Which vanilla FE character do you hate the most and why?

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I’ll get the ball rolling. Feel free to add on to anyone else’s list of reasons.

Character: Roy (shocker, I know)

Game: FE6

Reasons: Roy needs to get babied hard. He spends all his time hiding behind his army only to pop out like once or twice a chapter to pick off the last enemy around when the coast is clear. It’s not like you can just leave him at his starting position since like 113% of FE6 chapters are seize maps. The icing on the turd sandwich is that eventually, when he does level up, he only gets HP, SKL, and LUK.


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Character: Eliwood

Game: FE7

Reasons: He’s a bitch boy and deserves everything that happens to him.

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Lyn, because she’s a foot unit in fe7 with no 1-2 range (what are you even doing with your life) and dodgetanking is all she has to her name. Also she’s sucha scrub her legendary weapon is some random thing Athos picked up that weighs her down.

Honorable mention is Camilla because Camilla.

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I can’t stand Shadow Dragon Bantu at all, there’s no real incentive to arena in DSFE. At least in FE12 drill grounds are forgiving to him, but ffs I thought manaketes were cool until this discount bin Medeus showed up. He also gets hit dragonstone stolen more times than Master Chief can find military grade weaponry and I absolutely hate it.

All of them.


god i fucking hate andorey and his weird hair and his stupid ass coconut head bangs and his dumb face


Micaiah. Far too much of a Mary Sue. I get that Ephraim is one, too, but if Lyon is going to carry the plot anyway then you might as well use Ephraim’s sueishness to your advantage.

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Vaike from Awakening.

How does one muscle boy manage to continue the trend of Fighters being hot garbage in a game where so many units can just go on a murderous rampage without too much effort? Plus he’s useless for the first turn or so of his chapter when an Axe user would be nice to have because he forgot his Iron Axe.

Thanks for reminding me of Ephraim, I hate him. Mister conquers a whole castle with four men, then immediately dodges a wyvern lord because “I don’t pick fights I can’t win”


I see Ephraim as a bit of a special case. While it’s true he’s very much a Mary Sue, his sueishness inadvertently creates a villain out of Lyon and supports his character tremendously.


Bartre, Karla and Jaffar

Game: All three from FE 7

Reason: Horrendous recruitment for Karla and Jaffar. Forced to train a shitty Axe Fighter with horrid base stats to become a Level 5 Warrior just to recruit Karla, and she isn’t even any good either, considering she starts at a very low level swordmaster with maybe decent bases for her level…except that you recruit her way too late in the game. And all of those exps wasted on Bartre would’ve been much better off on the lords or other units who are much better off with it, considering that he’s only ends up being pretty average at best.

As for Jaffar, it’s mainly due to his horrid recruitment (which I would argue is the worst, if not, one of the worst recruitment in the series) cause you need to rush your units down just to protect him and have Nino (one of the other two green units who are in a lot less danger than Jaffar) talk to him. And his recruitment is completely rng reliant mainly due to the amount of enemy units swarming him (a good amount of them have Swordreavers) and he has a very good chance of dying as early as Turn 2 cause of RNG (not to mention, being dragged down to enough HP to be at risk of dying (but not enough to make him use the elixer he is carrying), forcing you to restart the game constantly, or if you are using an emulator, forcing you to continuously restart save states and constantly rng abuse until your units are there to protect him from killing himself. Doesn’t help that recruiting him is also required to get you access to a Side chapter. Btw, he also has Mattis syndrome.

Micaiah because fuck the dawn brigade

Most hated gameplay-wise:

Roy (FE6)

Chair pretty much says it all, although I’ll add that the super-late promo does him no favors either. I’ve come to call an HP/SKL/LCK level “the Roy.”

Most hated character-wise:

Kris (FE12)

Yes it is I, me, the friend of hero-king Marth who likes training and was totally present in this war and actually there the whole time


I do not really hate characters, so I will just list a few that I like the least.
-Corrin:Good concept, bad execution(Game:FE Fates)
-Garon:This guy is probably one of the most badly written villains in the series.(Game FE Fates)
-Iago:Actually, this is the most badly written one. He is just a huge wimp who pretends to be a big shot because he is best buddies with specimen above, even tho he kinda sometimes runs counter to his judgement and is just a very forced characterless shmug of a mainantargonist as a whole.(Game: FE Fates)
-Say ri and Yen fey:They are not really bad characters, but they are also not good characters. It does not help that they are part of a storyarc that reminds me of bad anime filler.(Game: FE Awakening)
-Desmond:This guy is a big shmug. the way he actually turns out to be in FE7 is just bad, he is a horrible person, a bad father and an idiot of a king. If he was like FE6 described him, he would likely not be here. In that story, he is described as just a normal man who got frustrated by zephiels fame to the point of going heavily immoral. Still a bad person, but at least somewhat reasonable.(Game: FE7)
-Oskar:This guy just exists and it never gets explained why he is evil. For reference, he is from FEWarriors if you forgot who he is(I think he is only briefly in two short cutscenes).(Game: FE Warriors)
-Rowan:This guy is just annoying. Make his voice stop.(Game: FE Warriors)
-Surtr:Basically a fireversion of garon.(Game: FE Heroes)
-Veronica:She is just boring. At first, she showed potential, but it kinda just got lost somewhere.(Game: FE Heroes)
-Ephraimroute Lyon:Bro,you know what you do will not work and is only backfiring. You even say so! So why are you doing it? Because you are secretly forced? BS, you are possessed, but you still claim to do all that willingly. All sympathy from eirikamode is gone.(Game: FE8[Ephraim])

I may forget a few chars that annoy me, but that is probably most of it. I at least cannot think of anything else really.

