Vilk's sprites and animations


Still interesting, though!


Something something triangle attack seems to use more than 16 colors?


It actually cycles through each animation frame-by-frame I think, so it still uses the same palette in the VRAM(?), it’s just changing rapidly


It’d be cool if that could be crammed into regular animations too.

I mean, probably pretty pointless! But cool.

Edit: dang it, forgot my shitpost:


The joke here is “phat l00t”

Comes in a l00t crate!

this is why I don’t do mugs

Some more older stuff, a couple of lancers. Lancers are popular, right?

Someone asked for this, I don’t know, I think it’s a meme or something.


I shouldn’t have said “Fire Gunblem”, the proper term is obviously

(Don’t ask about the fire square on the left.)

Also there’s this

because the man’s name is literally a gun so I know I had to. (And it has my name on it because people keep reposting this shit without credit.)

Tried making him look more like his artwork. It differs a bit from the GBAcav. horses are difficult


Wait, you’re telling me the bad guy in call of duty is literally named after a gun? Also, what did books and guns ever do to you to deserve to be so unlovingly chucked away?


Well I mean, it’s an actual Russian name, that just happens to have a gun named after it.

A lot of guns are named after people. Like the Gatling!

And as for the other question, in this case what it did was miss. Entirely the gun’s fault, you realize, Makalov clearly did nothing wrong.


Wait, the Gatling isn’t a low accuracy brave weapon?


hey vik see is imgs


Was that in his pants? :thinking:


The Gatling is whatever Lucius says it is. Are you going to argue with him?

I… see the images, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them.



I bet this guy will be the first to die or will just die stupidly?


I’ll have you know there is no scientific evidence that being summoned as a Lancer guarantees being killed quickly and/or stupidly. Why would you say such a thing?


:stuck_out_tongue: who knows


While you’re making FIREARMBLEM how about sniper-rifle Snipers and shotgun Great Lord Hector?


Hector slams a gun onto the foe’s head


Wellll snipers are like… the class that makes the most sense using firearms, so to be perfectly honest they’re probably the last one I’ll give them to. Plus I already have a sniper!

…and I feel like firearmblem is getting a bit stale. I think I’ll focus on getting some other stuff done before getting back to it.


Hey Vilk. Any chance Beran will attempt to kill Eirika with an arrow, and fail miserably before being nuked by a rocket, courtesy of Eirika herself?