Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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now the third horizontal scrolling glitch in this thread. This is


Anecdote here. Now, usually, these kinds of glitches are amazing, but here’s a basic one.

This is what happens when you let a Bard attempt to destroy a village in FE4. Since Brigands and Pirates don’t need steal, I thought I could have Bards serve as “Mage Thieves”.

Evidently, I was wrong. All because FE4 got really picky over who gets to destroy villages.


Actually, a bit more buggy goodness.

Expanding the amount of battle animations, map sprites, or even Triangle Attacks, can cause disaster when scripted battle sequences that have nothing to do with them occur. For example, the only example I have is Gandolf vs. Midayle at the beginning, where the game has given me garbage, locked up, went to black, and sent me to a glitchy battle where neither of them are present.

So much for Alec/Naoise/Arden and Seliph/Shannan/Ares alongside all three enemy triangles.


So if you’ve ever wanted to make your own units die, this is how. Unfortunately the video cuts itself short; Ethlyn does consume Finn, gain +HP from her level up, and Finn’s existence is disregarded.


Video is private, RIP


i still dont know how that happened




Trying to make the FE4 Armor Knight class gender neutral in its animations resulted in this. Bacchus warped out of existence after thinking his Steel axe was a Hand axe. Sigurd and his steed contemplate the fragility of FE4 in this regards. Before, Ayra was wielding an invisible weapon when she fought and lost to Sigurd.


Wanna know what I had to do to fix it? Replace the female Emperor animations, because I would not use them and FE4 doesn’t want me expanding pointers if it’s the last thing it does.

But at one point I got a pointer wrong and Ayra temporarily became a giant red block with random fragments of the Armored Sword animation flying around her.

—Edit 2/21/17—

Each and every one of these is a glitch when I tried to give Forrests/Heroes Axes. When I turned off animations…

And even their sword animations were ruined.


This is a glitch I found in @Tequila’s Str/Mag Split patch.
When you equip a magic weapon and enter the Arena, the unit uses the magic animation instead of the regular animation.

Myrmidon: Have you seen a sword like this before?
Mage: Die already!
~Several turns later~
Myrmidon: Now what?

Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans

That jazz music really completes the experience for me.

Edit: OMG did that swordsman run out of weapon uses?

Lmao they both did. Top kek.


Some serious disco moves if you remove the sword from the animation


jesus christ fe1


Welcome to the Matrix. The FE1 Matrix.


What the actual fuck did you do


Aw, I was looking forward to using a Pegasus Rider!

If you can believe it, it gets worse.


What’s wrong with this picture? Answer: there is no map sprite for some reason. the save and reload option fixes the issue of moving giving me a game over, though


Not a bug, a feature.

Done by installing Teq’s weapon effectiveness rework and then colored stats/growths afterwards.


What he neglected to mention was that he installed them in the same free space. They do actually work fine when they’re not overwriting each other.