SRPG Studio Avatar Demo

FE Clone Starter Kit: FE Clone Starter Kit for SRPG Studio

This is a little thing I made with Sanctaea Chronicles as a base to demonstrate how you can make a simple Avatar character with a custom class in SRPG Studio. You can select the Avatar’s gender, his/her starting class, and his/her Boon and Bane stats.

I’ve also included the project file and everything else the game needs if you want a look at the meat and guts of how it works.

EDIT: Now includes name and appearance customization! (The latter is limited, though.)

EDIT (9/19/2022): THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED. There’s a new Avatar demo available as part of my FE Clone Starter Kit, which you can find in the thread now linked above.


Hello again! I’ve added name entry and limited appearance change to my demo!

Can you explain how to add this to a project? I’ve been messing around with the demo, and I think this may work for a project I’ve in mind.

This demo is very old and outdated. At the moment I’ve been working on an FE Clone Starter Kit for SRPG Studio which will include (among other things) an updated Avatar demo using MarkyJoe’s name input plugin.

Well, please let me know when you’re finish, until then I’ll keep figuring out how the SRPG studio works…

If you’re ever in need of assistance as far as learning your way around the engine goes, I strongly recommend joining SRPG Studio University, which is where all of the engine’s technical experts hang out nowadays:

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll have a look