Vilk's sprites and animations


I can clean it up for you if you’d like


Clean what up?


The palette for Buff Healer-san


Sure, feel free.

The thing about that though, is that right now it Just Works as long as you’re putting it on the intended character. But if you start working with the unused colours, it means anyone using it will probably need to start mucking with the palette as well. So basically, it’d make the animation more “seriously usable”, but also harder to just casually slap on for giggles, which frankly is the only real purpose for something like this.

Edit: Anyway, while we’re on the subject, let me share Buff Healer-san’s origin story.

Someone mentioned buff war monk Moulder, and then I made a quick edit of his standing pose and threw Mario items at it. …That’s the whole thing, really.


Sorry for the delayed reply - haven’t been home much the past couple of days.

I think the left sprite in the first image probably works fine.

I did notice on a second look (and the updates since) that there are some other frames that kinda have the same thing going on, though since they’re in motion and advancing pretty quickly, you might not necessarily need to change them? Might not hurt to look into though.


No prob, I appreciate the input.

And yeah, if I’m adding black lines to one frame, I’ll definitely be looking into the rest as well.


Time for some more Hoshidan cartoons.

…I have learned that it’s harder than it looks to pull off the proper looking budget saving high-speed action movement. And I did indeed recycle the rocket punch icon.

This was also going to have a super rad critical hit, but I kinda stalled out on that.

Did make a bouncy boxing stance, though, but probably won’t actually use it for anything.


Hmm, tough crowd, huh? Well then, how about some good old-fashioned western gun violence?

You can blame this post for its existence.

It’s not the first time I sprite Fire Gunblem, though.

[details=So here’s some more stupidity.]

And finally, this time I blame a different post for this:


Oh, and I added those darker lines on Shir and made a few more small tweaks.

Better, maybe?


Vilk, has anyone ever told you that you are a god? No? Well, let me be the first. If yes, then let me be the n+1’th person, where n is the number of people that have already told you that you are a god.


Shir is definitely looking better with those tweaks. :thumbsup:


This isn’t even my final form!*

(* terms and conditions may apply)

Good to hear! Though I guess that means I have no excuse not to work on the crit now…


I agree, Shir looks great now. Motion and everything flows well!


I look at the gun animations post, and I just can’t stop laughing. Especially the crit Ephraim one. :grinning:
You are indeed a god, Vilk.


Praise Vilk.


Thanks, everybody :slightly_smiling_face:


I stayed up way too late trying to finish this.


Please tell me all of the Gun Emblem crits will be available to use.


I don’t know who Saias is, but it’s clear to me that he plays Fortnite and loves his Rick and Morty.


The ones that are practically usable, eventually. Some aren’t practical, though. Like, take Nanna - I cannibalized the troub hair colours to get greys for the rifle and used existing gold/beige instead, which I can get away with for her, but it wouldn’t work for any non-blonde.

Same goes for Saias - since his outfit is all white/purplish, some cloth colour went to the guns, and besides that he’s edited in other ways as well so you can’t just plug this into the sage’s other frames.

Well, then you know more than I do, because I just know that he’s from FE5 and wields freakin’ dual guns, maaannn.


It’s more Phantasy StEmblem. (Enemy is a game rip for context. Also not animated.)

He’s an alien.