Gameplay: Fiona (Radiant Dawn).
Let’s start by stating that her horse is literally more useful than her. Savior is about the only good thing she has. She also has imbue, but for a physical unit who can’t tank, it’s pretty much useless. (Recovering 3-4 health every turn doesn’t mean much when you die in one round.)
Add to that the horrible, horrible bases that make her get doubled, the mediocre growths, the fact that there are like 6 or 7 cavaliers (Kieran, Astrid, Makalov, Oscar, Renning, Geoffrey… The list goes on) in the same game and EVERY SINGLE ONE performs way better, and that unlike most other characters she pretty much disappears from the plot the moment she’s introduced (Sophia at least gave you a promotion item, for f*ck sake), and you’ve got a flaming piece of garbage that makes Micaiah and MEG look like S tier. Quite possibly the worst unit in the entire game, and one of the worst in the entire series.
(Unpopular opinion: I think Micaiah is a good character. Yes, she’s a terrible unit stat-wise and she dies in one hit which results in an instant game over. But her point of view is quite interesting and she does go through character development. I also think she isn’t a Mary Sue, but since the people see her as such she becomes a symbol and that weighs a lot on her. She’s a flawed character forced to fight against her will because of the blood pact about and she can’t do much about it, and her forces get stomped the moment the Greil Mercenaries start rolling. She’s basically a playable camus and I like her a bit.)

Character: (I would have said Desmond for the reasons stated before in the thread, but considering he was intentionally made for people to hate him I don’t think he counts.)
Peri (FE Conquest): Oh god.
So who was it the idea of having a horrible serial killer with zero redeeming qualities join the army? As Xander’s retainer, of all people? (Which, retroactively, makes him a hypocrite for employing criminals despite his view on Hans). She’s horribly inmoral, she keeps trying to kill servants even after you recruit her, the list goes on. I really can’t believe Xander hates Hans so much and yet has no problem marrying this crazy woman. There is nothing good I can say about her. Okay, her mother was murdered by a servant, but her backstory doesn’t excuse jack shit. I don’t think I ever felt like IS ever tried to force people to appeal to a character as much before and failed so hard. The worst part is that in half of the endings she doesn’t even get better and goes back to becoming, you guessed it, a serial killer.
Can someone just put her in jail already? Forever, if possible?

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(Super unpopular opinion: Less people would accuse Micaiah of being a bad character if she was a man. She could be a guy and go through the same shit and people would eat that shit up. But hey, I love Micaiah, this is just my opinion. I also think this applies with Celica and basically any female lord lol)

inb4 called an sjw


Hayato from Fire Emblem Fates.

No real reason, statistically speaking. I don’t dislike characters because they’re bad in combat. (Juno forever!) Rather, I dislike Hayato because he’s a spoiled annoying brat. He has more negative qualities than good, and the only thing I like about him is that, because time go fast shenanigans, his daughter Rhajat is older than him. I don’t know why, but I find that humorous.

Excellus from Awakening is a close second. I know his deal is supposed to be that he is the villain you love to hate, similarly to Narcian in Binding Blade. Unfortunately, Excellus manages to overstay his welcome with his annoying smile and he lacks any of the villainous “fun” that makes this character archetype enjoyable. Perhaps the idea is that you’re supposed to feel exhilarated when he finally dies, but since he spends too long in the “disgusting” zone, his very existence makes me feel like he’s a waste of time. He alone is the only thing I dislike about the Valm Arc in Awakening, which is my favorite part of that game Excellus or no Excellus.

The reason I dislike Hayato more is that, at the very least, Excellus is a potentially funny meme and is only missing a few pieces to become a fairly well-written character. Hayato, like most of the things from the game he stems from, requires a complete retooling, but at the very least most of the other Fates characters have some degree of charm to them, however minuscule.


Miccy gets a lot of flak, but she’s really good at obliterating armors/ponies in one hit. Her sacrifice ability comes in handy, mostly in the early game though (sacrifice injured unit, heal Miccy with Laura for maximum gainz).

Plus in the end game she can infinitely use a siege tome like other casters which is both awesome and hilarious.

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I never understood why people dislike characters for gameplay reasons. Just don’t use them I guess xd

Jokes aside, Azura is definitely up there. My biggest writing pet peeve is plot convenience, and Azura is a bundle of plot convenience on top of a terribly and boringly written Mary Sue.

I’m gonna get destroyed by Bernie stans, but I despise Bernadetta. First off, she’s just incredibly annoying, almost as annoying as people who say “oh just read past her C supports, she gets better.” Yes, she gets better. Doesn’t make her not annoying. Also I find the whole “uwu shy awkward neet girl” archetype genuinely disgusting, especially in her case, as they try to portray stuff like social anxiety and paranoia as a cute quirk. As someone who suffers from those two things, I find it kinda offensive, and think it’s a poor representation of those issues.

Lysithea is just kinda an asshole. People defend her by saying “Oh, well she has good reason for it” or something. Doesn’t change that she’s still an asshole. She doesn’t have any real redeeming qualities in my opinion, and doesn’t really strengthen any other members of the cast.

Most of the Heroes characters aside from the Muspell peeps are just kinda bland and annoying. (I actually really like Laegjarn, Laevatein, and Helbindi.)

Other than more obvious people like Corrin, Kana, Lyn, there aren’t a whole lot of characters I really hate, so I’ll shut up now.