Vision Quest Reverse Recruitment [Complete]

Hi everyone!

I am releasing a Reverse Recruitment patch for Pandan & Friends’ FE8 hack, Vision Quest. This has been my favourite hack for a while and I do enjoy Reverse Recruitment in FE so I thought this would be a fun project to do on the side. I hope everybody enjoys playing and please, leave screenshots of your playthroughs and units!

Download Here!!!

This has not been fully playtested, as such there may likely be some mistakes made by myself or possible bugs created while doing the RR, if you find any issues please let me know so I can take a look at it, though I cannot guarantee rapid support and fixes as I am currently quite busy irl. I also will not be attempting to fix known VQ bugs, which you can find on VQ’s FEU page.

Additionally its worth noting that I have not implemented new weapon icons for most of the the various swapped prf’s nor created anims for the unique classes (female bow fighter and unpromoted waluyo). However if anyone is interested in providing assets for these it would be greatly appreciated.

For those that haven’t given VQ a shot I HIGHLY reccomend you do so before trying this patch. You can do so here!!!

HM Bonus Units

The following units get hard mode bonuses in their join chapters on hard mode:

  • Zakawat (1-4)
  • Surya (1-9)
  • Ketut (1-10)
  • Kusuma (1-10)
  • Waluyo (1-10)
  • Cygnus (1-11)
  • Cashew (2-5)
  • Tien (2-6)
  • Ruslan (3-1)
  • Larisa (4-1)

Edit: Forgot what day I posted this on, no, it is not an April Fools



  • Kyrads


  • Pushwall
  • Sdaht
  • RandomWizard
  • Kyrads


  • Lordglenn (Holy)


  • Epicer (Helping me with the ‘Brother Staff’

Special Thanks:

  • Pandan & Friends

1 2
9 6
3 5
7 4
8 10


this sounds fire, can’t wait to try it out!


Thanks again for working on this. Some of the changes ended up being funny and fitting.

People who complain about VQ not having a “real Jeigan” will finally get what they asked for in Custer.




Knew that Vision Quest will have an Reverse Recruitment. It feels fun to have units that joined Late game only to have them appear in early game. Seems like we are getting that Gotoh archetype of Storch in the end.

Chicken solo everything


The jeigan that truly does steal your exp!


Is there a spreadsheet or something to look at everyone’s replacements and their base stats?


Ye boi.

Yes it does

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There is though I left it somewhat unfinished towards the end and its a bit chaotic, I’ll see if i can’t find the time to make a proper more user friendly one

*Edit - ok so, I tried to start making one and, immediately realised how absolutely tedious it is and how long it’ll take, I don’t think I’m going to get around to it as I have other priorities, so my apologies. Heres the link for the one I used in development but, it is a bit chaotic and i did just, drop it partway through. But hey, might find it useful. Again sorry I can’t provide one. *

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Two minor things I found

  1. The Boojacht doesn’t have the ridiculous price of the Slaagzward. Because of this, its entirely possible to buy it in the Larisa/Marlen chapter
  2. The "t"s in the brother staff description are question marks for some reason

Really fun hack so far. I’ve been eagerly awaiting a Vision Quest RR hack for a while, and this one does not disappoint

Since Vision Quest Reverse Recruitment is now a thing. This could mean a possible Weapon Reversal in the near future.

Thanks for catching that! Completely skipped my mind, I might just re swap the boogjacht and slagzwaard tbh as its kind of an unnecessary change on my part.
Also idk how i forgot about the brother staff thing, I remember trying to fix it and being unsuccessful but I’ll have another look, cheers!

Anyway really glad to hear you’re enjoying it, glad it delivers!!

As far as I know theres no plans for one, I just did this as a personal thing and Pandan agreed to let me do it. If someone has interest in making one they can have a stab, that said personally I just wanted to do the RR.

@Derfle asked me a long time ago about doing WR patch, although I don’t think any work was done. Safe to say there are no active plans.

Kyrads did the work here - I got to watch :popcorn:

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I Don’t know if it is intended or not but the brother staff doesn’t give exp.

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YO SICK!!! I’ve woken up from an elden ring hangover & playing this immediately

thanks for all your hard work

Sorry for the late response, that’s interesting, not entirely sure why that would be the case. It does give exp when used as a weapon, but I’ll look into why it may not be doing so when healing. Thank you for making me aware

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Ahah hard to fill that post elden ring void, thank you though its appreciated, I hope you enjoy!