What Hack Characters Are Your Favorites and Why?

Because FEU needs more positive, wholesome content.

Shoutouts to Kitozawa from Vision Quest for being an affectionate parody of edgy myrms everywhere.


The plan was to keep the series of threads going with the positive versions afterwards, but ok.

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I believe you chair, but I couldn’t know for sure, and I wanted to make the kinds of content I want to see.

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No worries, go for it m’dude.

I guarantee I’m alone when I say that I really liked Road to Ruin’s writing, and a main reason for that is Merovech and Vance. Merovech I feel is a very sympathetic villain while still being evil enough to make it so you anticipate striking him down. Also, evil Benjamin Franklin. As for Vance, I really liked his dynamic with his family and his issues with them really hit close to home for me.


My favourite hack character is hands down Chester from THWD. Yeah, I’m hella bias, but hear me out.

Like all of the playable THWD characters, Chester is based on a real person (Chester isn’t his name, it’s a nickname).

And writing a story based on a (mildly) hyperbolic version of IRL Chester was a lot of fun.

“Chester isn’t just an idiot, he’s our idiot.”
-The THWDcast, probably


Yeah, Merovech actually made me like a villain from a hack, but then again a lot of people like the “villain with a tragic backstory” cliche. See: Edelgard in Azure Moon.


Vagelis is iconic. I always wonder if I could improve the portrait but it really pleases me to see people enjoy his design and using him. I think he’s a really fun unit myself.


because obama


Brian and Johnny

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Buck carried my RTR run

Onderdonk from VQ is hot


The one who sticks out the most to me is Roswell from OCR. Without even trying he manages to personally insult the player and does so when we’re in no position to talk back to him.

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I could name most of the main cast of Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light here, honestly, so instead I’ll name some units from that hack that don’t have much right now (at least until Supports are implemented).

  • Eli: I found his sort of rage as a result of stress and adrenaline and the like felt less contrived than “OooOOoOooOO Oboro makes a nasty face and says ‘Nohrian scum’ and it’s spooky” and I desperately wish his early levels weren’t Fresh-Squeezed Bench Juice TM because I wanted to use him but oh my god, +1 Skill into +1 Skill is apparently a true leveling combo

  • Chandra: She’s introduced well, gets a good amount of relevance as a source of information and insight, and then joins as a pretty good unit from what I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to reading her full Support chain with Orion.

  • Fang: As much as I’ll never use her compared to Luca, I greatly appreciate her character and how her stats being roughly on par with the rest of the Nomad squad she’s running with fits her story, as well as having a battle quote with the midboss she rides alongside… well, uh, despite the fact that she’ll instantly die if she fights him and he knows that in the quote :V

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There was that one badass halberdier dude from Kent’s route in Elibian nights that shows up for one chapter, kicks some serious ass and then goes off again. Too bad I forgot his name D: .

There is also Commander Sylvain from Legends of Avenir, because of her unique playstyle and the fact that she’s kinda broken she’s a really nice person from an army that isn’t that nice. She’s also a badass.

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Lera from Vision Quest, do I have to explain

You will play Vision Quest when it is complete, you will use her and you will give her all available statboosters or I will track you down and break the joints in your body one by one until you comply.


Truly this is the most epic and wholesome content I could have imagined.
no one tell Scraiza


Elias from Faith and Blood, both as a character and a unit. Very interesting take on an illegitimate child and his relationship with his legitimate brother. Fast axe user with good accuracy is fun.

Dream of 5 Garath is a favorite. Bow-focused warrior Jeigan with a hefty longbow and a tough attitude? Sign me up!

I like pretty much all of the VQ starting crew (yes, even Lera!), particularly Arckady and Vagelis.

TNH Brian is an icon. Who needs armors when your thief is tankier?


Dream of Five’s Garath. Bow warrior jeigan is super fun and I enjoy his writing.

Rakel from Souls of the Forest. The scene with her hat is very wholesome. Also an enjoyable unit. Aenny is a really fun unit too.

TNH Brian as a concept is fantastic.

Also, The Captain from TRTR is one of my all time faves.


The Captain is so great that he doesn’t even need a proper noun to be memorable.


anakin from tlp