[Working Title] Blazing Renaissance

FEE3 is over, let’s get this show underway. Making a new topic since we’re actually starting stuff now. Also to reduce clutter of people signing up.

Writing (@Siuloir, @Arch and his friend, optionally/as needed: @SentryDown, @Myke)
Eventing (@Arch, @Primefusion, @dancer_A, ~Ash3wl)
Mapping (@Primefusion, @AuraWolf, @dancer_A)
Nightmare-ing/Balancing (@Primefusion(working between the writers and eventers counts as balancing, right?), @SentryDown, @dancer_A, ~Ash3wl) (Shouldn’t be an issue)
ASM Hacking (~Crazycolorz5)(Rofl I can only mention 10 users in a post)
Spriting/Portraiting/Animating (@L95, @Overlordpichu)(Hacking in ~Jubby)
Composing (@Siuloir, @Agro)

Basic plot: Blazing Renaissance ~ Planning
Chapter goals: Blazing Renaissance ~ Planning
Player phase music: Blazing Renaissance ~ Planning

Now, I’m really newer to these leading-hacks-thing, and I’ll give it a try, but just correct me if I’m doing something sub-optimally.

I’d imagine the process for making a chapter goes somewhat like this –
Story(Setting) -> Map and Game Design Ideas -> Events, Asmz, Full Script -> Considerations for Interweaving With Rest Of Game and Playtesting -> Revisions -> Next Chapter.

So to start, just a brief setting description for the prologue map(s), then we can get the mappers working alongside the fun ideas we have for goals and designs.

pokes, base this on (base) FE7? Shall we?

tbh I kind of wanted to give fe8 a shot, but I’m not that familiar with how they go, so I’ll have to review that…

Yeah if we did FE8 I’d have to do a crash course on it’s event style.

In terms of actual things you can do with events, I think you can do the same in FE7, just… more tediously. (Through various asmc’s, I mean, rather than setval and a single one). But it seems we’re all more familiar with FE7, sooo…I’ll just grab that.

… Now, writers, tell us how the prologue starts, eheh. @Siuloir, @Arch

I thought the story here was mainly Arch and Dei’s show, and that I’d only be acting in a supplementary role. To be perfectly honest I don’t really have much time to devote to a hacking project that isn’t Inheritance of Ash.

That’s fine; I’m sure @Arch will have a little more time to manage after EN and FEE3 remnants die down.
On another note,

3 way fights, yeeeeah!

bumps thread just to keep it in everyone’s memory.

Just waiting for Blazing Shell; probably going to be done after EN is released.

still hoping

I don’t know if you guys would need a hand, but I’m not too bad at animations should there be a need for them.

Full customs are a bit more work, but even quick little custom animations are my thing.

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[hoping intensifies]


I can do editing FWIW. Despite my reputation, I don’t really have any experience with doing “actual”, make-a-ROMhack hacking

Buuuump, writers, wanna start the ball rolling?

Still looking for writers?

idk, maybe, I just need someone in the project besides me to post something, really.

Like what?

I’m up to help with writing and Nightmare/Balancing if your still looking for people in either job.

I can also handle posting updates and stuff if you want someone else to work on that too.

What is the hack going to be about I can’t really tell @Crazycolorz5

I honestly don’t even know what to do with this project :confused: Like, should we nominate someone to be leader and try to cobble a concept together?

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