Vilk's sprites and animations

Edit much later: For usage permission, see this post.

I can’t put this in the animation directory because making it work smoothly in-game is way too much work right now, but if anyone liked buff Moulder

…I made him use his muscles for Good.

Edit: Download it here! But note that it was specifically made for Moulder’s palette, because the cloth colour also work as skin shading. If you use another palette, you’ll run into Issues™

Since I’m posting here already, might as well drop something of a more serious project here as well.


Concrit appreciated on this one. (Well, I’ll accept it for Moulder too if you really want to, but…)

I’ll throw in this in as well since it’s vaguely related (ref). Left is more faithful hair, middle more FE-esque hair. Feel free to crit this one too.

Anyway, that’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to recently. It’s not all Dorcas. …only mostly.


Jesus christ! That moulder is rad xD

Shir looks also nice!
Does she have hidden daggers?

Awesome work Vilk :thumbsup:

Chaz being even vaguely related to what you’re doing has me hyped! You should keep the exaggerated hair for him imo; it’s more recognizable.

[quote=“Nuramon, post:2, topic:3618”]Jesus christ! That moulder is rad xD

Shir looks also nice![/quote]

Good to hear.

When not in use, yeah.

I mean, I could have had her start out holding them, but it seemed more fun to animate the drawing and putting them away. Plus the whole “I have knives you can’t see” thing is a fun rogue stereotype.

Sadly, I’m not doing Phantasy Emblem; it’s only related as in “to the previous image.”

Anyway, he definitely looks better with the big hair!


╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ I’ll be hyped for whatever you’re doing anyway

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I think the biggest thing that stands out for Shir is the skirt’s shading at idle and/or the areas that don’t have the brown or black standard outlines - it kinda causes the sprite to “blend in” a little and it sticks out when the shoes/boots and head (and the arms to a degree since they use the brown) do have the outline.

Depending on how adding an outline might make it look, you might need to adjust the skirt’s shading a touch - it looks a little pillowy at idle, but it might look fine/acceptible with the outline in place.

Agreeing with Alusq that the more faithful hair looks better.

Great work, as usual!

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Hm, the idle is like three years old, but I probably figured since dark, non-black outlines are used in other places, it’d work here too.

Does that look better? I also poked the butt shading a bit, too. Not sure about the left side, though, the black feels too harsh between the hip/arm. But just adding a single black pixel for the part that’s “exposed” feels a bit silly.

e: Just the black outline with original shading for comparison

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Damn that Moulder is so awesome! I hope it’ll be in the repository for fexna haha! :o Very original!

The other one is very good too, you have great skills! :smiley:

Thank you for your work of god.


(Took too long to make this meme)

A general thoght, I feel like she should coil her legs for the pounce a bit more. Right now she’s a little stiff on the jump, and I’m not feeling the movement. Her arms, and especially hands, are twigs, plus the way the daggers appear seems… weird? Maybe she summons them magically and it makes sense with a story element but idk, I feel like carrying two daggers shouldn’t be hard.

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I’m glad you like it, but it’s hard to get it properly in-game since priests return to stance after healing. I’d have to sprite him regenerating his robe and picking up his staff and cloak to make it work.

I was kind of hoping it’d be like dancers, where he’d just hold that pose permanently, but…

EDIT: Hahahaha never mind!

Download it here! I haven’t tested it much, but given this works for dancers, it should be fine (though will probably break the game if you give the class actual weapons!)

Note, however, that this was specifically made for and works with Moulder’s palette, because the cloth colour also work as skin shading. If you use another palette, well…

(The priest animation has like three unused colours, so you could definitely work around this. Maybe some other time.)

I haven’t seen the movie and am somewhat confused, but still amused. Afused.


Well, she is a noodly-armed thief type.

One more pixel starts getting into “looks like she could actually do damage” territory, which is incredibly out of character :v

It’s not that it’d be hard.


If you would like a suggestion for her knives, though really small, perhaps have her hold one of them in a reverse grip? I really like that sort of thing.

Disregard me if not, though. I love the animation.

Seems like it. I won’t know until it’s in action, but looks better as of now…

It’s pretty awkward for anything that isn’t a downward stab, so it wouldn’t work well with the current movements.


Idk if that’s how it will look ingame, or just a quick mockup, but while she does bend down more and that’s a good thing, she needs to pause before lunging forward. She has to crouch, pause, then push off. Even in anime like Naruto with lightning fast ninja jumpiness, you need to gather force to push off of the ground and objects :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty much how it’ll look. The timing may not be exactly the same, but it’s the same frames in the same order. She might hold for a few more frames in-game, but I don’t see the need for a significant pause - it seems pretty comparable to the existing knife wielding FE classes to me.


hello vilk you are awesome animation creator you can make is animations?


hello vilk you are awesome animation creator you can make is animations?


Allow me to sum up my thoughts in two images.



So anyway, how about them Hoshidan cartoons?