Vilk's sprites and animations


Some rando ranger.



Beran’s a boss in FE8.


Alternatively, just have it be some random bad guy from any of the FEGBA games.


where ever that gun was ,it sure showed him the sweet grace of God


Well, the grace of Elimine, at any rate!

Anyway, here’s a new thing.

It involves a tiny bit of regicide, but it’s ok, leading scientists agree that it’s fine if you don’t make a habit of it and can even be beneficial under the right circumstances.


I sat for a full twenty seconds expecting someone to attack. I feel cheated.


The pope is dope.




Have guyrel: Or what happens when Karel and Guy fight and merge into the sword saint


Karel is already the sword saint, though.

also are you trying to steal vilk’s thread


I wanted to know what he thought of it


This is not your spriting thread. If you want to show off your splices, go make your own one. If you really want his opinion, you can ping him within the thread, but I don’t know how kindly he’d react…


Uh. Yeah. It’s definitely better to make your own thread, for a number of reasons. If you want my attention, there are better ways to go about that.


Sorry about that : I


I’m reading a lp of fe8

we just got Moulder.

Moulder is cool and good.

What’s not cool and good is I had to mess with fucking spell insertion to make this, I hate that shit, it’s messy and awful and terrible and aaaaaaa!!!


Boulder is back!!!




ok so something serious this time

Trying to do a different kind of soldier. Inspiration:


Any crits?


Looks cool, but I think your angling is a bit off. The left shoulderpad (unarmed side) should be a bit larger and the belt shouldn’t be a straight line, same with where the armor cuts off. Otherwise I think a darker, dirtier gray would look better than the silver you’re using.