and descriptions after a tedious hour. Thanks, @Someone and @VelvetKitsune!


I’ve now made Guts and the Strong Constitution (aka Marvel Scale lol) skills. Thanks for preferring that they activate even from ring statuses! That made it super easy :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’ll make this skill next -
Name: Your buffed stats do not deplete.


Yeah that’s the point of that and the 2 Devil skills, the more you attack with Placebo the more likely you are to hit but also more likely for the weapon to backfire.

OK, so when can we start making use of these new skills?

Also Spectrum Initiative is making me drool xD

I’m happy to make a placebo skill.
Placebo: Your unit may perform better than expected.
You’re welcome.

If you’re a buildfile user, anytime.
If you’re an FEBuilder user, the following needs to happen:

  • I make a pull request to SkillSys master. (I did this for the system itself 5 days ago.)
  • It potentially gets merged into SkillSys master if collaborators (eg. Sme, Snakey1, and Contro) agree to it.
    This is where we are now. Snakey1 has stated that he does not think this should be merged into SkillSys, so it might not be merged or ever reach FEBuilder. You can see the discussion here.
  • If the system gets merged, I then do another pull request for the skills themselves.
  • Once a year or so 7743 merges SkillSys master with the FEBuilder SkillSys patch. (He also merges minor bugfixes more often than that, hence the more frequent dates given to the patches.)
  • You update through FEBuilder patches and enjoy.

Hum…sad to see you hit a snag and all this work may not make it into FEBuilder…i’m just getting started on all this modding stuff and i can barely tell heads from tails, so there’s that…will keep following the progress and once i can tell heads and tails apart, i will definetely add some of the new skills you designed to any work i can get done (with proper credit).

Question…is there anyway to enhance the effects of a statbooster? Like say you have a Speedwing, is there a skill that can be written that ups the value from say 3 to 4? I’d really like to see a recreation of Sell-Spell Tome or Hotshot Lance from Heroes as it would add a nice way to grow units outside of simple growth rates and such. Would atleast make it worth the 10-20k price tags on units like Hugh or Farina.

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I don’t really think it is good design to have a skill that increases the effects of permanent stat boosters, but whatever, I did it anyway. What should it be called?

Hum…Mercenary Reward? Something along the lines of ties to gold, money and assets.

My original idea was to make it like Hotshot Lance/Sell-Spell Tome, where each time you used a statbooster (in Heroes it was Dragonflowers, that was the name?), you gained a permanent buff of +1 to all your stats up to a max of +7, that was the dream (There were other effects, but that’s kinda overkill ATM). But i think you said that it was difficult to distinguish between regular items and statboosters, and something about permanent buffs, so you came up Chemist instead.

EDIT: SIde note…can we get a list of every skill you managed to program so far? Like a spreadsheet or something?

EDIT 2: Is there a skill that can say, double the effects you receive from like Drive, Rally, Hone Skills?

What about calling it “Shrewd”?

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Hoarders’ Bane

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Hoarder’s Bane is cute, but doesn’t relate to the skill itself, just the use of items. I’d use that name for something like:
Hoarder’s Bane: At the end of your turn, consume a vulnerary from the supply if below full health.

Shrewd Potential: Stat boosters provide +1 more than usual.

//Guts:  +5 Str while under any status condition. (Includes dancer rings.) 
#define GutsID 255
//Strong Constitution: +5 Def/Res while under any status condition. (Includes dancer rings.) 
#define StrongConstitutionID 255
// Shrewd Potential: Stat boosters provide +1 more than usual. 
#define ShrewdPotentialID 85 

	// Buff Skills \\ 

//Eternal Vanity: Your buffed stats do not deplete each turn. 
#define EternalVanityID 84

// _ Taker: After attacking and defeating an enemy, gain +4 _ 
// Author: Vesly 
#define StrTakerID 79 
#define SklTakerID 255 
#define SpdTakerID 255 
#define DefTakerID 255 
#define ResTakerID 255 
#define LukTakerID 255 
#define MagTakerID 255 
#define MovTakerID 255 

// Hone _ : At the start of your turn, give adjacent allies up to +3 _. 
// Author: Vesly 
#define HoneMagID  255 
#define HoneStrID  80
#define HoneSklID  255 
#define HoneSpdID  255 
#define HoneDefID  255 
#define HoneResID  255 
#define HoneLukID  255 
#define HoneMovID  255 

// _ Oath : At the start of your turn, gain up to +4 _ if adjacent to an ally.
// Author: Vesly 
#define MagOathID  255 
#define StrOathID  81
#define SklOathID  255 
#define SpdOathID  255 
#define DefOathID  255 
#define ResOathID  255 
#define LukOathID  255 
#define MovOathID  255 

// Rouse _ : At the start of your turn, gain up to +4 _ if not adjacent to an ally.
// Author: Vesly 
#define RouseMagID 255 
#define RouseStrID 82 
#define RouseSklID 255 
#define RouseSpdID 255 
#define RouseDefID 255 
#define RouseResID 255 
#define RouseLukID 255 
#define RouseMovID 255 

// _ Initiative: Begin the chapter with +7 __. 
// Author: Vesly 
#define CleverInitID 255 // Mag
#define StrongInitID 255 // Str 
#define DeftInitID 255 // Skl 
#define QuickInitID 255 // Spd 
#define LuckyInitID 255 // Luk 
#define SturdyInitID 255 // Def 
#define CalmInitID 255 // Res 
#define NimbleInitID 255 // Mov 
#define SpectrumInitID 83 // All stats  
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Oh cool…i assume Shrewd Potential stops working once you capped out a stat am i right?

Ohhh…Eternal Vanity sound cool.

If you’ve capped out a stat, then stat boosters do nothing. You cannot use stat boosters like Speedwing on capped out stats.

eh vair enough…i think i can cook something up with Eternal Vanity when doing a skill spread. Wait how does this even work? Are the stats that I gain truly permanent or just chapter permanent?

As for the bonus doubler? Maybe something like Iris’s Tome as a Nino-inspired skill?

Side note: Can you fix the Skybreaker and Vengeance skills? One is currently a straight up dud and the other is consistently triggering at the wrong times. Is it something you can do?

Bring any issues for existing skills up on the skillsys thread after testing them on skillsys master (the github version, not febuilder)


OK thanks on the info. Will keep following your work here, keep it up you are doing Anna’s work.