Critique my pixel art

Open and save it in mspaint then go back to usenti. I’m not sure why but sometimes that fixes the palette.

Also the background color displaying is because it’s not in the correct palette index. You can set it manually in FEBuilder. The background color might have merged with a different color after requant

FE x Ogre Battle? i guess it could be a pretty cool concept if done right.

by the way, if you need assets such as portraits, beside spritersresource you could also check the game’s wikis, as they might have more secondary characters listed there.
March of the Black Queen is easily one of the best rpgs for SNES, as it was way ahead of its time when it was released back in the days.

kinda strange that the portraits have more than 16 colors though, being from a SNES game.
not sure what style you want to use in terms of visuals, but the original portraits should be quite easy to edit and customize.
with softwares such as Adobe Photoshop it probably wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to insert them into a hackbox and make a mini mug, if you plan to keep the original artstyle of Akihiko Yoshida.

Yeah I have some good ideas on how to port OB mechanics to FE style gameplay. Ideally it plays like Tactics Ogre but I want to bring back old school OB mechanics like Reputation and Alignment. Alignment will work differently though, it won’t be as big of a grind as it was before or block promotion. It will be relatively static per character but can be changed through special events and items. Maybe killing unarmed units will still lower ALI. Not 100% decided on that.

Using Yoshida’s portraits would be ideal, I do like that artstyle a lot. But there is more asset support for the FE GBA style of portraits. If I want to create an OC for the hack, it will be easier to make one with the GBA portraits. There are pros and cons to both.

I don’t know about 2 minutes, but it certainly will be easier to create mugs once I figure out the issues with the colorization. As far as the portraits having more than 16 colors, I think the SNES has special architecture to support color palettes larger than 16 bit, but don’t quote me on that. The OB rips I’ve downloaded from spritersresource have 64 colors.

i see. well, you could still lower the amount of colors on the SNES sprites, but then you’ll have to sacrifice visual quality and fidelity with their original counterparts.
that might not be the best solution in terms of graphics, but in the end it all boils down to how you want to implement it.

on the other hand, if you plan to work with GBA assets, there’s an ocean of mugs to splice from, unless you want to commission some artist or do stuff entirely from scratch.

at this point, you should consider if you want to keep everything in line with GBA standards, or eventually switch to other engines such as Lex Talions or Tactile that allow for different customization options with less restrictions on colors.
either way, looks like an interesting project~

I was able to edit Canopus’ color palette down to 16 colors without losing too much fidelity. Because of all the earlier edits and erasing, the color palette had ballooned to 200 colors, so I basically grouped similar colors together and manually switched them to be identical. Once the palette is edited to only contain 16 unique colors, requantize deletes all of the redundant copies and gives you a nicely slimmed down image.

Color fixed Canopus:


BTW, does anyone know why the portrait is getting cut off when displayed in the stats screen?


I’ve seen this issue in a different hack as well (in ZeN’s FE6 in FE8 remake hack Geese’s portrait has this issue).

Please take a look at this thread: Why is this character portrait getting cut off? - #7 by LordGlenn and what @Merpin said. That might be the problem and solution.

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Yup that looks like it, thanks!

Because of the acceptable dimensions of a sprite. There’s a cutoff point on the left and right side.

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i decided to bring the discussion over here, since it’s mainly related to your own project.
anyway, resuming from before:

even a simple UI is better than nothing as a starting point, you can always add new stuff later on if you feel like it. that goes for anything that involves battle screens, stats screens, etc.

as for my assets, i already wrote down what’s available for use and what is not in my galleries.
as long as you stay in the F2U/F2E area, there’s no problems. you can do whatever customization you want with that stuff, so don’t worry.

also, a word of advice on the matter: try to keep UI styles close to each other in terms of graphics.
putting stuff from different visual styles together can eventually backfire and lead to poor quality material if things are not properly mixed.
it’s probably better to stick with one artstyle for the time being, and eventually resume work on customization later on when you’ll already have the basics ironed out.

with all that said, here’s a couple of gifts from me, with the hope that these might help you with the first steps of your project:

demo title demo title 2

consider them prototypes for the title screen, since adjustments can be made anytime by simply replacing the black background with whatever you like.

in the end the choice is yours, but i’d stay more on the OB side of the concept, rather than the FE one.
there’s already an overload of FE spinoffs on this platform, so seeing something sticking out from the usual box is quite the novelty these days~


Awesome, I love it! I got so hyped by these I put together some mocks of how it might look in the final product.



