1 Screen Mapping Blitz/Challenge

Tiny Fortress. The bottom stairs aren’t actually passable but I don’t really care, put an enemy archer or something there to piss off the player lol

Here’s the file



I’d have felt bad if I didn’t contribute something.
Just, please don’t expect me to enjoy making small maps.

forgot to say in original post, f2u f2e like every other map i make.


Shit, Zoramine just shared a small map. I think he’s been hacked :confused:

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No mapping challenge is complete without some RandomWizard three-tile-wide hallways with pillars in the middle…


Ī̢̳͈̥͎̝̍͐͊̎͘N̺̣̰̟̣̯̦͚͑̀̋̽̆̉̿̕͜͟ H̨̞̘͓͉͖̾̌̍͘͢͡E̸̯̗͇̪̠̹̹͎̔̽̍̌͢͜͞L̩͈̯̜͈̫̀̈͊̒̍͢L͎̺͍͔̞̑͋͛̇̓̿͢!

Tileset is Zoramine’s Updated Lava Cave.

Download the map here. Free to edit, with credit.


Alternatively, here’s a significantly less S̻͔̪̻̬̆̄̌̂̆̌Ậ̛̣̬͔̮͖̖́̓͛̏̓̓͘͢T̸̥̮̯̯̜̜͗̌̂̚͡A̴̦̥̲̠͙͈͇͔̿́̾͌̅̔̕̕͜͡Ņ̶̤͕͉͖̗̑̃̊̉̐̈́I̵̥̦͚̘͖̥̯̥̎͗̇͌͊̚͜ͅC̢̤͙͚̟͍̤̉̔̏̀̿̈́̂ version. Same tileset, same rules on using and editing.


15x10 maps? I think i have a few of those lying around somewhere…

Snowy map gang reporting in.

This tileset is my edit of Venno’s edit of Zora’s snowy Bern.

How do these play? You’ll find out soon…


I recognizes these maps. :eyes: Love the map pallet!

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Ah, a fellow snow bro! That warms–er, cools–my heart!

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So I may have an idea that will take a bit. :eyes:

So i may or may not have taken a donut meme from somewhere as the inspiration to this…

Anyway why make a single screen map when you can make nine.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16V9OKbjCbeoMFecdJgwbaO_B0ZVov_qJ/view?usp=sharing


Nice! Trying to top that will definitely take a while.

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For this challenge, I wanted to try something new. That is why I made a fire/volcano map.
I called it Shrine Fortress!
Here it is:
Shrine Fortresss

This map is F2U and F2E so go ahead an make this an awesome chapter!
Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zkfqgj0YoKMCL5EAPvHFqMkvEHB1R53I?usp=sharing

A bit of story:
This map is either an early game shrine map or a mid to late game gaiden chapter. The main party has retrieved a sacred MacGuffin and suddenly a bandit steals it :open_mouth:! This gaiden/ story chapter will unlock after the player takes too long to complete the previous chapter, because that gives the thieves/brigands enough time to steal it from you. The good guys will have to steal the MacGuffin back!

For those of you who are interested in how to design a chapter with this map, here is my insight:

  1. Player Placement
  2. An enemy with a 2 or 2+ range weapon. It helps for creating difficulty in the main part of the fortress.
  3. When you attack an enemy placed here up close, you will stand on a lava tile. The player must chose between baiting and attacking up close or with range. Enemy 2 is able to provide range support if the player decides to rush.
  4. An armor knight that doesn’t move with a key for the door.
  5. A ranged unit that attacks units that try to break the wall.
  6. Treasure chests. If you make this a gaiden chapter, make sure there is some juicy loot in there. :wink:
  7. The boss that stole the MacGuffin!

I hope that this map can be of use! :smiley:


Nah mate your the one that nailed it.


Eh, take another.
Start in the bottom left, and the boss is on the bottom right fort. Defend the lakeside villages from bandits!

Tileset is vanilla Fields. Download the map here.

Also, I’m willing to take requests for more 15x10 maps. Let me know if you have any!


All F2U and F2E. They all use FE8 vanilla tilesets; the specific one is in the file’s name.

Download (10 Maps)

If you don’t want to download all of the maps, each map also has its own download link listed below.

Map 1 (Overworld)


Map 2 (Town)


Map 3 (Fort)


Map 4 (Ruins)


Map 5 (Castle)


Map 6 (Overworld)


Map 7 (Overworld)


Map 8 (Castle)


Map 9 (Carcino/Sacae)


Map 10 (Overworld)



And here’s even more stuff, because why not?

