Any plan to introduce FE12 Avatar into the game?

Is there any patch existing or planned?

I know it could be a hassle but, really no one has thought about bringing back the character creation from FE12? Cause’ really, even if they did ended meshing a lot of the avatar within the story it didn’t feel as forced as they did with Awakening or friggin Fates, hard to one up that one.

Mainly because FE2 already had Marth as a protagonist with an already written plot and decent story. Every appearance of the avatar only felt like some Gaiden chapter, adding up to the story and the interactions at least in my humble opinion, never truly derailed it but gave a new perspective.

And from a Gameplay perspective I love having a certain extent of control over my early game, with either Myrmidon or Knight as my normal choices, never Cavalier since, well, we all know those red and green Cavaliers are going to appear sooner or later, except in Fates, where you get either one Cavalier or one Peg. Knight route locked (God Fates, why is so hard to love you!?)

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Well from what I’ve heard and seen there’s this GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

It uses the avatar system you mentioned, not sure if the project’s still going or not or if the avatar system will be released as a patch but the best thing we can do is wait until the light of day if that’s what you were asking.

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GFER1 is still being worked on and Kirb has said that he will release the the avatar creator once the hack is done.


You can make a custom unit in SRPG Studio whose class you can choose, but right now I can’t figure out how to give them a custom name.

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