Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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Found a cool glitch. You need to see it in action in order to get the full effect.
Put the following into your UNIT Bad:

UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0xC1 Level(7,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,8] [SteelSword, 0, 0, 0] [0x0D,0x03,0x01,0x00]
UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0x00 Level(8,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,9] [IronSword, 0, 0, 0] [0x0C,0x06,0x02,0x00]
UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0xC1 Level(6,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,10] [0x10, 0, 0, 0] [0x0D,0x03,0x01,0x00]
UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0x00 Level(8,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,6] [SilverSword, DoorKey, 0, 0] [0x0D,0x03,0x01,0x00]
UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0x00 Level(7,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,5] [0x0E, 0x0F, 0x13, 0] [0x0C,0x06,0x02,0x00]
UNIT 0xC1 0x10 0x00 Level(8,Enemy,True) [0,0][18,4] [0x12, SilverSword, 0, 0] [0x0D,0x03,0x01,0x00]
If done correctly, before the first swordmaster moves, the music will start screeching horribly(or the game will reset[I am unsure of how to control whether it progresses or resets]). If the game continues, then once a second one moves, the game will fade into a Game Over. The only difference from a normal game over, however, is not the screeching. It is the fact that ALL your save files(on the current battery) will be deleted, and you will be forced to start a new game.


First map I’ve ever inserted! But that corner over there is off. better fix it

Yea that’ll do


i, uh, wasn’t able to replicate this. I’m gonna have to see a vid or something


Does loading a save from a nonbuildfile rom into a buildfile rom count?


Well, let’s see how those–

[Demon screech x 6]

dammit ok let’s try this again–


This flickers whenever the text boxes are cleared or characters move etc:




it was because the portrait was not word aligned.


aw you left out the best part


doesn’t look like anyone is interested in maintaining order actually


So, we were trying to kill the Tutorial option from Maiden of Darkness’s main menu. We did get it eventually but uh… before we did

That happened. Don’t ask how, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.


That actually looks freaking cool! Kinda reminds me of FE3.



Fire Emblem 3D confirmed, and it’s not even a 3DS game!


My general learned double team


I say this jokingly a lot, but for once I’m serious.

That’s no bug, that’s a feature.


how did you get dual attack working before me


I’ve returned


I’ve missed you


have a small teaser


I tried…? #FE1Hacking


What happens when you try expanding text windows in FE1.


That’s now the second horizontal scrolling glitch in this thread.