FEU Vs Requiem

Check out this Puzzle Robo map design, only full length and spread out into a legit map.

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Ch20: Rising Darkness

Slightly less generic than usual but still eeeeeeeeeeh/10

The crests are to blame!

“gone, there were a lot of… developments.”

Andrei explains what happened with Bran

“fuck this game tho”

the classic [Cardinal Direction] Isles

“I know where Ray is.”

“But it sounds like they’ve had some trouble on the road, so they’re not in a position to continue marching here, to us. Looks like he’s come up with quite the force.”

“Let’s be on our way as soon as possible.”

cheer up, Red Lyn!!!

It is what it is.

“That might have been true before, but he doesn’t seem the same way to me, not anymore.”

Everyone concludes that Ash has some sort of anguish

“like this, is there? Just when I thought we have time to rest ourselves.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. If the worst should happen, I could flee with Lord Rayden by air to Olva. … But what kind of person would I be then? A— Are those more enemies? No… those banners… Tiomare… and Olva too. I’d better report this.”
In her defense, who wouldn’t take the chance to flee with Lord Rayden?

Our dudes come in WAY DOWN in the bottom-right

Pegasus knight flying a huge distance over to Ray and Meredith (paladin) really accentuates how huge all the distances are.

“southeast. Tiomare, Olva, and some others from the looks of it.”

“forward until the enemy’s attention is diverted.”


… by the evil forces of Shel!

How do you make a gigantic rout map with 50 enemies even blander? Make sure the player knows the enemies are just walking corpses stripped of any possible motive.

RIP Val’s red horse from the earlier versions. She’s just Eirika and doesn’t get any new weapons

(for comparison)

Just the Sage animation. Alicia can now use dark magic (this class used to be called Mage Lord but I guess it was changed back to Sage because Alicia isn’t really lordly?)

I still don’t get how the hell you guys manage to get the supply full

gaze upon yet another abomination of mankind

I wanted to see what her palette looked like because she’s already level 18 and I regret

I also wanted to see if she gets the crit bonus. No such luck

sorry not sorry i want crit bonus now (this also fixes Hawke’s terrible con)
(also guess who I forgot to deploy)

Lame! I was going to give Alicia a Nosferatu tome because that might actually be useful for a unit who can only wield D rank dark tomes right out of the gate, but I forgot about how dark starts at D so Flux is literally the only one she can use

Yes, that’s right. Fifty. Before re-inforcements. That wasn’t hyperbole earlier. At least Ray and co aren’t green

People with descriptions that are too long, ho!

I think we’ve already seen this but just in case

I was going to actually bring Emilia, but a unit who can use staffs and buff or duplicate a unit for a turn is too good to pass up.

I don’t have a lot to say and I want this to be over quickly, so…

It’s time for a MONTAGE!



We’re never going to get anything higher than C, so let’s grab a free support!

“You’re Mother Alyssa, correct?”
A: “You know of me, do you?”
K: “Yes, of course. Our church matron has spoken of you and your idol before. You may not be as well known as others, but she always said it was important to be aware of the other faiths that exist in the lands. Yours is just as important than any.”
(That’s a very weird and long-winded way of saying BURN THE WITCH)
A: “Well, aren’t you a nice one? What’s your name?”
K: “My name is Katarina, a servant of the Pure One.”
Normally, I’d consider “Pure One” an even more generic RPG divine entity than the Light that Protects us All from FE8, but because this is Requiem I bet the writer actually put some thought into it!

As opposed to the gameplay
A: “One of Gwen’s lot, hmm? But if that’s the case…”
K: “If you don’t mind, I’d like to learn about your faith. May I ask you about it?”
A: “Hm? … Alright. Go ahead.”
K: “Thank you. You founded a church all on your own, but your idol… This ‘Lady Luck’, I don’t quite understand.”
A: “Are you doubting my faith?”
K: “O— Of course not! I would never— I completely respect your faith.”
A: “Hahaha! Perhaps you are a little bit of fun, after all.”
K: “Wh— What?”
A: “Until next time!”
K: “I— I…”

(Alyssa is some kind of cheeky Anna/Tom Bombadil-esq character iirc)

