Weather Graphics Priorities [FE8][FE7]

Do you hate that weather is layered over the GUI? If so, read on.

Weather effects are loaded as objects, so we can change their obj_attr2 values, which determine how they’re layered in regards to the backgrounds. For FE8, the bytes you’ll need to edit are:

0x030366 change 80 to 80/A0/C0/E0 light snow
0x03066D change 10 to 10/14/18/1C heavy snow
0x59D95F and 0x59D967 change 10 to 10/14/18/1C rain
0x0309B2 change A0 to A0/A4/A8/AC BBQ
0x03053D change 10 to 10/14/18/1C sandstorm
0x030B31 change AC to A0/A4/A8/AC clouds

In all cases, a higher number gives a higher priority. The higher the priority, the more things the graphic ends up behind. Please let me know if you find anything goofy when doing this.


For FE7, the corresponding locations to change are:
0x02D596 light snow
0x02D89D heavy snow
0xB961FF and 0xB96207 rain
0x02D76D sandstorm
0x02DD5D clouds

They follow the same scheme as above, with higher numbers having higher priority.

The only difference is that FE7 uses two numbers for rain, so be sure to change both if you want all of the drops behind the GUI.


The offset listed for FE8’s rain was wrong: it was listed as 0x59D960 before, but the actual offsets are 0x59D95F and 0x59D967.


0x0309B0 change A0 to A0/A4/A8/AC BBQ

I think this is 0x0309B2.

0x030B30 change AC to A0/A4/A8/AC clouds

I think this is 0x030B31.

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Thanks! I’ve updated the lists.

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