A ship in three states: docked at port, alone at sea, and boarded by another vessel. Download links in there. Free to edit as usual.

As with before, using N426, Zora, and Venno’s edited Village here.


Wow, I’ve been doing a lot of these.
Eh, they’re fun, and I’ll never turn down an excuse to show off my Epic Mapping Skills:tm:. Here’s a desert!
Once more, split it into four 15x10 chunks. Tileset is one of the Desert Bastion versions, made by Gamma, Zoramine, and N426.

Top Left: The Trail

A basic path through the dunes, lined with a few trees. Start in the top right, and the boss is in the bottom right. There’s a heavily guarded shortcut through the cliffs; take it at your own risk!

Top Right: The Ruins

A long-abandoned building; now inhabited by bandits - or worse. Start on the far left, and the goal is to seize. A thief goes to loot the chest if you take too long.

Bottom Left: The Graveyard

Cliffs lined with the skeletons of long-dead men and beasts; treasure awaits there, along with great danger. Start on the far right, and the goal is to rout or to visit all bones within a time limit.

Bottom Right: The Oasis

A place to rest amidst the danger of the sands. Start on the far left, and the goal is to reach the village (and possibly defeat a boss on it).

Download the 29x19 map here. Free to edit, as usual. You’ll need to do tile changes yourself; I was too lazy to bother.


the 1 screen mapping blitz fandom is dying, repost to uhhh

i forgot the rest of my joke

just take this map


Heavily inspired by some FE12 early-game stuff, this map is designed to make for fun and challenging gameplay. You start in the bottom right, and the boss is somewhere in the top left. I even have some partial enemy placement!

  • 1: Enemy infantry with 5 Movement, 1 Range, and “attack in range” AI.
  • 2: Immobile enemies, probably with 1-2 range.
  • 3: An Archer; might move to attack, or not.
  • 4: A Brigand with 5 move, who rushes to destroy the red house if you don’t catch him in time.
  • Obviously, some stuff is missing, including the boss and some enemies on the far right. You can fill in that yourself!

Once more, using this tileset by N426, Zora, and Venno.

The map is free to edit with credit, as usual. Download here.


RandomWizard singlehandedly keeping the blitz alive! Maybe I should make another 1 screen map or 2.


Maybe you should. Map practice is always nice, and more free-to-use materials for people are too.

Fun fact: N426’s updated Castle tileset is amazing. It has loads of depth in what it’s capable of, and looks great doing it.

In fact, I made several 15x10 maps with it! Here, take a look.

Map 1: Forest Cabin

A small house in the forest; well-furnished, with nice wood floors and a table. A fine place to relax between the battles and wars of Fire Emblem. Best used as a cutscene map, but I could see it working as a seize map (start outside, with a party split in the bottom left and top right), or as a defend map (start in the inner room).

Map 2: Underground Prison

You or your allies have been locked up in these underground cells. Make your escape and free the other prisoners! Probably best off if you start in the bottom left or top right, with the goal of reaching the other of those points (to escape in the top right, or to defeat the boss in the bottom left). Recruitable green units are in the prison cells.

Map 3: Outpost of Fort Gaiden

Who doesn’t love Fire Emblem Gaiden? Well, a lot of people, but that’s besides the point. Start on the far right, with an objective of seizing the throne or routing the enemy. Archers fire at you from the side rooms.

Map 4: The Baron's Castle

The enemy commander or corrupt noble is fortified inside their castle. Make your way in to defeat them! Start all the way on the right, and the objective is to seize the throne. A Thief emerges from the stairs and tries to loot the chest room.

Map 5: The Castle Moat

Fire Emblem needs more castles with small buildings enclosed within a great wall. The bridge should start off unavailable, but the hidden switch in the bottom right lowers it and opens the gate. Start in the bottom left, and the goal is to seize or to defeat the boss.

Map 6: Royal Great Hall

In this grand throne room, the ruler holds their court. Do you seek to protect them, to receive orders from them, or to strike them down? It could work as a seize map with you starting in the bottom right, as a defense map with you starting around the throne, or simply as a cutscene map.

You can download all six of the maps here. They don’t have tile changes, though; you’ll need to do those yourself. As with my previous maps, all six are free to use and free to edit.


Random Wizard makes a Prison map and it’s cooler than mine

Those maps are actually fire though, I should make some more!