Free support №2

Al: “Oh, Ash. This is a first. What is it?”
As: “This power. How did you come to master it so quickly?”
Al: “‘Master’? I like the sound of that, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I suppose I must be a natural.”
As: “You are more controlled with it than myself, despite having less experience. For example, you were able to warp an entire army of soldiers across a country.”
Al: “You can’t do that?”
As: “Not without severely crippling myself for a while.”
Al: “Is that so? Well, maybe I should be teaching you then.”
As: “Alicia.”
Al: “… Sorry.”
As: “Don’t be sorry; just listen to me. I’m starting to remember things now. When I first obtained this power, it started off similarly. I was confident in my abilities. But that soon changed. The voices came. Then the pain. But I still wanted to know more. It took a while, but it finally struck me that I had lost sight of the real world. I lied to you earlier. I was not always ‘gentle’. There’s more to this magic than simply warping about. But to see the effects of the other forms, I had to use it on things. I used it to control, warp… even kill things. Nature, animals… even people. That’s the person you saw, when I came at Bran.”
Al: “Ash, that’s crazy… Are you being serious?”
As: “Very. You are the only one that I have ever told this to. I told myself that it was necessary, but in truth I was corrupted by knowledge. That’s what this magic will do to you, eventually. It obscures your senses and takes away your sense of self. Ha… It’s funny when I think about it. I spent years trying to step back from it all, but now, I understand that I can never truly go back. Now matter how much I resist, this is how things will be.”
Al: “W— Why are you telling me this?”
As: “Why do you think? You may be too enamoured to give up on using this power while you can, but even you can be wary of the high risk that it carries.”
Al: “I’ll… keep that in mind. But let me ask you something. Why do you care what happens to me?”
As: “Huh?”
Al: “You’re always telling me that this power is risky. At first I thought it was just because you wanted to keep it to yourself… But you’re trying to protect me, aren’t you?”
As: “So?”
Al: “Even when all is said and done, I’m your enemy, aren’t I?”

The classic problem with supports rears its head here: the player can potentially view this support as early as a few chapters after Val Mode and as late as the final chapter.

As: “I don’t consider you to be that anymore. … And even if we’re not friends, nobody deserves to go through all of that. What’s more, unlike me, maybe you might be able to overcome it all, being the better mage and all. … But if you aren’t and the darkness takes hold of you… Whoever or whatever is behind this dark magic will have you. We can’t afford to foolishly let ourselves fall to them.”
Al: “Ah, well… I’m touched.”
As: “Hm?”
Al: “See you around.”
As: “[close eyes] I can still stop you from falling down this hole, Alicia. Don’t end up like me.”

I’m done transcribing dialogue. If you want to actually read the supports, I suggest loading a 100% save file in the game and doing it yourself there: it means you get to experience some of Requiem’s writing without having to slog through the gameplay.


(free support №3)

Meatshieldfest Destiny realized!

Meredith is like Kane but with good res

“… Yes, well, I might have claimed my country back officially, but that doesn’t mean I can afford to let my guard down, right?”
L: “… Right you are. … …”
V: “… … … I’m not very good at this, am I?”
L: “Lying, you mean? No, I’m afraid not. … If you don’t want to say anything more, though, then I’ll leave it at this.”
V: “No… I’ll tell you.”
L: “What is it?”
V: “I’m… trying to hold back my concern for Ash.”
Val talks about how she still feels like she’s losing Ash and she doesn’t think he’s going to stop with the darkness even though he told her he would





(Pb + Pb → more Pb, if you were wondering)

Dunno if being the [odd number] wheel to your kid (actually older) brother is gonna work, Andrei the Mandrei
(they talk about Bran a little)

You know what? We’ve got time to spare for a support orgy. I’ll let the greens take care of the stragglers

[flesh noises]


This cheeky lad wants in on the fun…

… but his brother refuses to let him get any action! That was the last enemy

Ray explains that Egardian soldiers ambushed him before this happened. Ash surmises Legato must have ordered it.

“I could become something much worse, I’m guessing.”

“to be more precise— under the employ of the Emperor. He made huge breakthroughs in our knowledge of magic throughout his life, but as he continued to try and better himself, he eventually went too far and drew the ire of the Emperor himself. … As a result, he was locked away in an underground prison.”

“used well by mages who have been cut off from the world.”