Fog effect is kind of shite but I’ll work on it and see if I can animate it as well.

Edit: After thinking about it, I might go with FE x Ogre Battle: Path of Kings as the title. It’s the most accurate title possible.


the 2nd game screen you made looks like a legit GBA remake of the original, so i guess doing two variants of the title was a good idea after all.

however, do keep in mind the overall space required for the title.
it’s alright if you want to merge those concepts, but it always depends on how you want to do it, because putting everything into one full-length title is not going to fit in there for sure, and using just letters for abbreviations is way too generic, nor does it give a good look at the project starter.

better to stick with just one title to be on the safe side, otherwise you could eventually sacrifice the sub title and go for something like this, wich might not be really optimal but at least it incorporates both series:

title 3

in any case, the choice is yours to make~


Honestly, I love the Ogre Battle title by itself. But it does feel weird to me to have a OB game on a FE fansite without any connection to FE. I want people to play it, lol. And ultimately it is using the FE8 engine and combat mechanics so I want to communicate that through the title. The FE x OB title accomplishes that the most, I think.

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Slightly off topic, but here’s a small preview of my character creator.



This is how the title screen is looking in the app right now.


Now that I got the title screen completed, I can go back to splicing some characters together for the prologue chapter. Maybe I’ll have a one map demo available next week.


I decided to try something different and created a mug for one of the monster classes in my hack. You can’t really have a OB/Tactics style game without the monsters so here’s the Hellhound. One of the more solid monster classes in Ogre Battle. Starts out strong but gets outclassed once your regular units get promoted. I tried giving him a furry coat texture, not sure I was completely successful, but I think it is passable. If anyone has some tips on how to draw pixelated fur, I’m all ears.

larger version of the mug

based on:


Seth who? I got a Hellhound named Fenrir now.



Another portrait. This time it is El soldado generico. The backbone of the armies of Zetegenia. Generics are a necessary element of a OB/Tactics game. These guys generally join at level 1 and are terrible at combat, but they offer growth potential and lots of promotion class options. In a sense, they are very similar to the FE8 trainees.


Edit: This portrait turned out to be too blurry when placed in the game. I upscaled an image from another game and tried to fix it but it didn’t work out too well. I’ll try again with a different image.


Another monster class. This time a made a Gryphon mug. Considered one of the best Monster units in OB despite mediocre stats, due to its ability to mobilize units quickly with its high sky movement. Its attack tends to be lower than other monsters but compensates with high agility. The closest FE comparison to the Griffin would be the pegasus knight.


Edit: I also edited the Gryphon Rider sprite walk and stay animation. I removed the Rider from it and it turned out half decent. I also want to edit the combat animations of the Griffin Rider but it seems more complicated. Can anyone advise me on a quick way of accomplishing this?

Edited No Rider Arbalest (F) Bow {EldritchAbomination, N426, Jj09}

Griffon Rider (U) Bow- Edited No Rider {N426}-walk
Griffon Rider (U) Bow - Edited No Rider -{N426}-stand


I gotta say… I haven’t played any Ogre Battle Tactics, but this is looking pretty sweet! I think you’re on the road to making a really unique hack.:slight_smile:

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Thank you for the compliment. I have some cool ideas for the game, just hoping it all comes together as I envision it.

As far as not having played Ogre Battle nor Tactics Ogre, I think you should remedy that. Those are two of my favorite non-FE games. I think FE has better gameplay and combat mechanics, but everything else about the Ogre series is equal or better, IMO. Especially story and worldbuilding, which FE doesn’t really excel at, apart from a couple of examples.