Why is this character portrait getting cut off?

I’m trying to get a custom character portrait into FE7 using FEBuilderGBA. This is what the portrait is supposed to look like:

However, for some reason, the program always interprets it as this:
Portrait Editor The Gaelan War.gba_38@26 Roger_0117E740

For some reason, part of his hair gets cut off when I import the portrait into the game. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it?

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Try to get the image more to the right,
something like this: pixil-frame-0 (28)

If I do that, won’t the portrait then appear shifted to the right a bit when I use it in the hack? That’s fine if I have to do that, but I’d rather not have its position shift in-game.

Maybe, I have not tested the image as I’m on the phone, If you want I can try later

I’m going to be going to bed now. I can test it easily in the morning. (Though if you’re curious for your own sake and test it yourself, I’d like to know the results!)

Rest well, I may try later, If it works I’ll tell you

See the section on “Hackboxing and insertion”, portrait needs to fit within the inner defined area of the box.


To build on what LordGlenn said, here’s a visual representation of the problem. (I’m using Usenti, in case you’re wondering)
Portrait Test
Your portrait goes into the top 3 tiles of the left and right columns, which I have represented with these blue squares. Anything within these blue squares will not be shown when imported to your rom. To fix it, simply shift the portrait, eye frames, and mouth frames 4 pixels to the right.

However, there is also another problem with your portrait. It uses 17 colors+1 background color, but the GBA can only handle 15 colors+1 background color. You’ll have to change it.

One last thing. There is a patch that lets you put your portrait within those blue tiles, though you won’t need it. In FEBuilder, it’s called “Exceed The Portrait Hackbox By 4 Tiles”

This allows you to use up to 2 extra tiles for your portrait. Those magenta tiles in the first image show where to put the extra tiles you want.

After applying the patch, go to the portrait editor in FEBuilder. Then, set mug_exceed to 1. Now, you’ll be able to add 2 extra tiles to your portrait!