“then it must have been all that he could connect with. A mage with that much time could become powerful very easily.”
or he could spend all that time playing Requiem

“as much as we can about this magic. You also have her to thank for being able to see me again.”

“about this… ‘Shel’ person. I didn’t think he really existed.”

“were of the same mind. But at some point, he must have let the dark magic corrupt him into what he is now.”

Ash excuses himself because he’s feeling dark-magicky; Alicia and Rayden bond over talking about how they’re concerned about Ash. Now we’re off to Shel’s prison. Will it be in the darkest nightmare hour, when not moon nor sun has risen? STAY TUNED!

edit: Discourse cuts off half of the montage and only shows it as an image preview unless you click on it.



“An title” indeed.

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Chp. 21 felt like filler. Bunch of weak-ish unpromoted enemies, a huge map, and some weird events. I don’t know how it would have went without the stocked convoy and strong, trained units, though.

Edit: Here we go.

Ch. 21: Convergence

The chapter opens with some dialogue about Ash(?) and his slow descent into magical madness. For some reason I thought it’d be better to capture all instances of ... ... instead of the important dialogue, so:

... ...

These are from multiple parts of the chapter, not just the beginning. I also missed one, although I don’t remember where it was.

Back to being semi-serious.

Val says what’s on everyone’s mind. We’re really close, folks.

The crew talks about some character motivations that I also didn’t bother to capture. The dialogue wasn’t bad, it just felt like it was padding for time. Rayden explains that Legato was once a knight who served them only to eventually betray them for the Empire. Josie took it pretty personally, it seems. I don’t really feel like the dialogue sets up the feelings very well, as it’s not very specific.

Afterward, Ash starts hearing voices and runs off into the enemy to find the source.

She’s right. Promoted Ash can’t double any of these fools.

Here’s the map. The right side gets reinforcements from the cave, the left gets them from the fort and the left road.

Some enemies drop some pretty lame weapons at this point, so I won’t bother showing them. We’ve got good items and a full convoy, not to mention some shops up ahead that stock better things.

I send the bulk of our force left while our flying units head north. There’s something that happens up north that we should probably get to quickly.

We detour slightly to butcher some weak reinforcements.

The game stops to remind us that Ash is in our party.

On turn 6 a friend shows up on the north road. She’s got a toma- er, a Fury.


Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the map:

Standard annoying-but-not-hard reinforcement wave. Reavers up front, 1-2 in the back.

Notice the objective? The boss hasn’t actually arrived at this point. After a few turns she shows up.


Maps are weird

This is a plains tile, neato.

Anyway, we make it to the green unit:

I think we all have.

At this point only a few goons remain:

Let’s take a look at this boss:

Priestess design 101

Look familiar? Sound familiar?

I get that they’re from the same church and all, but their portraits share a huge section that makes it really awkward when they’re talking to each other.

Instead of talking first, you’re forced to attack the priestess.

Magic is a powerful drug, apparently. Zara basically just goes end me.

You’re forced to defeat her, after which Ash has some wonderfully obvious things to say.

Meanwhile Val and Andrei are talking to our new Her- er, Destroyer.

She explains how her family is dead, she’s holding the not-Fire-Emblem, and that being vaguely related to someone puts her next-in-line for the throne. There’s absolutely no reason to pull out the awful first cousin, twice removed line.

Oh, and we didn’t actually murder the boss. Through the power of naps and stuff she’s apparently cured of being a zombie and Rayden takes the opportunity to have her dump the plot on us.

Zara apparently was investigating the evil dudes, got zapped, and ended up one of the brainwashed peeps. She mentions that someone is trying to- wait, lemme’ just let her explain.

Title drop!

Zara also mentions that Ash probably has a big role to play, whether he likes it or not.

Also, as usual, Ash runs off with his mage friend.

He says some cute I care about you stuff and she’s all surprised. So much for not getting close to her.


I think someone pointed it out already, but shhhh[quote=“Zane, post:66, topic:4295”]
Chp. 21 felt like filler. Bunch of weak-ish prepromote enemies, a huge map, and some weird events. I don’t know how it would have went without the stocked convoy and strong, trained units, though.

Guess what we’ll have today, too.

