1 Screen Mapping Blitz/Challenge

So, it’s pretty well known that the smallest possible map in GBA is 1 screen, or 15x10 (HxW) Tiles. When thinking about the smallest maps, I started to wonder about just how much is possible with maps of this smol size. So I thought it would be fun to put together a blitz or challenge of sorts, where those interested can try their hand at making quality, tiny maps.
A few guidelines:

  1. Maps must be 15x10.

  2. Maps may be submitted as either not F2U, F2U, or F2E. F2U and F2E maps will still require credit to the original mapper if used similar to any other assets. Maps that are not labeled will be assumed to be not F2U.

  3. Any tileset, custom or otherwise, may be used. If the map is made F2U or F2E and has a custom tileset, please leave a link to said custom tileset (with credit!) as a form of consideration.

  4. (Optional) Give a brief description of the map, things like possible objective types, any notable map gimmicks, or whatever else you feel like sharing!

With the guidelines out of the way, let me give some examples!

(FE 8 Village, F2E)

As the lord speaks with a potential ally in the public commons/park of a major city, assassins encroach from all sides suddenly and with little warning.
Objective: Timed Survive or Rout, with 1 or more green unit allies that can be protected for rewards. Thieves or assassins with door keys or lockpicks appear from the bottom, possibly forcing the player to react to attacks from more sides. Brigands will threaten the northern houses, encouraging the player to split and move forward.

(FE 8 Village, F2E)

A more classic early game inspired map, less symmetrical while still loosely based on the previous design.
Objective: Defeat Boss or Rout, although personally I think this map would be best with some kind of incentive that encourages interaction with the southern stairs, either a thief escaping with a droppable or perhaps a green unit that needs to be recruited or defended.

(Link to the .tmx files:) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ye87_h5OuBLELtxKP5iKTmBCVxT5pUSt?usp=sharing


Cool challenge - will you share the .tmx files as well?

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Good thinking, I’ll link them in my post, although these maps do not have programed tile changes, that would have to be done manually in either tiled or FEBuilder.

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Do they need to be gameplay maps or can they be cutscene-focused maps as well?

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I’ll go ahead and say that as long as it’s 1 screen / 15x10, then go for it! Just be sure to specify as such when submitting.


This is F2U and F2E

A rather simple fort with an alternate route in the treasure room. With the breakable walls, it could work as seize or even defend.





one screen



I made this.


“Now, wait a moment, my popular and good-looking friend RandomWizard!”, you might be saying. “This map isn’t 15x10 at all! It’s 29 tiles wide and 19 tiles tall! That’s almost twice the limit!”

Is it now?

In fact, I designed this map to split almost perfectly into four 15x10 maps, all overlapping and using different styles and themes.

Top Left: The Fortress

A small fortress, heavily inspired by Chapter 3 of Dracor Saga (TDAWS’s WIP hack). Likely run by bandits. You start in the bottom right, and the objective is to Seize. Thieves steal from the chests, and there’s some other time-sensitive objective in the bottom left; a green unit getting slowly beat up, maybe?

Top Right: The Courtyard

A building courtyard, relatively well-kept and gardened. You start in the middle, and the objective is to defend against reinforcements from all sides. There’s a boss in the bottom right, perhaps?

Bottom Left: The Harbor

Mainly inspired by 1-1 of Vision Quest, and 2-1 of Last Heavenly Throne. Start on the boat in the bottom left, and dash to safety in the top right while fleeing pursuit. Long-range enemies are in the guard towers. The map’s a mite chokepointy; I recommend adding fliers, using very few units, or both.

Bottom Right: The Wilderness

A relatively simple stroll through forests and cliffs. Start in the top right, and the goal is to reach the top road. It doesn’t have any particular side objectives yet, but maybe you could put a recruitable enemy on the far left?

As long as you give credit, this map and all permutations of it are free to edit. It uses this edit to the village tileset, made by N426, Zoramine, and Vennobennu.

Download the full 29x19 map here. Any decent map editor, including FEBuilder, should be able to crop it down to whatever size you want.


If FEE3 hadn’t swallowed all my hearts, you’d get one. Pretty hilarious concept, and it works well!


You super overdelivered Random, and I’m here for it!


I made 3 maps. Completely F2U and F2E, as I won’t ever use these, and I like mapping blitzes. Enjoy!



Made this for my current project. Basically a stage with balconies on the bottom, set up as a spectacle for the villains. Meant to be a map that you’re meant to clear in one turn by reaching the exit on the top right. Here’s the player and enemy layout if you want a clearer picture:
Free to use and free to edit.

Like Random’s map(s), this uses the edited Village Tileset by N426, Zoramine, and Venno. This is F2U/F2E - just a map that I wanted to have some fun making and contribute.

This is the base map:
Garlan Village - N426 Updated Village

It comes with the requisite tile changes for the villages (yes, I’m evil and require a flying unit (or someone to be Warped) to get the bottom-left village) as well as a tile change to add a plank to cross the stream at the top of the map:
Garlan Village 2 - N426 Updated Village

And, it wouldn’t be a map from me if I didn’t have some kind of element that modified the map in more of a drastic way, this time being the barrel on the right side. Chalk up an event where it goes “Boom!” and you have a fresh new hole in the wall for units to pass through (while also getting rid of the “chokepoint” on the stairs):
Garlan Village 3 - N426 Updated Village

The nice thing about this is that it can really be any kind of map - Escape, Rout, Defeat Boss, Defend/Survive (run around in circles being chased like in FE10 1-9 for example)… whatever your heart might have in mind to use it for.


These feel like authentic maps :slight_smile:

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Download the TMX here.


This is my first Fire Emblem map I ever made, and admittably this tileset had a few confusing things, but overall I think I made a solid first map. The goal I had in mind is to reach the throne and seize from the boss, and the walls surrounding the bottom carpets will be guarded by two enemies, the chest key can be obtained (if you dont have one already) from one of the chests so you can unlock the door, or you wear down the breakable wall at the risk of the boss attacking the person wearing down the wall while reinforcements wear the party down. I also think enemies in the throne room itself is a must for this map, however I’ll let the people adding the enemies decide what to do. Free to use and do whatever with it.


15 x 10 Map
I read this and though: “Man, you never have done a map this small.” So here is my Map. I made a snow map cause I love this tileset. And I think there are not enough snow maps here. So feel free to use or edit this.


Of course, for any mapping challenge, I had to make a snow map! Specifically, I used the Snowy Bern tileset for it. The idea is that there are two rival pirate gangs that live on those fort islands in the corners, and the player takes control of the top left group to go defeat the bottom right group and seize their fort, while reaching the village before the other group/the mountain bandits nearby. You may even find some sunken treasure if you swim around in the right spots. What are those pillars for? Perhaps the residents of the village can tell you more… Also it’s F2U/F2E, so enjoy!

Link for map

And here’s a version with fewer pillars in case you prefer that.


Have you ever needed to break some useless green units out of jail? Well then, here’s the map for you!
Your units can enter from the right side, while enemy reinforcements can arrive from the left. You can put units (or treasure!) in the cells at the top.
edit: F2U/F2E forgot to say it before because stupid.