Anyway, sorry for the wait. Been consumed to hell and back by the Damn Train, and irl responsibilities. Time for me to post.

Ch 22: Good thing Zane didn't play this chapter.

So, what will we have today?

That’s right!

Because we’re in that rare non-FE8 hack that has a snow-
*Notices TLP, EN and soon, a Tambo hack having these.* Nevermind. Bad joke.

when you beat this hack, and you see someone talk about having gone through the hell of Val Mode…

… but someone ninjas you

Us, when playing this game and we’re slown down by the plot.

The bob path ~ Blade, 2018.

>Matthias has 100 Hit and can hurt Andrei just fine
>Misses big fucking time

At least they hit each other in their second rounds.Scripted battles are fun.

After some words with Josie

Quite the confront, Alicia!


I like how the snow is going through the text boxes. Guess who dislikes snow having a layer priority over everything?

Valter and Caellach in a shellnut.

Here we go

The map layout. Oh boy, can’t describe much, because of the fog, except winding path up to eleven.

Time to suffer.

You sure about that?

I am aware you replace Anna in this hack, god damn. You don’t have to break the fourth wall.

Oh thanks.

Not pictured: me reeing hard at full convoy, forcing me to have benched peeps to hold onto the weaker, useless stuff.

We got a Guard Ring too, which raises Def and Res.

We reveal some terrain, and Val has a nice chat with Alicia.

Let me summarize this: Matthias is a jerk, always been a jerk, especially towards her. She never had any real family, and wants to be on one, thus getting close to Ash. Heartwarming.

First, what.
Second, lineup.

No wonder

Skye snipes, and Gemma gets a level.

Slaughter happens on the east wing, Alicia gets speed.

ninja style

Well met, Val.

Edward is still being hammered by Boltings coming from somewhere behind the castle, while Keiran gets an eh level.

On enemy phase, we get a glimpse of the bastard, hitting Keiran.

Gemma gets another level up, nearly capping.

Our Blood Goddess gets another level, as one of the sisters gets a talk with Edward

slaughter, slaughter, slaughter
Assassin lives tho

I don’t think I am drunk enough to figure out these weren’t thieves…

The boys get some gucci levels.

Jeez, we almost die…

Based Alicia and Andrei getting the levels.


goodbye my friend

Oh shit, it nearly got me.


Deaths happen, Clare gains a crap level, and Andrei has a fun moment with his aunt.

Gemma gets her final level with a bang.

Kane, my :b:

Oh shit not this again

He lived though

Cleanup happens

I appreciate that Clare got Mag, but Val disappoints with not gaining Str.

Kane lives lol

Well, at least we don’t need Nino, but shit, if Not Eckesachs had been 1-2 Kane would be dead.
Also, I need Eddie to get the emblem, for a reason.

A Wo Dao basically

The :b:ideoclub getting their le :b:els

All set for the luring.

Val vs. Matthias a.k.a. SHE NEARLY DIES AAAAA

Actually, that was Smilies with… whoever he killed him.

To be honest, he has Valter vibes all over, except he has his sanity.

I recall that Bran was a well-written antagonist, compared to *ahem* Shell.

Go, Val! I know you can dodge-


Plenty of management later…


While Andrei gets his crit up, Josie gets… this.

Andrei vs. Matthias a.k.a. DIE EGARDIAN SCUM

I’m actually more surprised that Ash didn’t retain his -24 HP from the scripted battle, now that I remember.

But, can you handle the weight, homie?

I hereby call Matthias “Fleetway Kelik”.


And then he laughs at how Andrei got his mutton poisoned, and Ash was self-deprecating about it, but Val and Alicia comfort him anyway.


Hell, if I had played the chapter I would’ve changed the weather graphics priorities (Guess who has a thread for that?)

Snow + fog is such a cruel move. I hope murdering the boss felt like it was worth the trouble.

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Oh hey bootleg Anna AND a bootleg Linus! My soul feels defiled somehow.

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Hey, man, I tried to lighten the load. I sold, like, ten or so low-use weapons back in chapter whatever!


(Thelma’s bizarre debut/existence in general, combined with Rydell being a good guy, only solidifies my suspicions that there was some story arc centred around Megelar that was ultimately aborted)

Word on the street is that being part of the annoying “playable Anna” trend is exactly why the jury found her guilty of being unable to slide in the first place.

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Well I guess she won’t be clearing Frost Man’s stage any time soon. :sunglasses:

Boy chapter 23 was more nothing.

Chapter 23: Fucking kill me

We’re almost free

Haha yes more big maps with nothing to do in several parts of it.

Haha yes more nameless not!morphs

Man that’s a lot of bosses + one I forgot

We got more weapons the convoy is full again not sorry.

Some people have talks and I screencapped a few.


I’m sorry we have to be here for this too.

Some levels may be inconsistent because I had to restart due to Ash getting crit.

One dead
Oh yeah you’ve gotta step on these stupid tiles like in FE7 to open doors so you know what that means.

Here’s the other boss I forgot about.

Here’s Andrei getting hit.

Two down

Three down

Apparently I took 0 screenshots of it but Legato fucking moves and that almost caused a reset.

NEXT TIME: Smiles finishes the run, freeing us from this hell.

(Thanks Alusq)


Another FE7 story with Four Heavenly Emperors and a final chapter title drop. This bodes well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ch23 is, in my opinion, the textbook example of gigantic Requiem maps (edit: actually, no; that would be the fog of war rout map with Laraya, but this is still an honourable mention). Just so, so much nothing with everything that might’ve been interesting (the switches and the final fight with Legato) tucked behind it, including the only non-recruitable switch-guardian being pretty much acknowledged by the game to have no purpose at all. I believe that officially, Manfred is another dangerous person who was locked in the prison just like Shel, but either the game doesn’t tell us this or it’s locked behind a boss quote/one of the recruitment convos of the other two stooges.

Also, our enemies are no longer humans devoid of morals and character, but humans who are being manipulated. I get the allure of having a special type of enemy that comes out during the endgame (I guess these are Shel’s version of the E.Egardia units), but in Fire Emblem, that means it’s time to pull the dragons/monsters/etc out, not just re-brand the morphs you’ve been using all game. Dang; now I’m imagining Shel turning the hollows and himself into Duma-esq monsters for the final chapter. That actually sounds cool.

and speaking of monsters, u killed benchmeat’s mom and whateverth-cousin-twice-removed’s buddy i’m gonna have ur head if they’re the key to beating the game and u doomed us to playing through the whole thing again

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Was someone recruitable because I’m not doing that shit again

The assаssin and the sniper are recruited by Thelma and Linda, respectively. Don’t they just scream “totally necessary recruitable”?

(imagine if we’d gotten them during the chapters in which we first met them they’d actually be useful instead of just being weirdly there)

The SF OP lied to me then it said nobody was recruitable


Half man, half Fred.

Joking aside, it’s good to see that we might just finish this one.


Hopefully Smilies isn’t Cam. Hopefully.

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There’s a chance I’m misremembering and they’re just talk convos, but I’m pretty sure I remember them being useable in the final chapter.

(to be clear, do not go back to get them they’re literally useless and it’s not worth playing that chapter again)

Smilies took too long so I’m finishing this

I took a lot more pictures but batch upload keeps fucking up the order and I’m not doing this one by one so I’m just gonna reduce how many I stick in this post.

Final Chapter oh boy

Alright now that that’s out of the way let’s look at some of these baddies.

…I see.

Yeah sounds about right.

This chud showed up again.


Instead of posting another hundred+ screenshots I’m going to give you the cliffnotes version.

Ash knocks out Val and Andrei, Josie protests, Rayden and Alicia back Ash up, Ash goes into some other chamber, talks to the spooky darkness, binds it into some body idk.
Does that. Kills him, then Ash withers and dies in Alicia’s arms. Rayden and Alicia destroy the place because something something we can’t let this evil happen again.

Val becomes queen of wherever she’s from, Rayden/his wife suggest she unify the continent and become Empress, she’s not on board with the idea (spoiler, she does it anyway). Andrei was nowhere to be found during some speech she made, Val finds Andrei off somewhere else, Andrei shows her a statue he made of himself, her and ash. All the characters say their goodbyes, the FE7 ending stuff is still shown briefly.

I don’t regret doing this to our turncount.

And that’s Requiem! Took a bit but we finally managed to finish one of these damn things.


Took us long enough!